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News Bytes 06/18/2021 13 Comments

Today in Top Story: Coca-Cola's market value drops $4 billion after soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo moves a couple of bottles at a press conference.

Several other players also moved bottles. European Championship officials asked players to stop removing the sponsored drinks. The tournament makes millions of dollars from sponsorships.


WORLD Watch: Top Story is a part of the newest current events resource from WORLD News Group. Each day, WORLD Watch delivers a newscast, a top news story, and a feature story. Top Story is a segment of what members will see in WORLD Watch.

WORLD Watch is a daily, 10-minute current events program for teens that delivers headline news, in-depth feature stories, and thoughtful perspective to help students develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

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4million !!!!!!!¡¡¡


Where is Friday Funnies?


Where is Friday Funnies?

@Aryelle D

Lol, sorry I didn't see your comment. I have legitly been pretty busy lately. Yeah, you might run into me. You never know... Lol. I've already started playing Destiny 2. Pretty cool


Friday Funnies is posted every Friday at 12 PM. :)

At least he's trying to get

At least he's trying to get people to drink more water

What is this about?

What is this about?


I heard about that from a friend of mine. That's just crazy *shaking my head*


yeah, I can't watch the video, so I don't know. Can someone explain? It sounds ridiculous and therefore interesting


YESSSSSS RONALDO XD! Ahh, I love soccer! I’m watching the Euro 2020 (European championships)! Anyone else? I need a footy pal!

@Addie @ Alaina

So, football (soccer) people and teams need money to run, so they have sponsors. They are advertised though different things, whether it is adds, bottles etc. And there is this super famous soccer player called Ronaldo, and in a press conference, he moved two of those bottles, which advertised Coca Cola. Because of that, the value of Cola Cola has gone down $4 billion! From $442 billion to $438 billion!

@Mirela J

Wow...I can't imagine having that much influence. I never really like Coco-Cola.

smh Ronaldo....ugh

smh Ronaldo....ugh
@Mirela: We're watching Copa American xP

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