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UPDATE: Japan's Olympics Ruckus
News Bytes 05/13/2021 43 Comments

“Killed by politics” blares a full-page ad in a Japanese newspaper. Concern in Japan is growing. The nation’s citizens worry the government is forcing them to endure the pandemic without needed vaccines—just as the Tokyo Olympic Games are ramping up.

More than 300,000 people have signed a petition calling for canceling the Tokyo Olympics. The petition urges the government to spend the money for the games on people in need of support because of the pandemic instead.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has angered and confused the public by repeatedly vowing that the Olympics will be safe. To most Japanese, his words ring hollow.

Japan has lagged far behind other advanced countries in vaccinations. Only one percent of the public has been fully vaccinated. Yet millions of doses sit unused in freezers. Officials blame a lack of supplies imported from Europe. But health professionals say progress is slow because of staff shortages.

Just yesterday, Japan’s government extended a state of emergency to even more places in the country. Some hospitals are struggling to find beds for the sick and dying.

There is deepening resentment over Suga’s request for people to endure more emergency virus measures amid increased planning for the resource-draining Olympics, set to start on July 23.

Public frustration has even targeted Japanese swimming star Rikako Ikee. Ikee won a spot at the Tokyo Olympics after recovering from leukemia. She tweeted recently that she has received messages that “pained her heart” by urging her to oppose the Olympics and not attend.

Last month, Suga declared a third state of emergency in Osaka, the center of the current surge in virus cases. Tokyo and two other areas also came under the emergency announcement. Those measures have been extended through May 31. Yesterday, Suga placed two more areas under emergency measures.

“No vaccine. No medication. Are we supposed to fight with bamboo spears? We’ll be killed by politics if things remain unchanged,” say the two-page advertisement. The image shows a red coronavirus particle imposed over a World War II-era photo of Japanese children practicing to fight with naginata, sword-shaped sticks.

The ad caused a stir on social media. It urged the public to demand that the government end feeble coronavirus measures. “We have been deceived. What was the past year for?” it read.

A Japanese publishing company took out the ad. The ad went on to say that many Japanese people have faced medical and financial problems with little government support. It claimed the situation resembles Japan near the end of the war. At that time, the government urged people to fight with sticks and mobilized schoolgirls to train. The government of imperial Japan also incorporated visual art as propaganda—hiring some of Japan’s finest artists to craft the nationalistic imagery that rallied citizens around the island country’s attack against the United States. After the war-ending bombings of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a younger generation of Japanese citizens began to mistrust their government. They blamed their leaders and elders for taking the country into such destruction.

Japanese citizens today may be questioning their leadership with that history in their memory. Many were interested in a recent session of parliament. During one meeting, scores of lawmakers asked Suga how he could guarantee a safe Olympics during an expanded state of emergency.

Suga didn’t answer directly. Instead, he has claimed over and over that he is committed to holding the games in Japan safely and to protecting people’s lives and health.

As videos of Suga’s remarks appeared on social media, people posted comments of their own. One was particularly telling. It read: “The prime minister is broken.”

What does the Bible say is God’s opinion of a leader who doesn’t take care of his or her people? Do you think Suga is leading with righteousness or not?

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan. —Proverbs 29:2

(People walk past posters promoting the delayed Olympic Games, now scheduled to start this summer in Tokyo. AP/Koji Sasahara)

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Most recent comments

1st comment (@ Riley)

Hmm I’m wondering about the supposedly ‘needed’ vaccines.... anyway, Riley, I hope your piano recital goes well! Tell me about it after!

2nd Comment

I think that Prime Minister should at least give people the option to get the vaccine if they want to.

2nd Comment

Yeah. The vaccines are not NEEDED they are WANTED. I think they should continue with the Olympics.
@Mirela: Oh thank you!!!! That means you got my letter! ;) I sure will tell you how it goes!!! This week is busy because I have that today, and then my district archery competition on Saturday! Or did I tell you that already too? XD


Whoops, third comment now. Oh well!

No vaccine?

If there is no vaccine then COVID will go forever until they discover a cure and way more people will be killed

Why is

Why is Japan having troubles they have only 10'000 deaths, in the US we have 300'000, and its because they eat a lot of fish which has iodine, which helps your immune system defend from the virus. And also, if you read an article that has the side affects of the vaccine it will say the side affects are death, death, death, and more death. The symptoms of Covid, the list says, sour through, cough, lost of taste and smell, and in some minor cases death, that is a lot better than the vaccine. So if I were to choose between Covid and basically death, I'm choosing Covid for sure.


