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News Bytes 04/16/2021 23 Comments

Today in Top Story: President Biden intends to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September 11th.


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1st comment

Hmmm September 11th is a bit different to May 1st I must say!

2nd Comment

Ooookaaayyy. Same as yesterday. I am still not sure what to think... Oh and wouldn't that be just a LITTLE frightening sitting right on the edge of the open back of the helicopter like those two people were doing in the video!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have thought of being in the military...


yeah, I'm pretty sure in the article yesterday he had to have them out by May not September

4th comment

@Asher and everyone else who likes to debate, I have a good topic. Here it is:
If you are sick or have a problem of some sort and you pray to God to heal you. When He doesn't heal you, do you think it is because you don't have faith, or because God is purposely leaving you to suffer? I heard someone say the other day that if you are not getting healed, you don't have faith at all. But I think that is wrong. You can pray to get healed, and you may have very strong faith. But God may decide not to heal you, at least for the time being. Sure, He doesn't like pain and sickness, but He gives us those trial for a reason. But we don't always know the reason. Think of Paul in the Bible and his "thorn in his flesh" he prayed over and over to God to take it away, but God didn't. We don't know why, but we do know that it was not because Paul did not have faith. Or Joni Erickson. She has tremendous faith and she was not healed after her accident. SO I think that if you are not healed, it is not because a lack of faith. what do y'all think?

I have no

I have no words on what to say, except this, if Biden does take out all the troops, Afghanistan is going to have more gangs pop up and nobody can stop them, if Biden himself says that he will be coming close to retreat the troops, then don't retreat them, this government and country are getting blinded by power, fame, and money.

@ Riley

I would agree with you, sometimes God tests us. Sometimes it's not showing a lack of faith but showing people how faithful Christians really are! This i think can help other people to wonder why us Christians can stand things so terrible so well and it can perhaps get them interested in Christianity. But it could be that it is only outwardly that the person is Christian or that they think they are but have other idols they don't realize. That is a good question though! Sry i would debate more but i have limited computer time each day.

@ Riley

I agree. The Lord always has a perfect plan.
I've been extremely sick for 3 years untill the Lord finally healed me last week:)

this is mylee

@NAdia thats so cool ! I've seen God miraculously heal people !But yet ppl who had such strong faith not get healed. My aunt trusted God and stopped chemo out of faith. She was healed for a bit but then she passed. She said to me she would go through it again because it brought her closer to God. Also faith is important to have God can heal you if you dont or do . But i think he likes to heal when we have faith . @Riley do you want to be in the military ?

this is mylee

so ive seen ppl with no faith get healed and ppl who do not and vise versa bc I think God wants to test us.

this is mylee

ppl who do have faith not

@ Riley /this is Kaewyn

I think that if you pray for healing(or other stuff) but God does not answer you in the way you want, he is doing he is doing it for a reason, but that is just a thought.

@ Riley /this is Kaewyn

I guess I kinda said exactly what you said.

this is Kaewyn

Ooops, didn't mean to put 'he is doing' twice :D

@ Riley

I believe that if you don't get healed, then God is testing you. Even if you have faith as small as a muster seed, then you can move a mountain (dude, that actually happened before! If you can, look it up. There was a debate sometime back then when a monk debated against a Muslim guy. I think... I can't remember who they were but it is a true story!)


Well I am glad that people think the way I do. Because when the person said that, they were talking about my mom still not being healed and basically saying that she doesn't have faith, which I KNOW she does. So I was wanting to see what you guys thought. Because yes I do believe that a Christian life is not a free ride and God purposely put trial in our way to test our Faith and love for Him. But we will make it through.

@ Riley

Can I quote you? (I love quotes and poems if you didn't know) :)
"God purposely put trial in our way to test our Faith and love for Him. But we will make it through."


Sure! I didn't realize it sounded that good until you did quote me! Lol one of my friends said I should be a preacher! XD I don't know about that... I don't really like the idea of women preachers... But I think they were joking anyway!

this is Kaewyn

I believe that God can heal people that have faith and people that don't because he loves everyone. sorry, just had that thought.

@Riley D

Lol, um, they had cords attached to them so wouldn't fall out. Didn't you see that?

@ Riley

Why are you against women preachers, if you don't mind me asking? (You don't have to answer if you don't want to)


The Bible says that women can't lead the church. That doesn't mean men are better than women. They just have different jobs.

Lemme just say again

I am REALLY glad Biden did this! I personally don't think he's fit for office, but this is one paper he unconsciously signed that I like!

@ Addie

That's true, but I don't really care if a woman's a preacher. I mean, some are called to be a pastor, right? That's just my view :)

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