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Breaking News: Chauvin Sentenced
News Bytes 06/25/2021 41 Comments

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for the death of George Floyd.

Chauvin was convicted of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter for pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck for up to 9 1/2 minutes. Mr. Floyd died at the scene. (See Guilty Verdict in Floyd Case.)

Prosecutors had requested a 30-year sentence.

With good behavior, Chauvin could be paroled after serving two-thirds of his sentence. That would be about 15 years in prison.

Minnesota sentencing guidelines called for 12 1/2 years. But Judge Peter Cahill had agreed with prosecutors ahead of Friday’s proceedings that there were aggravating circumstances that could justify a heavier punishment. Those circumstances are that Chauvin treated Floyd with particular cruelty, abused his position of authority as a police officer, and did it in front of children.

The defense requested probation, saying Chauvin was the product of a “broken” system and “believed he was doing his job.”

Before the sentence was announced, Floyd’s family members took the stand. They expressed sorrow about his death. They asked for the maximum penalty.

Floyd’s seven-year-old daughter, Gianna, spoke in a video played in court. She said that if she could say something to her father now, it would be: “I miss you and I love you.”

Chauvin, who did not testify at his trial, spoke briefly at the sentencing hearing. He gave condolences to the Floyd family and suggested that some additional forthcoming information would give the victim's family some peace of mind. His mother asked for mercy for her son.

The three other officers who were present at Floyd's arrest are scheduled for trial in March. They face state charges of aiding and abetting both murder and manslaughter.

(Photo Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill presides over the sentencing of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on June 25, 2021. Court TV via AP)

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first comment

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Well, that's that, I suppose...

Idk, man. I wonder if it wasn

Idk, man. I wonder if it wasn't all his Chauvin's fault...

*no his

*no his

Please let's not make this an argument thing!

Okay. That is over now.


@ Hesperus, yeah....
Caroline, agreed.

7th comment

It didn't give much information on what happened at the actual death scene. Why did he do it? Was this man a raciest? I think it was kind of interesting that Floyd's 's family demanded minimum punishment. I would try to be gracious, although it would be hard. "I miss you and I love you?" That's so sweet. Poor Giana. She lost her father so early. I would be really upset if I were her.

Ok, now I'm mad.

Chauvin was an innocent man, he was just doing his job. As I have shown in the past, it is clear Floyd died of a drug overdose. I'm glad that Chauvin is appealing the case though. Hopefully, he can get to a court that isn't so corrupt.


, IF Mr. Floyd died of overdose, Mr. Chauvin still did the same thing. He held down a man by his neck for NINE minutes. Mr. Floyd is still dead and inoccent. Mr. Floyd didn't counterfit money.

@ Scarlett R


@Caroline N

George Floyd was a horrible criminal. He was doing illegal drugs, used counterfeit money, and threatened the lives of multiple people including a pregnant woman over the course of his criminal career. He was not innocent at all.
Chauvin was doing his job, he followed protocol. He is a hero of our country who has been wrongly accused of killing a criminal.

I sense a debate brewing.

I sense a debate brewing. Personally, I don't have much to say. I don't have enough information to state anything.


22 1/2? What a strange number! But hopefully he can get paroled for most of his time in jail! Um, tender subject and I don't want everyone to get ugly, but I think they are both a little to blame. Floyd was a criminal and was on drugs and using counterfeit money. The second one everyone knows is true I have heard lots of people say so. And Chauvin was just doing what he had been trained to do. Maybe what he was doing boosted on the death, but I don't think it was entirely his fault.

The killing of Floyd is

The killing of Floyd is making him seem like a hero which he isn't. He was a criminal. Now don't get me wrong, I am sad about what happened, but treated Floyd like a great man and hero is just a bit above the top. I mean, how many of you have seen a sigh like "We remember you Floyd" or " It wasn't you fault Floyd". These sigh put him in the light as some sort of god. It's just to much.

@ Riley and Stefan

I agree, people are making Floyd seem like a hero, and it is completely wrong, as Asher said this guy is a criminal.

@ Stefan & Riley & Sarah


@Asher E

I didn't know all that about George Floyd. WORLDTeen is the only news I really get since I don't watch the news on TV. I'm kind fairly new here, so if this has been discussed before I probably wasn't there.