We know someone who got covid a year ago and still dosnt have taste and smell, doctors think its gone forever. PLS pray.

this is mylee

Micah thats sad i lost mine for like 2 weeks then it came back.... I will pray.@Noah I heard about that the iodine . I think they should have the olympics and let ppl decied if they want to get the vac or not.

this is mylee

thaats wierd it had a link and took me to gmail. :0


Yeah iodine or ivermectin!!!!! I guess our cows won't get covid because we give them ivermectin! XD

This is London

Anyone else been watching the new chosens

I saw season 1

I saw season 1

Random Fun Fact

Everyday, more money is printed for Monopoly sets than for the U.S. Treasury.


Noah R: I'm guessing its because America has a much, much bigger population that Japan.
Belwyn: That's really funny! XD

Today, I looked at this

Today, I looked at this article, and I said to myself, "Hesperus, you should comment."
Then I said, "Why?"
"Because. Everyone wants to know your opinion."
"No they don't."
"Yes they do."
"No they don't."
"Well, even if they don't, they need to know it."
"No they don't."
"They already know your opinion."
"Because you've already made your feelings on this stuff very clear."
"Yes, but they can't know exactly what I'm going to say."
"They could guess, if they wanted to. It wouldn't be very hard."
"Are you saying I'm predictable?"
"Hmm. You're probably right."
"As usual."
"Oh shut up."
"Whatever. Just saying, don't waste your time telling these people about what you think about this. It'd be pointless."
"Yeah, probably. It's not like I can think of anything to say anyway..."

So I didn't.

@ Hesperus

Uh, yes you did...:-D lol


Ik. ; ) that was kinda the point.

@ Hesperus D

XD XP XD XO LOL! :) :) :) Ha-ha-he-he! Great dialogue!

@Bethy S

lol, um, wow, thanks.........(overkill on the laughing? Or did you really like it that much...?

@Bethy S

I got no problem if you like it, but Idk if I've ever seen so many emojis on one text/message before... XD Welp, to each their own, I guess.

@Bethy S

Hmm, that was probably confusing. What I meant was, I was surprised at all the emojis, cuz I didn't think anyone would like it THAT much, y'know? (No offense meant, saying you use too many emojis or anything...) Lol.


Did you actually send a physical letter to Mirela???????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Hey guys, just wanted to tell everyone that I won my state piano competition!!!!! Now ya'll can feel horrible about
ya selves LOSERS!!!!

@ Hesperus D

Well, I did think it was quite funny--mostly because is was so subtle. Do you mean emoji by this :) ?

@ Brownies

Congratulations! :) Excellent work! What type of music do you enjoy playing?


Congrats! I'm still waiting to hear back from the judges, but I don't have very high hopes... XD
What will you do now? Is there another competition?


Yes I did. We are PenPals!
@Brownies: Awesome job! Way to go! I had my piano recital, but I had some mess-ups from nervousness on two of them. but I was able to just smooth over and keep going.


HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW?????????????? (8O
How did you safely get her address???????????????
(That would be really fun)

Oop, I meant

Sorry, Brownies. I said Belwyn, but I meant you.

@Bethy S

Just letter combinations that make emojis.

@ London, Riley and Addie

@ London Yes! We are watching Season 2 now. I prefer season 1 though lol.
@ Riley That’s great that you were able to smooth them over! How did the whole thing go?
@ Addie, there you are! I’m so sorry I took so long to reply on the Scotland article!


Oh! Don't feel bad because I totally forgot about that one!

@ Hesperus D

Oh...well I think they're fun.


@Mirela: It went well! I will tell you more in a letter!
@Addie: Well, Mirela was willing to give her mother's email address, so my mom emailer her and they talked a little bit and my mom felt that it was safe to give her an address so they exchanged the addresses over email and then we started writing! It has been a lot of fun, learning about England and all! And by the way, my parents are very protective so be sure they took lots of precautions! But now I want to meet Mirela!


That's cool! Nice that y'all got to get in touch!

Has anyone here heard or been to Jubilate Deo?


*Heard OF


Nope what is it?


Well, I've never been, but I know some people who have and they say it's really fun.
It's a summer camp that's 6 days long. You learn about singing and folk dancing. It's run by Christians and it's in a church building. One of the directors, Dr. Erb, works at New Saint Andrew's College in Idaho, which is where I want to go to college.

@ Addie L

Oh wow! That's sounds like so much fun!!!!! So is it in Idaho?


Hm interesting! But, since I don't have a good voice I guess that wouldn't be the thing for me! XDXDXD


No, Dr. Erb travels down to Louisiana for the camp.

@ Addie

Oh thanks!

this is mylee

I want to go to Japan so bad for the universail Nintendo World !!!!

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