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News Bytes 05/7/2021 20 Comments

Today in Top Story: For the past two years, crews worked on keeping the Notre Dame Cathedral upright. Now they can begin renovation.

It’s been two years since an accidental fire tore through Paris’ most famous cathedral. Officials said earlier this month that the burned-out monument could remain under construction for another 15 or 20 years. However, they now pledge that Notre Dame will at least be open for prayer and a “return to worship” in time for Paris' Olympic Games in 2024.  


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1st Comment

Whoa that spire crashing down was crazy! But that is cool they are working hard to rebuild it, and it is not going to collapse anymore. Oh and that clip about the nine babies at the beginning, that is not natural, in case you didn't know. They probably gave her some drugs and stuff to make her have nine babies.

2nd Comment

I'm glad they are able to start rennovating now.


Wow, that must have been scary to watch when it was burning. I'm really glad they're rebuilding it.

3rd Comment

Yay, they're finally rebuilding it.

Not 3rd but fourth


5th comment

Oh wow did you guys see the footage of the spire falling? HOLY COW!

rats i mean 6th

rats i mean 6th

@ Riley I dunno... It's funny

@ Riley I dunno... It's funny i just read in Guiness World records that 8 was the record so i guess she broke it! Why do you think they used drugs etc.?

Lets take a pull, this a yes

Lets take a pull, this a yes or no question. Have you ever been inside this cathedral?

An answer to my own question.


Woah........9 babies.....

Woah........9 babies.....

this is mylee

ya they prob did something that is so not natural ..... I'm glad that they can rennovate it ! I rember when it got on fire.. :( so sad. Did anybody see the cross in the fire vid when this was burning. It was so cool. But not cool that the fire was burning the Cathedral.

this is mylee

Flash back Friday ! Do ya'll remeber these ?

I know someone who has had 9

I know someone who has had 9 babies. Not at the same time though.



@Twins S

Butterfly knives are soooooooooooooooooooo much better. Seriously. Yu guys are missin' out.


(I can't watch the video but I like reading the comments to try and get what happened)


Well, just to make a record like that, and to be cool. Like you look in reality, nine babies is just not natural. I mean twins is pretty common, triplets not so much, but nine? Because there are some drugs that women can take to increase their chance on having a baby, so one suggestion would be taking a bunch of that, and then you would have a lot. Or another thing they do is actually AI the woman. (AI = Artificial Insemination. They put the semen in her it doesn't happen naturally.)

@ Nadia

I agree. I never did like them

this is mylee

I didnt like the fidget spinner either it got boring ater playing with it for 2 min...

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