@Scarlett R

We have actually had two large discussions about it in the past
and here
Things got pretty crazy in both debates and one of them actually got the comments shut off. Reading them is not for the faint of heart but I did put a lot of solid information in there.

@Ashe E

Okay, thank you! I'll read them.


You know whatever both sides are saying is scripted by their lawerys. Nothing they say is there own words.

Chauvin's defence I do not

Chauvin's defence I do not think did a very good job. The defense requested probation, saying Chauvin was the product of a “broken” system and “believed he was doing his job.” for one the system is not broken and two he was doing his job.

@Asher E

Wow, that really did get ugly. I think almost everyone used rude language and I hope there aren't any more fights like that.

@Scarlett R

*smiles innocently* I didn't. Lol.

@Hesperus (Did I spell right?)

No, you didn't I know already.

This is JENNA

Alright disclaimer, what I'm going to say next is my personal opinion and I mean no offense. I personally think their both in the wrong. Floyd was a criminal and he deserved to be arrested but Chauvin did not need to hold him down for nine minutes there are other ways to arrest him. I don't think it had anything to do with race as much as the fact it was a crucial error on the officers part. Chauvin does deserve time but maybe not 22 years. Floyd in my (OPINION) was just another tally on the list of growing reasons for the BLM movement. Now I am not as informed as others on this topic but this is what I believe happened. Again I mean no offense correct me if I am wrong.

@Jenna S

Chauvin wasn't in the wrong and here's why.
1. Floyd asked to be on the ground. If you watch the full bodycam video you will see that Floyd was sitting in the back of the car but he said that he would rather be on the ground.
2. The knee on the "neck", which was actually on his shoulder blades for most of the time, is a standard and non-harmful police restraint tactic.
Chauvin was just doing his job and got falsely accused of murder.

@ASher E

Ok thanks I will check the video and see. but Floyd still died and that wasn't necessary.

@Jenna S

He would have died anyway, the level of drugs in his system is what killed him.

@ASher E

But is that a fact that he would have died anyways? Presently I don't think so but regardless of all of the controversy on the subject and all the claims that it was a direct cause of racism, I still believe that whatever happened, Chauvin killed him or he would have died of overdose, death is never something to disregard. No matter who the person is or how he died. I hope his soul rests with God. Also my main point was really that this whole Floyd situation was never really what it seemed. Everybody views what happened with a different eye. Phew that was a mouthful. Again I sincerely hope that everyone understands that this is just an OPINION and I am open to other views on what happened.

@Jenna S

Even one of the doctors who testified for the prosecution said that Floyd would probably have died anyway.
Not to mention that the knee on the neck isn't harmful. Steven Crowder had someone kneel on his neck for 10 minutes on his show a while back and he was perfectly fine.


Guys this is exactly like the other debates... Please keep this respectful.


He may have been using fake money, but I don't think he realized it was fake. I don't know what to say since you won't believe Mr. Chauvin was wrong and I won't believe he was doing the right thing. We are at a stalemate. But what do you think when someone kills a police officer? That they should go to jail for life? But then when a police officer kills someone ,you say they are innocent. Are you always on the side of the police?

I don't want this to escalate badly.
Respectfully, Caro.

@Caroline N

No, I'm not always on the side of the police. I am on the side of justice.
If it is clear that someone was murdered by the police I will be on their and their family's side. When an officer is murdered I will be on their side.
I do not determine my allegiance with emotion but with careful thought and research to make sure that I am as accurate as possible.

@Asher E

The police aren't always right, although they try hard to have justice. What about that lady who was arrested during the pandemic for letting her kids play at the playground? They claim that's 'constitutional'.
My point is that police try hard but they aren't always correct.
I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings by saying this.

@Asher E

Ohhh I read your comment wrong :). I thought you said the police were ALWAYS right. Oops!




@Those who have watched the video of it: I have a question: Was Floyd struggling under the officer?

@Riley D

No, not really. He was trying to get away for part of the time, however he did have full range of motion in his neck and was actually moving it around quite a bit.

Floyd was saying I cant

Floyd was saying I cant breath even while standing up and I think he was on drugs So it wasnt all Chauvins fault

Floyd was saying I cant

Floyd was saying I cant breath even while standing up and I think he was on drugs So it wasnt all Chauvins fault

Oops it sent twice

Oops it sent twice

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