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News Bytes 09/17/2021 17 Comments

Today in Top Story: SpaceX makes history by launching the first all-civilian crew into orbit.

The Dragon capsule’s two men and two women will spend three days circling the planet from an unusually high orbit. That path is 100 miles higher than the International Space Station. The crew will return in a splashdown off the Florida coast this weekend.


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1st comment

I hope they have fun and everything goes well. I think they like being with no gravity... ;) ;) I think I would be a little scared with no professional on board, but I know they did a lot of training. And yeah maybe in 4 thousand years I can buy a ticket... :)

2nd comment

@ ^

3rd Comment

That's exciting

@ Samuel K

I'm pretty sure if you go on all of the articles from this week that " I can predict all that your doing " is on all of them!
And are you new? If you are, welcome but stop pasting that! XD

i kinda am new

i kinda am new

@Riley D

XD Yeah, start saving up now! You can later use it to send your kid to a private college if you change your mind about space. Aren't the tickets like 3 million bucks or some crazy amount??

7th comment

Maybe I'll skip college, publish the coolest novel ever, and audition for some big deal movie. How much have I got now? Oh, that's not nearly enough for my ticket to space :(.


@Addie: Haha! XD
@Scarlett: Good idea.... I am not going to college anyway! I mean, why go if there is nothing in life i want to do that requires a college degree? I think it would be a waste of time and money. Graduate high school, and then get a job and get married and settle down and start a family. I don't have any big plans like wanting to be a scientist or doctor or movie actor and play director or anything. I would just like to start a family and maybe teach some archery lessons in the meantime.

9th comment

This seems risky for the civilians, but we'll see. Also has everybody noticed how climbing Mount Everest or flying to the moon are kinda everyday boring things nowadays?

@ All/ This is Bella
Isn't this the space ship this lady was going to go on? I thought I saw her in the video.


The only reason I can think of for you to go to college with that plan is if you want to feel more prepared for homeschooling high schoolers. But you can do that outside of college.


That is a very interesting point. It's true, climbing Mount Everest or going to Antarctica is just.... *yawn*. Going to the moon is slightly less.... *yawn*. But still nowhere near as crazy as it was in 1969.
Did y'all know that there are a lot of people that think that the moon landing was fake? (Some of those people are also flat-earthers, so.....)
Did y'all know that some people still think the earth is flat?



@Riley D

You sound like you have a nice life ahead of you. God has given me this wildly fiery passion to be an actress, and I'm very young but I'm preparing already. I would like to have kids if I'm not awfully busy in the future. How about the rest of you guys?



@Lydia P

Welcome to WORLDTeen! If I've asked if you were new too many times, sorry about that :). I want to make sure that new people know that they're so welcome and that we're all friends here.


That's cool that you want to be a missionary! (Did your caps lock turn on without you realizing it? That happens to me a lot. XD)
Welcome! A little heads-up: If you don't like argum--- I mean-- discussions, then I would advise you to stay off of political articles, as it has gotten.... nasty in the past...y. XD But if you DO like political discussion, we can always use another opinion!

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