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Olympic Early Exits
News Bytes 07/28/2021 25 Comments

Masaka. In English, the Japanese word means “No way.” That’s how Olympics watchers reacted Tuesday to the early exits of favorites Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles at the Tokyo Olympics.

Tennis star Osaka lost to former French Open finalist Marketa Vondrousova of the Czech Republic 6-1, 6-4 in the third round.

Osaka’s fans expressed an outpouring of sympathy. Japanese media relayed urgent reports on her loss, with masaka in the headlines.

“Her mother’s motherland. Her dream to stand at the pinnacle, with the rising sun on her heart, was not to be,” reported Sports Hochi, a Japanese daily sports newspaper. Osaka was born in Japan and grew up in the United States.

The disappointment came just four days after Osaka left the nation teary-eyed by running up a Mount Fuji-like set at the National Stadium and lighting the Olympic cauldron with her torch to open the Olympics.

“Undoubtedly the greatest athletic achievement and honor I will ever have in my life,” Osaka wrote on Instagram about her role in her first Olympics.

Some Japanese say it broke their hearts to imagine how much Osaka had wanted to win the gold for her country.

Disappointment is a powerful emotion. It is sad to watch someone work hard but not succeed. But a person who trusts in God “will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream” (Jeremiah 17:7-8)—that is, having power to endure trials and disappointments in God’s strength.

Shotaro Akiyama, a university student who loves to play tennis, hopes Osaka won’t give up.

“The opponent just played a smarter game this time,” he says. “She will have another chance at the gold.”

Meanwhile, reigning Olympic gymnastics champion Simone Biles left the team finals with what USA Gymnastics described as a medical issue.

The U.S. had begun finals on vault, with Biles going last. She was supposed to do an “Amanar,” a vault that begins with a roundoff back handspring onto the table followed by 2 1/2 twists. She seemed to change her mind in mid-air, doing just 1 1/2 twist instead.

The 24-year-old star, considered the greatest gymnast of all time, huddled with a trainer after landing the vault. She exited the competition floor with the team doctor.

Biles returned several minutes later. She took off her bar grips and hugged teammates Grace McCallum, Sunisa Lee, and Jordan Chiles before putting on a jacket and sweatpants. Chiles replaced Biles on uneven bars and balance beam.

The Americans had to finish the rest of the competition without her.

USA Gymnastics did not specify the nature of Biles’ medical issue, saying in a statement she “will be assessed daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions.” Later, Biles said that while she felt good physically, she wasn’t in the right headspace to compete. She withdrew to protect herself and her teammates.

Biles won five medals in Rio de Janeiro five years ago. She is scheduled to defend her Olympic title in the all-around final on Thursday. Biles also qualified for all four event finals later in the Games.

In a social media post on Monday, she admitted she felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders and that the Olympics “were no joke.”

(Simone Biles watches gymnasts perform after an apparent injury at the Olympics on July 27, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. AP/Ashley Landis)

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1st Comment

That must be so disappointing for them! The Olympics is no joke. You literally devote your whole life to practicing for it. The gymnastics happened to be a TV when I was at a restaurant the other day so I was watching Biles perform! But I didn't pay close enough attention to see her only do 1 1/2 twists.

2nd comment!

I feel so bad for them! But then, if you think about it, someone on a different team won, so that is good for them! But still, it is sad..

3rd comment!

i also saw what happened on TV

That must have been awful!

That must have been awful!

@Riley D

I agree, it must be so hard to train for Olympics.

News Flash: The world

News Flash: The world supports quiting and looking after yourself over everybody else. Simone Biles after claiming to be the best Gymnist in the Olympics has stepped down claiming to much mental stress while still retaining G.O.A.T. status becuase she was willing to look after hersef before all her team mates. So even when your team needs you remember YOU are more important then all the rest of your team. :0

That is awful for them! I

That is awful for them! I kinda know what it is like to psyche yourself up and get all proud and self assured, and then be knocked down a peg.


@Caleb A: I don't know if that was quite it. I don't doubt that she is one of the best (or else she wouldn't be in the Olympics) but it may have been more than mental stress. There could have been a physical injury, and if so, it was better to stop, than to hurt yourself even further.

@ Caleb

She quit FOR the team! She is under a ton of pressure for being (a) the best gymnast in the world and (b) the leader of her team, plus a bunch of other reasons. She was so stressed out and under pressure that she majorly messed up her vault (I would too!) and decided not to keep competing for her team and possibly make them not get a medal. It wasn't for her, but for the team that she quit.

This is JENNA @Caleb A

I don't think it had anything to do with keeping her G.O.A.T. status I think she just really had a problem be it physical or mental. I mean you can she how crushed she looks, anyone would be. the Olympics are the final level of achievement. If you do well in the Olympics, that's it your in the history books. Who knows though we will just have to wait and see if she comes back.( ゚д゚)つ Bye

If she doesn't come back I

If she doesn't come back I will relent my statement.


And it sort of looks like she has bags under her eyes, at least to me anyway. Do you guys see that or am I imagining things? XD

This is London

I watched this event and there was no physical injury, biles messed up on her vault and landed forward. And seemed rly upset and then she left saying her team could do it without her , Jordan had to do uneven bars and something else which wasn’t part of the plan they did awesome but they got silver they lost by 3 points which Simone easily could of got . I know she just left bc everyone was pressuring her but it kinda seemed like I. Am not doing good enough I dont want ppl seeing me fail bc I am the goat. Sorry if this is rude if I was her I wouldn’t even compete bc ppl expect the best of her. Also idk if she had something mentally

This is London

Also I am glad her team didn’t just depend on her and suni Lee won a gold medal so that’s great .but leaving your team making someone else do something that she wasn’t trying as hard is kinda idk not. Very leaderships

This is London

Also my mom is in Labor rn ❤️❤️ And sorry if. Above was rude sometimes it’s hard for me to express my thought on texting


@London, wow! Do you know if you'll have a brother or sister?



this is mylee

Brother :) !!!!


@Mylee and London, Congratilations! (I don't know how to spell that... :))

Just found out she had the

Just found out she had the twistys which basicly means her inner ear was not working right so she did have a good reason but they did not explain it very well.

Just found out she had the

Just found out she had the twistys which basicly means her inner ear was not working right so she did have a good reason but they did not explain it very well.

Just found out she had the

Just found out she had the twistys which basicly means her inner ear was not working right so she did have a good reason but they did not explain it very well.

I think I know what happened...

You all knjow Fukushima? Japan said they were going to feed the Olympic athletes food from around Fukushima so... Put two and two together and maybe nuclear stuff is messing them up. Just a theory,

I think I know what happened...

You all knjow Fukushima? Japan said they were going to feed the Olympic athletes food from around Fukushima so... Put two and two together and maybe nuclear stuff is messing them up. Just a theory,

@London and Mylee

Congratulations!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!! Do you mind if I ask if your mom had him at the hospital or at home?

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