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President’s Spending Plan
News Bytes 05/3/2021 148 Comments

President Biden has been in office more than 100 days now. It’s typical in America to take account of a new president’s administration at the 100-day mark.

Last week, the President addressed the two houses of Congress with a speech. It wasn’t a packed auditorium, though. Only 200 people attended, and those sat spaced apart from one another.

President Biden opened his speech by praising the nation’s progress against the COVID-19 pandemic and improvements in unemployment rates. But he spent most of his time explaining a massive spending package he is proposing. The package is called the American Families Plan. He says the $1.8 trillion proposal should go hand-in-hand with another $2.3 trillion infrastructure package. The President had unveiled that plan, the American Jobs Plan, last month. The two combined, he says, will address the nation’s needs for improving infrastructure (roads, bridges, communication systems, public transportation, utilities), creating jobs, supporting working families, and providing more educational options for young people.

In the speech, President Biden set up his argument for the spending as necessary for keeping the United States competitive in global markets. “We are in competition with China and other countries to win the 21st century,” he said. China, he suggested, is attempting to surpass Western nations in economy and world power. The President’s solution is a government-led push to create jobs. Part of that begins with making higher education and job training reachable for teens and young adults. The President’s proposal includes two years of free (or government-subsidized with taxpayer money) post-high school education at tech and community colleges. It also includes money to fund childcare for working parents.

Improving education and creating more job opportunities sounds good. But whose responsibility is that? Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina responded to the speech. He spoke of the American Families Plan as an intrusion into personal freedoms and individual responsibility for one’s own life choices. Mr. Scott highlighted what he called the Democrats’ plan for “more taxing, even more spending, to put Washington even more in the middle of your life, from the cradle to college.”

How would such a plan be financed? The President intends to increase the income tax rate for Americans deemed “wealthy.” He would raise it from 37% to 39.6%. That puts it back where it was before former President Trump changed rates in 2017. President Biden also thinks that people who earn “capital gains,” or profits from investments and sale of real property such as homes and land, should pay a higher percentage of those profits to the government. The same would apply to inherited assets—the money and property your parents and grandparents worked to pass on to you one day.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky also opposed the plan. He says the tax hikes would hurt the economy, which is just now in a state of recovery from pandemic shutdowns. Mr. McConnell believes the higher taxes would lead to lower wages for American workers.

(President Joe Biden hands a copy of his speech to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California as he prepares to address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Melina Mara/The Washington Post via AP)

Read 1 Samuel 8 for an example of how God predicted that human leaders often take the resources of their citizens to use for their own goals.

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Most recent comments

1st Comment!

Why does Joe have to raise taxes? If he keeps spending like this we are going to owe soooooooo much money to people.

2nd comment

And yet he didn't talk about all the jobs he got rid of from the oil line in Canada and the US, that was in his first week in office and that was over 10'000 jobs.

3rd comment

@Justin M We already do. Our national debt is around $30 trillion.

Random Fun Fact

Mosquitoes prefer children to adults and blondes to brunettes.

*shakes head* I can't believe

*shakes head* I can't believe it. No wait, I can, I just don't want to. It's amazing how fast Joe can spend other people's money. I think he even outdoes his executive order signing on this score...

@Belwyn R

Excellent thing to bring up! Mosquitoes are parasites, and so are the politicians who want to spend all our money. Lol.

Hesperus D

Hahaha that exactly right!!!

Why oh why did they elect Biden !

But seriously, they wouldn't have to raise taxes if they hadn't sent out all that money to people!!!! I mean like some people might need it but they didn't need to give it out to everyone, I mea usually I don't complain about free ones but the money they gave us isn't really free, we have to pay more taxes because they handed out all the money. Now we are in so much debt and he just wants to hand out more! All the politicians don't care cause it's not their money


mea= mean
ones= money

this is mylee

i think this is sort of dumb ...... We owe so much in debt and then they top this up on it ! has anyone watched school house rock tyrammosaurus debt ?

this is mylee

oops typo those m's are suppose to be n 's

12th comment

@ Hesperus & Nora so true!
@ Belwyn I never knew that. I guess that is why I rarely get bit by mosquitoes.

@ Belwyn

Huh, I have never been bitten by a mosquito, so I suppose that makes sense.

14 Comment

Well, we could lose some of our national debt if China declared war on us, then all the money we borrowed from them, we could not pay back.

@ Nora L

Biden wasn't elected. What the people should've done was to stand up for their decision and not let Biden into office.

@ Mylee: Yes about School

@ Mylee: Yes about School House Rock
@ Hesperus: Not trying to start a debate here or anything, but not letting the elected president into office would be against the law.

@ Mylee

Oh, I think I watched that. It was definitely School House Rock and about politics and money.

