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Bhutan Jabs Fast
News Bytes 04/13/2021 94 Comments

Bhutan may be small. When it comes to giving vaccinations, though, they’ve outshone even the most powerful nations. Many countries struggle to keep new cases at bay and continue administering vaccines. But Bhutan’s vaccination campaign is nearly finished—just 16 days after it began.

With a population of 800,000, Bhutan is a tiny landlocked Himalayan kingdom wedged between India and China. It is the last remaining Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. In 2008, the country transitioned from an absolute monarchy to a democratic, constitutional monarchy.

Bhutan received its first 150,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from neighboring India in January. But officials held onto the shots until late March. They wanted vaccinations to coincide with Buddhist superstition regarding important dates.

Thirty-year-old Ninda Dema received the first shot. She said, “Let this small step of mine today help us all prevail through this illness.”

Once Bhutan decided to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, its vaccination drive progressed rapidly. It’s a reminder that God can use the “foolish in the world to shame the wise” and the “weak in the world to shame the strong.” (1 Corinthians 1:27) Bhutan has now surpassed Israel, the United States, Bahrain, and other countries known for speedy vaccinations. Those countries took months to reach their current levels of vaccinations. Bhutanese health officials have already vaccinated 62% of the country’s citizens and nearly 93% of the adult population since March 27.

The rapid rollout of the vaccine puts the tiny nation just behind Seychelles, an East Africa island nation. That country has given jabs to 66% of its population of nearly 100,000 people.

Having a small population helped Bhutan move fast. But dedicated citizen volunteers, known as “desuups,” deserve much of the credit. Another advantage is the country’s established cold chain storage system from previous vaccination drives. (For more about cold chain storage, read “Chilly Vaccine Challenges”.)

Dr. Pandup Tshering is secretary to Bhutan’s Ministry of Health. He says jabs are still being provided to those who could not get vaccinated during the campaign period. He also says the country has enough doses to cover its entire population.

Bhutan has a mandatory 21-day quarantine for all people arriving in the country. All schools are open and are monitored for compliance with COVID-19 rules, Tshering says. Bhutan has recorded 910 coronavirus infections and just one death since the pandemic began.

(Face masks dangle outside a shop in Thimpu, Bhutan, on April 12, 2021. AP)


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1st Comment

Good for them!
But I am still not going to get the vaccine.

2nd Comment

Completely agree Riley.

*shudders* I do not want my

*shudders* I do not want my DNA messed with thank you very much. But I'm glad they're happy.

I 3rd comment

nice that they got it so fast

5th comment

Totally agree with Sarah and Riley:
Good for Bhutan, but no one will make me get that vaccine!

I dont know about you guys.

I want a vaccine! It could end this whole thing! I understand other people have other opinions but seriously this sickness shut down the world! A vaccine could end it!

If only

If only America did the same, without the drama, then the U.S. would be a smart and safe place (but that ain't happening)

this is Wyn

i agree with Riley

@ Noah / this wyn

i know, right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


not going to get the vaccine.


I don't trust it

@ All

Mommy, look at all the pwetty masks!

pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooooooo mommy, I want one!!! shreeeeeeek, I'm so excited!!!!!!



@ Curtis p

Really?! XD LOL

I'm glad there happy but I

I'm glad there happy but I still don't want to take the vaccine,

@ Riley D./ All

Hey, guys, I can't comment on 'Trial of Police Officer' anymore. Can ya'll?

@ Everyone who doesn't want the vaccine

Yup, me neither.

I can get that if your old, I

I can get that if your old, I would take it, but right now I don't want to take it because I don't know the long term affects if there is some, where as if you old than you might not even know the long term affects

Berwyn R

I can't comment either I tried several times

@ all

R.I.P. Trial of Police Officer

@ Belwyn and Nora

I can't comment either, Worldteen probably saw that we were trying to get 2,000 comments and shut it down. :( :(

@ Vstp/Caro

Hey, can I call you Vstp? Sorry, calling you that was fun and no offense taken if you don't want me to!
@ Riley: You made me SOOOOOOO hungry with ur last comment!
@ Bethy: Not creepy at all! You should come, I'd LOVE to meet you!
(These are comments I'm responding to on 'Trial of Police Officer', so if people are, like, "Wuhhhhhhh?, this lady is CRAZY!" Do not worry, I'm not! :D)

@ Sarah

Yep, probably, no more commenting on there 4 us! *Sniff* XD

@ Asher E. Does the 100,000 digits of pi beat ur hehehehe...... comment record?

