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News Bytes 06/18/2021 18 Comments

Editorial cartoons can be powerful media for expressing opinions and ideas with few or no words. Divisions among fallen people often escalate into arguments due to assumptions, pride, and assertion that mankind is either fully responsible or not responsible at all. Thankfully, we know that God is sovereign over both nature and human actions.

Do you think the image works to convey the artist’s meaning? What do you think the picture is saying?

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Lol!! XD


It's funny and true!


Very true! And funny! :)


Random question : does anyone on here play League of Legends? I started very recently because my older brother Tommy (some of you will remember, I used to be caroandtommy) plays it all the time! If anyone does, I'm HungerGamesLover in case we run into each other!


@Caro: No, I don't.


No, I haven't ever tried League of Legends, though I've heard of it. Maybe someday I'll check it out!


@Addie, ok, if you do, let me know! And if you do, I suggest you do some extra training than the required to get more used to it!

11th comment :) :) :)

Ha ha ha!! XD XD 'tis true! XD

@ Caro

I don't play that at the moment, but I could, I suppose... what do you do in it?


@Miri, it is like a fantasy fighting game, but it isn't gory or else I wouldn't play it! It also involves strategy, and there are different roles you can play , like I'm usually the support for the person who is trying to get all the coins! If you do try it, I would suggest turning off the chat... My brother said I should since it can be toxic... There are different ways of communicating if yu have the chat off. :) Let me know if you try it!


Ahhh sounds fun! Is it free?


@Miri, yep! It is free! You have to download it though... :)


I used to play, that and mobile legends, now I am more into FPS (first-person shooters)


@Aryelle, that's cool!


oh i love this comic

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