@ Mylee

Yes I have, my sister and I love school house rock

@ Mylee

Yes I have, my sister and I love school house rock


Not trying to be offensive, but that idea has two holes big enough to drive a semi-truck thru. First, he wasn't elected. There were just way too many convenient things that suddenly, conveniently happened for Biden. Secondly, not saying that wronging wrong makes right, but Biden totally doesn't give a plugged penny about the law. So, since we want our Constitutional laws to remain intact, that's why people shouldn't have let him in.

@ Hesperus

I know those are your opinions, (and who knows? Maybe they're correct) but my point is that, legally, they can't just refuse to let him into office because they think there might have been fraud in the election, or because they don't think he cares about the law. So those "two holes big enough to drive a semi-truck thru" are both matters of opinion. Popular and maybe even correct opinion, but opinion is not law. I'm not trying to offend you... just having a friendly debate! :-)


Actually, if enough people said that they didn't elect this wack job and that this was rigged, they could've stopped him from taking office. Sadly, too many people didn't care and were not paying attention.......

So on a smaller scale

I just moved to Idaho because of my dads work and the oppression that my family was getting in our hometown. Sadly there are RHINOs here. They are trying to introduce a curriculum called Critical Race Theory. The first two times it was blocked. Then they Illegally took someone to court. That person was the only one preventing CRT. He resigned and they illegally hosted a private voting session on it again. This wouldn't have happened if people were honest about their opinions and did things legally. If the election was honest and abided by all rules set forth by the state(s) and US Constitution, then Biden wouldn't have won. Also, they could've prevented him from going into office until the election fraud cases were investigated and settled. He could also be called into question if they thought that he wasn't for the law, but lies were told at the right time and the right place. It's funny, because Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, and many others have proven election fraud and/or made bills and/or called for re-voting to prevent election fraud, but it was AFTER Biden came into office. Now it doesn't matter...
... Sorry for the essays, I have a lot to say.


like trump was doing any better....

@Christian B

Actually Trump was doin 10x better than Joe Biden right now is

@Christian B

HE WAS... I have 13 pages of proof.

I think that its good that

I think that its good that states are looking into the election now even if it's after Biden was elected president. Because, if the election is found to be rigged, many people will lose faith in Biden and the Democrats even if the Democrats still hold office.


ur weird.....

@Christian B

awwwww thank you!!!!


Trump WAS doing WAY better than Biden. Totally.


Wait where do you live or were you up late or early?!?!?! You comment was at 00:25!!!!!

@Riley D

lol fr





@Riley D

i think that means 12 25 am

@Aryelle D

That is actually false info, Trump did 70 million times better than Biden is doing rn.
PS I chose 70 million because based on the evidence if you do your math Trump beat Biden by 70 million votes.

@Asher E

At first, I looked at the beginning of your comment and was confused, then I looked at the rest and laughed. You are tots right, he did win by 70 million more votes


Well, if it was just my say-so, then yeah, it would be just opinion. But, you probably haven't heard about all the stuff the far left has done to get what they want, because the media and news is totally on their side and won't tell you anything about that at all. If I was you, I'd look up the Epoch Times or The New American. They're way more truthful than the CNN or any of those "news" outlets. And, since the presidential election was supposed to be the people's election, if all the people had come out and stopped Biden, it would' been a lot more than the people who were for Biden. You don't just get thousands of votes out of nowhere for one candidate.



@Christian B

I actually mean it when I say, how do you figure that Trump wasn't any better than Biden? I'm not just attacking your philosophy cuz I don't like Biden, I'm curious as to why you say that. I mean, Biden's trying to raise the taxes that Trump lowered!

wait a minute

y do u guys think the election was a fraud? bc trump said so?

@Christian B

Because I have done hours of research on the election and all evidence that I have found points to a fraudulent election.


yeah, my bedtime is usually around 10:30 pm-12:00 am. It's weird because the sun doesn't fully set until after nine and I'm used to the sun setting around 8 pm at the latest. I moved from Las Vegas to Boise Idaho.

@Asher E

all the democrats voted via mail-in while republicans voted via polls and since they counted the polls first, trump was sure to win, but when they counted the mail-in aka democratic votes, Biden won


u used to live in Vegas?

@Christian B

Yes, I used to live in Vegas. Also, the democrats voting in person was not the problem because my dad got ballots that weren't his, and every time my mom talked to her friends, they would always bring up that they got ballots for other (most likely dead) people and or found out that they already voted even tho they didn't. ALSO, anytime staff doesn't go through the required identification process means that they're up to something shady.

@Christian B

yah, we were born and raised there

@Christian B

One bit of evidence is that there were at least nine states, if not more, that together submitted proof of fraud to the Supreme Court, but the court wouldn't except the case. But if it was that many there was definitely fraud. And knowing Democrats...

@Riley D

what about the other 41?




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