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News Bytes 04/30/2021 35 Comments

Today in Top Story: President Joe Biden pitches American Families Plan to a joint session of Congress.


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WORLD Watch is a daily, 10-minute current events program for teens that delivers headline news, in-depth feature stories, and thoughtful perspective to help students develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

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Most recent comments

I'm not able to watch this

I'm not able to watch this video. Can someone please explain what this video is about?


@ Alaina honestly, I'm not able to watch it either, so I don't know what its about too.

3rd comment

Really Biden? Why are you just putting our country deeper and deeper in debt? It's dumb!!!! You are paying people to sit around in their houses and watch TV, and then businesses are going out of business because they can't find enough workers!!!
@Above People: The video was basically about Biden giving a speech in congress after 100 days in office. He said that America was up and going again, and he introduced his American Families Plan, which is 1.8 Trillion dollars. Republican Senator from SC opposed Biden's actions saying they were wring.

Debate Q!!!

How often do you pray? Do you think it is enough and why? (You can also use this page for any prayer requests you have)

Random Fun Fact

Crying actually releases a chemical your body makes that makes you feel stressed out, so having a good long cry actually can make you feel better! Also, this kind of tear is chemically different then the tears you make when your body is cleaning your eyes, like when you cut onions. Cool, huh? (my science book is awesome)

random Fun Fact

The game of Tug-of-war was an Olympic sport from 1900-1920.

Another Random Fun Fact

55% of all movies are rated R.

ANOTHER Random Fun Fact

A cats urine glows under a blacklight.

@ Everyone

That was probably way too many fun facts! Enjoy them!

@ Micah D.

Cool! I'm going to go cry now! LOL! XD!

More wasted money

More wasted money

@ Micah

I pray four times a day. One for every meal and before I go to bed. I personally don't think that there is a certain amount of times a person should pray. I think whenever they can is cool, but they shouldn't put it off bc you need to stay in contact with God. Or, something like that :)


I pray before each meal, when I go to bed, and then just talk with God throughout the day whenever I feel like it.
A Prayer Request: I woke up this morning just feeling sick and miserable. My throat is really painful and burning and swollen and it hurts to talk or swallow. And my head is kinda fuzzy and out of it. So if y'all could pray for healing especially my throat, that would be awesome. I hate being sick!!!

Why am I not surprised about

Why am I not surprised about the R rated movies...


I pray... Randomly throughout the day, before meals, before bed. etc. When I'm doing chores, school, practicing music....

Yeah, most PG-13 movies used

Yeah, most PG-13 movies used to be rated R....

And crying does make you feel

And crying does make you feel long as you're not in front of ppl when you're doing it...unless they're a "doctor" and he's trying to rip you you're stuck on top of a Rockwall and the guy controlling the rope isn't letting you down....

@ Riley

I will definitely pray for you! Hopefully you hood better!!


good not hood


Thank you!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions for soothing a sore throat? It is agonizing!!! And sooooooooooooooo painful!!!

Honey helps.....also warm tea

Honey helps.....also warm tea....also cough drops

@ Riley

What I do is drink steaming tea with honey. And every day to help me not be so sick later in life I have a small spoonful of honey and molasses. That's what my great-grandmother did, and she lived to be almost 93.

@ Riley

Oh, also wear a scarf or something warm around your neck and don't talk.(the no talking part is always hard for me lol XD)

@ All

We'll re-subscribe sometime in May! See ya'll later!

Micah D/ Everyone

The Bible says to pray constantly. Now that doesn't mean to be on your knees, hands clasped, every second. It means every situation, your first thought is prayer for strength and just talking to God about your day. :)

@ Belwyn

Ok, see you then! We'll miss you ;)

@ Riley

How are you feeling? How's your mom, too?


Hot water with honey and lemon juice. It tastes awful (at least to me, some people like it) but it helps a ton.




I am doing a lot better now, and Mom is quite a bit better, at least she is walking now, but still not toally better. Thanks for asking!

Hol up, this is for @anyone who says Biden is raising taxes

sooo guys do u realize he's only raising taxes for the wealthy people? I mean unless ur wealthy, then that would suk. and so u dont haf to ask, I got that info from CNET

@Christian B

BRO. This is not the days of Robin Hood. Besides, that makes no sense to do that. The rich are the ones that provide the jobs for the "less-well-off", if you want to call them that. More jobs, more money going to the average persons. Average persons spend their money, more jobs are needed, and there you have it. Take money from the rich, and they can't provide as many jobs.


they do more than provide jobs, there are some people who want to keep the poor ppl poor, then again like trump some dont pay taxes

@Christian B

I'm not saying EVERY rich person is good, but even if their business practices are a little shady, most of the time, people can put food on the table because of the jobs opened up by the rich.


yes but thats not always the case

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