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NH Adjusts Roadkill Bill
News Bytes 04/21/2021 18 Comments

Cats and canines are the subject of a new law in New Hampshire. For nearly 40 years, leaving the scene after striking a dog with a vehicle (a situation called a hit-and-run) has been illegal. Nine lives or not, say lawmakers now, cats and dogs are created equal.

According to a 1970s New Hampshire law, drivers who injure or kill dogs must notify police—or the animals’ owners—or pay a $1,000 fine. It is unclear why cats and other pets weren’t named in the legislation. But now the NH legislature is considering an expansion of the hit-and-run bill.

“It’s a cataclysmic bill. To not pass this would be catastrophic,” Senator Tom Sherman told fellow members of a Senate committee. His play on words drew chuckles.

“It’s a categorical imperative: You have to report,” chimed in Senator David Watters.

Lawmaker Daryl Abbas sponsored the bill on behalf of his wife, who found their five-year-old cat, Arrow, dead on the street near their Salem home in July 2019. The partially blind black-and-gray tabby had once again achieved his “daily goal” of escaping from the house and was hit by a car, Abbas says.

“I remember telling my wife, ‘It’s an accident. We have to forgive the person,’ but I was more upset that the person didn’t stop,” he says. “Who doesn’t stop?”

Abbas contacted an animal control officer. The officer told Abbas there was no reporting requirement and suggested he contact his state representative. So Abbas drafted the bill himself.

New Hampshire law already required people to report any property damage caused by a motor vehicle to the owner. “The only glaring exception is if the damage is to a person’s cat. Literally under the law, if you were to hit a statue of a fake cat with your car, you would have to report that, but not the real cat,” he says. “The real cat and the fake cat should at least have equal property protection.”

In any state, hitting an animal with a car could be a potential violation as destruction of property. (In some states, though, it’s the free-range pet’s owner who may be responsible for damage to the driver’s vehicle.) But the New Hampshire bill is part of a trend of going further, says Lora Dunn, director of the Criminal Justice Program at the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

“These laws are really a nationwide trend to recognize that animals are more than your property; they are living, feeling beings. They have the capacity to suffer,” Dunn says. “These laws really recognize . . . the bond between animals and their human companions.”

Connecticut has a similar law to New Hampshire’s existing statute about dogs. In Massachusetts, the law includes cats and dogs. New York law requires drivers to report injuries to dogs, cats, horses, or cattle. Rhode Island’s statute covers all domesticated (tamed) animals.

The bill’s cosponsors include Representative Anita Burroughs, whose cats have been known to show up by her side during Zoom committee hearings.

While other legislation has sparked heated debate, the cat measure has purred right along so far: No one spoke against it at public hearings. The House passed it without debate earlier this month, and a Senate committee recommended its passage by the full body.

Governor Chris Sununu’s cat has its own Instagram account. He supports the bill. “Cats and dogs, dogs and cats, you can’t have one without the other,” he says. “Unless they were to change something, I fully intend to sign it.”

Do you think cats and dogs should have the same rights? And what is the responsibility of a driver who strikes an unrestrained animal with a vehicle? Support your answer with reasons.

(Arrow, a cat whose death inspired legislation to put cats on equal footing with dogs when they are run over, is pictured in Salem, New Hampshire. Daryl Abbas via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment!!!!!!

Dogs and cats should have the same rights! I would be so sad if our cats got hit by cars..

2nd Comment

Yeah I would be so sad if our dog was hit on our busy road and nobody told us and we had to go and find her laying there dead.


When i first read "Nine lives or not, say lawmakers now, cats and dogs are created equal" i though "Oh boy....what is this..."

Well I' glad about them

Well I' glad about them including cats cause would be so sad if my at got hit and nobody thought to tell anyone they didi or that they didn't even stop.

poor cats... even tho i dont

poor cats... even tho i dont ever want to own one cause im allergic that is so ridiculous that you didnt have to report a cat but you had to report a statue of one. that law is kinda stupid i wonder how it ever came about.

this is mylee

I don't think anybody does this over here. I find dead dogs on the road all the time. Probally cause the dogs in my niegborhood are free range dogs. And surrounding neighborhoods so yah.. My Dog that was exspensive got ran over by a car. MY Neighboors said the car didn't stop though they saw the dog.. But If you see an animal cause it jumped up in the road don't stop bc your car could flip just keep driving and run over it bc your life is more important..

@ All

My little sisters got their magazines recently. Next month's articles look cool! Oh, yeah and I'm pretty sure we're renewing our subscription!


Belwyn: Hurray!!!! :) :) :)
Article: So, for the cats' sakes I'm glad but...dogs are better than cats, so they're not equal...but it's still sad that the cats just died. So this bill seems good!
N&M: Same as what I thought!


Nah dogs arent better than cats....cats are slightly better even tho i love them both a ton. :)

I agree with Bethy, dogs are

I agree with Bethy, dogs are better than cats ;) but I mean, why do ppl still run over animals? Some ppl just do it for fun, literally! Like it's a sport! Now, thats just mean >:(

Team Cat

I like cats better personally...

@ Abigail

So true!

I think that there are times

I think that there are times when a person who hit an animal did it on purpose and other times when it was an accident. There are times that you should stop if you run over an animal and times when it's safer to not. For example if you're on a busy road stopping suddenly probably won't be the best choice. On an empty road, you should stop.

I like dogs better!

I like dogs better!

I think I am going to get a

I think I am going to get a puppy hopefully soon..... but it looks like I might have to pay $400 for it....... but that is better than one I thought of getting which was $800......


@Riley, my sister would be so jealous! My sister wants a dog so bad but my mom is allergic and we already have two cats! What kind of puppy do you think it will be?

this is mylee

wow Riley thats cheap for a dog ! LOL we dog breed so most dogs are around 500-1,500 dollars. But roughly most are 1,000.

@ Mylee

Do you mean you breed dogs?

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