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US Employers Struggle To Fill Jobs
News Bytes 05/10/2021 37 Comments

NOW HIRING! Signs are in windows. Ads are all over the internet. Job openings abound in America. So why did U.S. employers add just 266,000 jobs last month? The number fell from March to April. Businesses are struggling to find enough workers as the economic recovery strengthens.

Coronavirus cases are declining nationwide. States are easing restrictions. Businesses want to reopen—and many have done so. But restaurants and retail stores far too regularly post restricted hours due to insufficient staff to keep operations running. Courier services (like FedEx and UPS) still warn customers of shipping delays. Manufacturing industries are behind on production and delivery due to short staff and breaks in the supply chain (which are often staff-related as well).

Despite the unemployment rate—which ticked up in April to 6.1% after dropping to 6% in March—Americans are flush with cash. Many received $1,400 in federal relief checks in March. Work-from-home employees report saving money during the pandemic due to spending less on travel and entertainment over the last year. Millions have money to burn—but in some cases, the businesses they hope to support can’t meet customer demand.

Some of the lack of labor can be explained by lifestyle changes. Many working moms, for instance, left jobs to stay home with young children while schools and daycares were closed. Not all have been able to return to the workforce, and with summer approaching, they may continue on at home until the next school year opens.

Some currently unemployed people say they are not ready to return to work outside the home because they still fear catching the virus. But yet another factor is in play.

Federal government-sponsored unemployment benefits remain active, providing an additional $300 per week on top of the rates states pay to workers who have lost jobs not by their own choice. For many, that boost in pay means they are earning more money to stay home than they would if they returned to their pre-pandemic jobs. For example, anyone earning under $32,000 per year before now earns more money to stay home than he or she was collecting in legitimate wages. Where is the incentive to go back, then?

The Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion “rescue” package gave Americans significant income and purchasing power. That’s supposed to be good for infusing an economy with cash flow and building investor confidence. But it’s only as good as it can actually be redeemed in the marketplace—and that requires human bodies showing up for work to fulfill services and purchases.

Today, the number of open jobs is significantly above pre-pandemic levels. But the size of the labor force—the number of Americans either working or actively looking for work—is smaller. About four million people smaller, in fact.

Some states, like South Carolina and Montana, say they will act to block the federal unemployment payments. They believe it’s the best way to encourage their citizens to get back to work. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Friday issued a statement making the same argument. The Chamber encourages the federal government to curtail the additional benefits immediately.

Outside of that kind of action, economists predict that employers will have to dip deeper into their own profits to offer higher pay if they hope to fully reopen before federal benefits run out in September. Without the incentive of better wages than they might have budgeted for, business owners may find themselves operating on skeletal staff into the fall, at best.

The Bible has much good to say about work. God is active in economies—bringing about provision for His people, allowing the expression of creativity and innovation, providing for others’ needs, and giving opportunity for generosity. It also has much to say about those who choose not to work. Actively using our skills is God-glorifying and good for our families and communities.

(A grocery store in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, advertises its need for employees. AP/Tony Dejak)

The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor. — Proverbs 12:24

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Most recent comments

1st comment

Hmm. I hope they can get people to go back to work. I don’t think it’s wise (like a lot of people are saying) to give people more money when they are unemployed than if they were employed. People should get jobs if they can and earn for themselves. I don’t really know what else to say, I’ll just wait and see what everyone else says!

2nd Comment

Exactly Mirela!! I see "Now Hiring" signs everywhere! And why? Because people are so lazy they just want to sit at home and collect money given to them by the government that the government doesn't really even have because it is in debt, and so no one wants to work!!! And us who do want to work, that is OUR taxpayer money!!!! At some point, there are not going to be enough working people to provide money for everyone who does not want to work, and then our country will crash into communism, and we will all be poor, which is exactly what the government wants and is trying to do. Do you all see how this is playing out?


And yeah, EVER business around here has HIRING pasted on every window..xD I'm thinking I"ll take advantage of it LOL

Darn it... I wish i was old

Darn it... I wish i was old enough to work but the limit is something like 16 for MN though in a couple years i could just hop across the rive to WI because you only have to be 15 there. Another OOPS for Biden. Hahahahaha!

the limit here is 14 xDDD

the limit here is 14 xDDD


I don't know our limit but probably like 15 or something. I see quite a few people that look that young working jobs. But I don't really know.

@Micah D

Some places in MN will hire you at 14. Look at your local Chick-Fil-A because they usually hire 14 and up.

i feel bad for the people

i feel bad for the people who can't get jobs

@ Jill B

I kind of don't feel bad for the people that don't have jobs cause they are all collecting unemployment checks! Lots ( and I mean lots ) of people that don't have jobs don't want one cause they are getting free money so they are like " hey we are getting free money and I don't need to work so why would I get a job!"
I mean I bet there are some people that can't get a job the pays super well and they can't find one they want, but many of the people out of jobs don't really want them. \\
Just my opinion, hope your not offended

@ Riley D

Oops I didn't really read all the comments and I went back and read yours I kind of just said the same thing that you said in the beginning of yours.


