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News Bytes 07/9/2021 19 Comments

Today in Top Story: Former President Trump files a class action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Former President Donald Trump says Twitter, Facebook, and Google silence conservative viewpoints. His lawsuit claims that the companies violated his freedom of speech. All three have banned him from their platforms.


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Most recent comments

1st comment

*sigh* They shouldn't ban people. Not for making their opinion known. That's violating free speech. People are allowed to tell others about a view. Well, actually, not according to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. According to them, we have to have the 'politically correct' opinion.

2nd Comment

Yeah that is good he is doing that. They shouldn't be allowed to ban people. They were wrong in banning all those people just because they hate conservative viewpoints. Lol there is a reason I am not on social media! XD

*groans...* ANYBODY have GOOD

*groans...* ANYBODY have GOOD news to share? Cause boy am i sick of all this bad news.

This is good news.

This is good news.

@Micah D

This is very good news!

6th comment

Yes Trump, yes! Free speech forever!

(If anyone disagrees I respect that.)

@Scarlett R

If someone disagrees with free speech they can go live in North Korea or China. People who are against free speech should just go somewhere without it.

@Asher E

True. America was built on the idea of freedom.


This "lawsuit" is an absolute joke.
Literally no chance it will succeed, it will just be another embarrassment. Not that his cult like supporters will care, they'll be happy to keep donating money to the pathetic representation of everything wrong with American politics that he has become. Who cares about real issues after all.

Republican hypocrisy

These big private companies are (somehow) infringing on our constitutional rights and need to be stopped!
But, at the same time, remember we need to keep government regulation on private companies as low as possible! These incredibly powerful and completely antidemocratic companies definitely have your best interests in mind! ;D

@ Zack

If the companies are antidemocratic as you said, why should did they censor a lot of pro republican posts but allow people to post pro democratic posts?

@Sarah F

I agree! My family is Republican, but that doesn't mean we hate democrats. People need to realize that the goal of elections is to find a good president, not to beat the other party up. I think Trump is taking necessary actions to keep free speech alive.

Sarah F.

What? I don't see how that's related. Even if that was a problem, it would be a supporting argument for the companies being antidemocratic, not a refutal.

Scarlett R.

Saying that Trump is taking "necessary actions to keep free speech alive." implies that he is actually doing something worthwhile, but I guarantee you this meaningless guaranteed failure of a lawsuit will do nothing.

@ Zack

You said that "somehow" these private companies are infringing on our constitutional rights. I can't tell if you ae supporting the companies or not, so please don't be offended by what I say in defense of the Constitution. We have a constitution for a reason, to prevent one single person from being in complete power and to have it in writing that we all have "certain unalienable rights" like free speech, which was taken away from Donald Trump. Now I don't know what trump posted, so please correct me if I'm wrong. Trump's right of free speech was taken away from him, when as far as I know he was just trying to promote himself as a president for the upcoming election, I don't know if he posted anything about Biden.

@ Zack

I don't understand how my first comment would be in support of the companies so could you please explain that to me.
And this lawsuit could do something even if Trump didn't win. It will show companies that people are not going to stand for people being banned from social media for no apparent reason. Again please correct me if I'm wrong i have not looked at what Trump has posted.

@Zack W @Sarah F

@ Zack, he is doing something worth while. Trump deserves free speech, just like any other American, and that shouldn't be taken away from him. Hopefully this lawsuit works.
@Sarah, I think you're right about this. We should defend the constitution.

@Zack W

Cult-like supporters?

(This is my opinion I understand if people think otherwise)

What happened to free speech? I mean hello? Does the 1st amendment mean nothing anymore? Twitter and Facebook silencing people is obviously an infringement of our rights to speak freely, so I think Trump is making a good move. Whether he wins or loses, I think he is standing up for what's right.

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