"It’s a reminder that God can

"It’s a reminder that God can use the “foolish in the world to shame the wise” and the “weak in the world to shame the strong.” (1 Corinthians 1:27)" Um, what was THAT supposed to mean? Lol.



this is mylee

WOW that pi comment was so long XD :). It wouldnt let me comment either I suprised they did that since its still in the news bite section. *Sniffs* .we still have world teen typerighters and some other groups though....

this is mylee

The adventures in oddesy club faded away no one is on it :( :( *cries*

@Justin M

I don't want the vaccine because you can't trust people. If you look back and see all the shots people are supposed to get and then the really effect people with side effects way later in their life. And with this vaccine, it is very possible that they could be hiding something, like partly changeing your DNA and puting like half of a virus in, and then later the other half of the virus gets out and then everyone who had the shot gets that virus and could die. I know it sounds absolutely strange but it could very well happen. You never know what literally the government is putting in you.


yeah that is sad I just tried and it didn't let me. Maybe they finally saw that debate and got worried it would start up again...
And yeah that Pi thing was so terrible long! I was like is it ever gonna end!?!?!?!?! I heard of a guy who recited soooo many digits of pi that it took him NINE HOURS STRAIGHT to recite it all!!! I don't remember how many digits though!!

@ HD

I think I know what they are trying to say but I'm not sure........

Oooo the masks @_@ amazing...

Oooo the masks @_@ amazing..................


what adventure in odyssey club? I like AIO, but I never knew there was a club on here talking about it!



Aww I was going to comment my

Aww I was going to comment my opinion on that article but now I can't....thx guys xPP

@ All

Mom watched this cool video about a scientist explaining that you don't need the vaccine. All you need to do is to just sit out in the sun for about 20 to 30 minutes a day. Vitamin D helps you to not get the Corona virus. Or, something like that. I can't remember his name, but if I do I'll tell you all.

That's weird............I

That's weird............I went to FL on vacation for a week and was in the sun for most the day and still got COVID..................maybe it was just me lol

My cousin to..

My cousin to..


Belwyn: Okay!
Vaccine: I think for older people (like my grandma) the vaccine is very useful, she is super happy to be able to travel and see her grandchildren. I personally think that I'll probably not want the vaccine bc...I like the way my DNA is right now and I'm not convinced the vaccine won't have bad side effects on me (or others...)

@ Above

I totally agree!

@ All

At least the vaccine is helping people we haven't seen in a year come out of their I'm-scared-of-Corona shells. But still, I an't gettin' it!

@ These people

@ Mylee: Where was the AIO club? R.I.P. AIO club *sniff, sniff*
@ Riley: Whoa! NINE HOURS!!!!!!!!! #Amazed!
@ Isabel: Cool!
@ N&M A.: Not so cool :)
@ Bethy: You're welcome!


I want it. I mean, everyone seems to be really wanting the pandemic to end but when they come out with a vaccine not much really trust them to end it with the vaccine.
(Hope that wasn't offensive. Just my personal thoughts:) Not directed toward any one:)

@ Desarose

Agreed. Bc if I don't get the vaccine, then I feel like I will be severely limited from going to some places.

I don't think my fam is

I don't think my fam is getting the vaccine. We don't really care if we do or not. lol if we do it'll just be to make our grandparents feel better

@ Desarose

A vaccine isn't gonna make COVID disappear, neither will wearing a mask or staying home for a year and a half.

0h no...

0h no...

@ Everyone

You guys, they are just now editing the trial article. It was at 401 comments when I first got on, and now it is at 385.

this is mylee

@sarah f i noticed that too.


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