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Bhutan Jabs Fast
News Bytes 04/13/2021 94 Comments

Bhutan may be small. When it comes to giving vaccinations, though, they’ve outshone even the most powerful nations. Many countries struggle to keep new cases at bay and continue administering vaccines. But Bhutan’s vaccination campaign is nearly finished—just 16 days after it began.

With a population of 800,000, Bhutan is a tiny landlocked Himalayan kingdom wedged between India and China. It is the last remaining Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. In 2008, the country transitioned from an absolute monarchy to a democratic, constitutional monarchy.

Bhutan received its first 150,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from neighboring India in January. But officials held onto the shots until late March. They wanted vaccinations to coincide with Buddhist superstition regarding important dates.

Thirty-year-old Ninda Dema received the first shot. She said, “Let this small step of mine today help us all prevail through this illness.”

Once Bhutan decided to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, its vaccination drive progressed rapidly. It’s a reminder that God can use the “foolish in the world to shame the wise” and the “weak in the world to shame the strong.” (1 Corinthians 1:27) Bhutan has now surpassed Israel, the United States, Bahrain, and other countries known for speedy vaccinations. Those countries took months to reach their current levels of vaccinations. Bhutanese health officials have already vaccinated 62% of the country’s citizens and nearly 93% of the adult population since March 27.

The rapid rollout of the vaccine puts the tiny nation just behind Seychelles, an East Africa island nation. That country has given jabs to 66% of its population of nearly 100,000 people.

Having a small population helped Bhutan move fast. But dedicated citizen volunteers, known as “desuups,” deserve much of the credit. Another advantage is the country’s established cold chain storage system from previous vaccination drives. (For more about cold chain storage, read “Chilly Vaccine Challenges”.)

Dr. Pandup Tshering is secretary to Bhutan’s Ministry of Health. He says jabs are still being provided to those who could not get vaccinated during the campaign period. He also says the country has enough doses to cover its entire population.

Bhutan has a mandatory 21-day quarantine for all people arriving in the country. All schools are open and are monitored for compliance with COVID-19 rules, Tshering says. Bhutan has recorded 910 coronavirus infections and just one death since the pandemic began.

(Face masks dangle outside a shop in Thimpu, Bhutan, on April 12, 2021. AP)


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you should make an article named "when is commenting too much?"


Yeah I just noticed it as well. Maybe they are deleting all those nasty comments and then will let us get back on again!


When people do hello hello hello a million million million times it is very dumb and stupid. Everyone who does that stuff, CONTROL YOURSELF!

@ Sarah

I still can't comment on it!

I bet the reason it wouldn’t

I bet the reason it wouldn’t work is because of the extremely long comments cause that is what happened on the pi article so maybe there is like a word limit

@Justin M

It would be absolutely idiotic for everyone to get the vaccine. We don't know what the long term effects of these vaccines are so we need a control group.

@Franz R

Nope, they deleted a bunch before they blocked comments. I'm guessing that they just don't like it when we try to get a bunch of comments on a certain article.


Why are you deleting comments that don't break the rules again? Just because you don't agree doesn't mean that you should delete them.

Btw, guys, I've heard that

Btw, guys, I've heard that people have DIED from taking the vaccine. The tests weren't working on adults, so they figured that SURELY it would work on kids. *rolls eyes*
Just something to consider...

this is mylee

there was an aio club but it was * sniff* forgotten . Heres the link join now

this is mylee

ok the link didnt work so go to silent speakers .

@ HD

Ya like 6 ppl

@N A

I'm pretty sure that it is a couple hundred people if you combine deaths from all of the different vaccines.

@Asher E

We used to get the world magazine, but over the year it started bowing down to cancel culture, or they were'nt really journaling. We have stopped getting it and stopped our subscription (not with worldteen though). Hopefully it doesn't pass on to WT magazine. Hopefully they can keep being neutral.

@ Asher

Oh okay, I was just thinking of that one.....sorry xP

@ Mylee S./ all here is that link 4 the AIO club. I'm not a huge fan of AIO and don't listen to it, but ya'll feel free to keep it up! :)

correct me if im wrong but...

so the first covid-19 case was in December of 2019 right, so that means that person was exposed in Nov/Dec. If that's the case then many people have already been exposed to Covid-19. This then means that there is a high possibility that we already have the antibodies since they didn't shut down America till March of 2020. sooo why are they pushing for vaccines? Also, why would some states make the vaccination certification Mark of the Beast-like? I know I said it in a previous article, but if they REALLY cared about our health, then they would deal with other health problems, like heart problems from OBESITY which is the number one cause of death in America. If we all ate healthier foods we would have better immune systems too. again correct me if I'm wrong.

@ HD

That's pretty interesting... I haven't heard about it. Now that just makes me not want to take it even more :)

@ Cheylyn

I personally think that we shouldn't get the vaccine and I completely agree with you. But, that's just my thoughts.

@ Abigail F

I noticed that too. (I asked about it in another article.)

