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US Navy Seizes Arms
News Bytes 05/12/2021 33 Comments

The U.S. Navy made a startling announcement on Sunday. It had seized an arms shipment of thousands of assault weapons, machine guns, and sniper rifles. Sailors found the hidden weapons aboard a ship in the Arabian Sea. The vessel was on its way to Yemen where its contents would be delivered to the country’s Houthi rebels. The guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey discovered the weapons aboard what the Navy describes as a traditional Mideast sailing ship known as a dhow––a one- or two-masted Arab sailing vessel. The discovery was part of an operation that began on May 6 in the northern part of the Arabian Sea off Oman and Pakistan. Sailors boarded the vessel that was carrying the plastic-wrapped weapons below deck.

The trove included nearly 3,000 Chinese Type 56 assault rifles, hundreds of heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, and dozens of advanced anti-tank guided missiles. Several hundred rocket-propelled grenade launchers and optical sights were also seized. Initial interviews of the dhow crew tie the vessel to Iran.

In the past, Iran has denied putting weapons into the hands of rebels. But this latest arms seizure strongly suggests that the Islamic Republic at least attempted arming Houthis. This action occurred despite an arms embargo set in place by the United Nations restricting such aid.

The arms seizure comes as the United States and others are trying to end a conflict that created humanitarian disasters in Yemen. One of the Arab world’s poorest countries, Yemen’s civil war started in 2011. Houthi insurgents forced the country’s president to hand over power. The rebels began taking over strategic regions of the country, with the goal to control the entire nation. They have shrouded the region in terror and chaos.

David’s cry in Psalm 140:1-2 is a prayer we can boldly make for the nation of Yemen today. “Deliver me, O Lord, from evil men; preserve me from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually.”

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries entered the war in 2015 while Iran backs the Houthis. U.N. experts warn “an increasing body of evidence suggests that individuals or entities in the Islamic Republic of Iran supply significant volumes of weapons and components to the Houthis.”

Peace talks are failing as the civilian death toll climbs. Thousands are dying from malnutrition, disease, and poor health, as well as from innumerable Saudi-led coalition air strikes. Yemen is overflowing with small arms, smuggled into the country’s poorly controlled ports over years of conflict. This most recent weapons seizure appears to be among the biggest.

(Weapons that the U.S. Navy discovered aboard a stateless dhow are seen aboard the USS Monterey on May 8, 2021. U.S. Navy via AP)

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First Comment!!!

Wow, why can't the Middle East mind their own beeswax for once, they are always trying to find new ways to start a war, and never trying to stop them.

2nd Comment

@Nora yeah I know. Ridiculous.
But I am glad they were able to seize it and them not be delivered. That is a LOT of guns. Just laying there in rows and rows. Now I wonder what they will do with them. does the U.S. get to keep them?


4th comment

Wow all those guns could start a lot of fights and wars.

*whistles* Yeah...that be lot

*whistles* Yeah...that be lot of firepower...........

Breaking news! Good 'ol Joe

Breaking news! Good 'ol Joe is attempting to follow the heart warming tradition of the fictional English hero, Robin Hood, by taking money from the rich and giving it to the needy and those who refuse to work. The main noticeable difference is that he will use the government to do it, instead of climbing in trees and using a bow and arrow. Probably because, (1) Biden might fall and kill himself, and (2) there would be a tree full of Merry Men Secret Service to make sure that doesn't happen, and that would be pretty conspicuous to anyone, rich or not. Why Biden is attempting to be English and not American is unknown, but there have been ideas suggesting that it is because Biden is out of his mind, or he hates America, or both. (Yours truly opts for the third) Also, while smoking an unknown substance, some true COVID geniuses decided that for the safety of everyone, and for their self esteem in their intelligence, everyone at a wending dance will have their own dance zones. Unfortunately, it seems that the unknown smoked substance seems to have given them hallucinations of being in kindergarten again, as is evidenced by the rationality of their logic. or lack thereof. If only they knew that everyone is not five, and some can think for themselves

@ Hesperus

Sorry, but what was that all about?

Random Fun Facts

An average person will spend 25 years asleep.


Wow man you're amazing, I agree 100% I was dying of laughter reading your comment XD

this is mylee

Guys voice of a storyteller has the most world teen comment record !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hesperus: lol
Mylee: Really?
Belwyn: Cool
Nora: Exactly
Riley: I know!
KN: I think he is referring to other political stuff.


Yeah, sorry. Wasn't trying to be confusing, I just stuck it on today's article because it was the most likely to be read. Makes sense.

@David F

Woah, really? I though this one wasn't as good. Glad yeh liked it!

@Belwyn R

Or, a hundred years, if you're Link...


Yup. @David F How come? It wasn't as fun

@David P

to each their own I guess. I just didn't have quite as much inspirational material to work with this time. Don't worry tho, ppl are doing sooo many stupid things these days, I should find inspiration again QUITE soon. XD

@Hesperus D

Its usually the summer where all the crazy things happen!

this is mylee i think we should try a debate on there if there if there are any suggestions.

this is mylee

ok the link isnt working go to the great wage debate.

Here is debate on minimum wage


@David F sameeeeeee

Fun Fact But True

Did you guys (and gals) know that you are a president?

Fun fact

American flags left on the moon will eventually get bleached white by the sun.

You are each a president in

You are each a president in your own lives. For example, the different offices the cabinet helps with are :State, Treasury, Transportation, etc. Ways you can apply this to your own life: Treasury, for example, is guarding over your wealth. Do you distribute wealth or do you spend wealth wisely? Transportation: Does your bike, scooter, skateboard, or maybe car need care for transportation? That is another way you are a president. State: State is for foreign affairs and countrys. Every human is a country. Do you interact with others in a good way? Do you show qualities of yourself? By the way, I did not make this up. I got it from a book called Created for Work.

@David P

Interesting. Never thought of it that way...

@Grace D

I actually do write some...

@Riley D

If you research each part of the presidents department, you'll see God's truth's so clearly and ways u apply it to your own life. Created for Work has definitely opened my eyes to God's truths.

@Hesperus D

Wow, really? Do you write like reports or stories?

@Grace D

No, no reports. Lol. Probably seems ironic from your point of view, huh? Can't say as I'd disagree. XD. Um, I did write a book, kinda, but since it would be too complicated to explain, basically the book was a flop, and I'm not publishing it. But, but........I got a better idea for a different book, so we'll see that how that goes. Plus, I get short story ideas a lot too.

@Hesperus D

Short stories would be fun!

@ People Who Like to Write

If you like writing, you can go to "Voice of a Storyteller" on WORLDteen (sorry, I don't know how to put up links) is where us kid authors share our stories and get advice and editing help. We also have optional "Writing Plunges" that are helpful for writing. So if you want to join us TypeWriters, WELCOME!

there you go Bethy S hope this works

@ Ethan K

Thank you!

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