@Nora: Oh that is fine! No worries!
@Jill: Yeah, I don't think it is that they can't get jobs. IT is because they don't want jobs. There might be some that can't get a job for a certain reason, but most just don't want to work.


@ All

Apples are more effective at waking you up in the morning than coffee.

Random Fun Fact

Apples are more effective at waking you up in the morning than coffee.


This is what happens when you let a guy into office that can't remember the history of the United States, much less speak a sentence without slurring his speech.
Thank you for tossing out the values that America was founded on, ya Democrazies!!


Riley: Exactly.
Age limit: It is 14 here.
Cheylyn: Quite right. Good point.

and Belwyn...

That's cool!

Cheylyn D

I hate to sound like I'm defending Joe Biden here, but when it comes to American history, at least he isn't the one who thought airports were used in the Revolutionary War!


I have a friend who said they hire at 14 in Publix. In AL, you have to be 15 (i think) for most working places. Some enforce 16, and sometimes allow 15 yr olds.
As for places not having enough employers, Riley D you said it perfectly! CHEYLYN D, I love your name for the Democrats! Haha, democrazies?! XD



@Zack W

Actually, he has said that.
"The same stable Jesus said that the biggest problem we had in the Revolutionary War, is we didn't have enough airports,"
-Joe Biden 2020

@Asher E

Dude, I love how you always have facts ( I hope the source you get them from is truthful) that make anyone in power who is evil look really bad/stupid that the MEDIA never covers. XDD


Yeah I agree with Grace! You should totally become like a news reporter that reports honest news!!!

this is mylee

not to many now hiring signs here anyore. Everyone used up there stimulus check manly for prom. But when it first happened we went to disgusting mc donalds and had to wait a long time signs kept saying nobody wants to work. This is Crazy! The only time i think is good for the government to give you money is like in my grandmas case. Her husband was a vetrain and when he died she couldnt provide for herelf so they give her money and healthcare which is good.

Asher E

Haha, you would make a good news reporter given your skewing of words and context.
That Joe Biden quote, worded properly, is:

"This is a guy who is the stable genius. Remember, he’s the guy that said our problem with the Revolutionary War, we didn’t have enough airports. God’s truth. He’s also the guy when he talked about how many bad hurricanes are coming across the warm waters in the Atlantic from Africa, he said, 'Maybe we should nuke them.' And also by the way, windmills cause cancer according to him. Look, what’s this guy talking about?"

The person Biden is talking about is, of course, Donald Trump, who called himself a "very stable genius" back in 2018 when questions were being raised as to his mental health. Joe Biden was clearly making fun of President Trump for his dumb comments about airports in the revolutionary war, nuking hurricanes, and windmills causing cancer. He wasn't agreeing with them.

I honestly don't believe anyone could hear this full quote, which is so obviously a sarcastic jab, and come away with the conclusion that Joe Biden also thought Airports were used in the revolutionary war. You're either pathetically ignorant about the context of the quote, or being intentionally manipulative. The fact that I have to waste my time spelling this out for people is genuinely depressing.

On second thought

I'm sorry man, my other comment was a bit of an overreaction for such a minor issue. I wish I didn't word it so harshly, and even though it sounds pretty insulting I really don't mean to be. I'll try to be less of a jerk about how I write stuff in the future :)


Hey man thanks for apologizing. I know it wasn't to me but after I read the comment, and then read your second one, well, thanks. I am not sure what I think about this whole "airports during the Revolution" I mean, I totally know it was not true. But was someone actually making a joke out of it and people took them wrong?


Yeah little rumors…
My teacher (a video teacher who did this a few years ago) slipped on her driveway and broke her radius but some one got information which came from multiple sources (that makes the evidence stronger as “someone” said no offense ) thought that My teacher was ice skating on an island and broke he arm


Yeah little rumors…
My teacher (a video teacher who did this a few years ago) slipped on her driveway and broke her radius but some one got information which came from multiple sources (that makes the evidence stronger as “someone” said no offense ) thought that My teacher was ice skating on an island and broke he arm

since its not on the main page anymore...


@ Asher It's sad but there is no local Chick-fil-a! I do have a job mowing lawns with my bro, last year we made about 100 $$$ each.


I admire your readiness to apologize, and Asher, I hope that was a mistake.
@Everyone- How is everybody? I haven't been on in about 2 months because of some stuff happening in real life. One of those things is that my great grandmother had to go to the hospital for something really serious. She used to live about 10 minutes away from us, but now she's in a rehab that is 3 hours away. She's doing better, but still has a lot of room for improvement. Could y'all pray?
Back to Biden's comment about Trump. I think people take what Trump said too seriously. Those things sound way too much like jokes to me. Also, think about the fact that Trump is a billionaire and he must be pretty smart to be able to be. But at the same time, like Zack said, it doesn't even really matter.

@ Addie L

I will be praying! I hope she gets better!


I’m so sorry to hear about your great grandmother! How is she?


She's doing a lot better! She has been doing some physical therapy, and she hopes to get back home pretty soon, but I don't think she'll be back for a while. We're just really thankful that this didn't happen in 2020, because we have all been able to visit her.

@ Addie

I'm so glad to hear that!


That’s great to hear!

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