@ Abigail F

Oh...oops! I was responding to your comment at the end of the first page, (I didn't realize that there were two pages! :).

@ All

I have something else to add to my post earlier about the vaccine and how you need to get plenty, but not too much, of sun to help you not get the coronavirus:
If you have tan skin or are darker in color, then it is harder for your skin to absorb the sun's rays. If you are darker in color, you just need to let your abdomen get the sun because it will absorb the sun's rays really well.


Well, one can't really be too demanding. I mean, people have died from a lot of things. Vaccines? Yeah, you're probably right. But I, for one, am fine with taking a vaccine that might kill me if, by me getting it, I was trying to help someone else not die. And the doctors aren't perfect. But I think most of them are trying to do the right thing. (Maybe I'm too trusting for my own good lol:)
Um...please correct me if I'm wrong, and I REALLY am NOT trying to be judgmental or insulting or overconfident in my knowledge or anything like that, but where do you get most of your information? If you get it from the internet, then, well, I wouldn't trust to it as the truth all the time. Look, I am REALLY sorry if that was offensive. I REALLY don't mean it too be to ANYONE. I wasn't even saying anyone was getting there information from the internet. But I feel like one would get more info from sitting down and talking to a doctor, or scientist, rather than searching it up. I really do. PLEASE don't take offense at this, I am not addressing anyone at all. Just putting my thoughts out there. :) I really really really really really hope that wasn't offensive.
Yeah, just saying hello a lot isn't really productive. I would rather (if I was trying to get 100 comments or something) talk about something productive then just say hi a million times. Because in my opinion I have more fun that way!
P S again, I hope nothing I said was mean in any way. Please tell me if I was! I want to know if I did so I can apologize and be more careful next time.


@Isabel: That is interesting I know the sun gives you Vit. D, but yeah that is interesting. Lol but I would probably get burnt really bad because I am super white and burn REALLY easily!
@Dessie: This sounds bad that I can't give you the exact resource, but I heard it on a Christian radio called American Family Radio, a very republican, conservative, Christian radio place, and they had a doctor on the show talking and he was the one saying that stuff, that he really didn't trust the vaccine and didn't know what it was really doing to you. A doctor said that!


I wouldn't recommend getting your information from a doctor or scientist, because they have their opinion and are likely biased in some way. BTW, I don't usually post "information", but when I do I get it from my dad and I have no idea where he gets it.

@David P


@N&M A

No idea how many ppl died from it. Haven't done research on my own.

@Desarose S

While offering to die for the cause of saving other people from the coronavirus is a noble thing to do, it'd probably be a huge waste. It's been admitted that the vaccine doesn't really protect you all THAT much. What concerns me is that they are like bulldozer on this one; they're charging over everyone and everything to make sure that everyone and everything gets the vaccine. WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT BE GOOD FOR YOU. They don't really care about people at all, it's the same old, I will get what I want mentality again.

@Desarose S

I don't think that your comment was offensive at all, I just don' t want to take the vaccine because there might be long term affects that we don't know about, and I think that I've heard that there has been some deaths after people taking it. It may have been a combination of things that maybe made the people die.

I don't want the vaccine. I

I don't want the vaccine. I would rather go through the sickness and donate my plasma

@Desarose S

Some people just get offensive for no reason, desarose. So you don't have to say it all the time.

82nd comment...

@ Desarose my mom listens to podcasts by scientists and doctors who say that they aren't agreeing with any side but just stating thefacts. I agree with you that you shouldn't trust the internet. I always get my information from books. Also, I don't get offended easily.
@ Caden I agree with you. I'd rather get sick than take a shot that might mess with my systems.

It's SNOWING right now! we

It's SNOWING right now! we got almost six inches of snow last night, and it's still snowing

@ Nora

What??? That's so cool! How much snow do you have?

Isabel F

I just measured, we have a foot at our house now!! And still snowing. It's really pretty in the woods we took a walk and it kind a wet snow and so it sticking to the trees really nice

@ Nora

That is so cool!!! Do you live up north or something? (Don't answer if you don't want to)

Isabel F

I live in about the general area of Massachusetts


lookup the ingredients for the johnson and johnson, mRNA, and Pfizer vaccines...I will not vaccinate, no thank you...I'm good. No mercury will get into my bloodstream.

@ Nora

Is it pretty up there? I live down south in Kentucky and it's pretty, but not as pretty as Pennsylvania! (I'm from Pennsylvania originally)

Isabel F

Yeah it is pretty all the flowers are starting to come out, the snow melted really fast , it's all gone now and it's supposed to be 70 today! Our Flowering Quince just came out today My little sister found them this morning.

@ Nora

That sounds like a pretty state! I'll have to go and sometime see for myself how pretty it is. I'm sure the flowers were pretty with all that snow and stuff.

Isabel F

yeah it was really pretty seeing the flowers on the trees and the buds but also having a foot of snow too

@ Nora

Guess what? It's snowing down in Kentucky now!! We got a couple of inches over night, and its said to snow tonight

Isabel F

Really, wow, what a coincidence.


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