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Prince Philip Passes
News Bytes 04/9/2021 38 Comments

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II has died, Buckingham Palace said today. The Prince spent more than 70 years supporting his wife in a role that both defined and limited his life. He was 99 years old.

Prince Philip was born into the Greek and Danish royal families on June 10, 1921. He ended his life as Britain’s longest serving consort (royal spouse).

Philip went to school in Britain and entered Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth as a cadet in 1939. During World War II, he wasn’t allowed near the main war zone because he was a foreign prince of a neutral nation. But when Italy invaded Greece, he joined the war, serving on battleships in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific.

By war’s end, it was clear Philip was courting Princess Elizabeth, eldest child and heir of King George VI. Their engagement was announced July 10, 1947. They married on November 20 of that year.

At first, folks disapproved of Elizabeth marrying a foreigner. But Philip’s athletic skills, good looks, and straight talk lent glamour to the royal family. Elizabeth beamed in his presence.

When Elizabeth became queen in 1952, Philip had to give up his naval career. The Prince saw his role as providing support for his wife. In the 1970s, Michael Parker, an old navy friend and former private secretary of the prince, said: “He told me the first day he offered me my job, that his job—first, second and last—was never to let her down.”

Philip’s position was challenging. There is no official role for the husband of a sovereign queen. He always walked three paces behind his wife in public, in a show of deference to the monarch. His son Charles, as heir to the throne, had a larger income. Charles also had access to high-level government papers Philip was not permitted to see.

Philip struggled to find his place. “There was no precedent,” he said in a rare interview to mark his 90th birthday. “If I asked somebody, ‘What do you expect me to do?’ they all looked blank.”

He found plenty to do. He fulfilled more than 20,000 royal engagements to boost British interests at home and abroad. He headed hundreds of charities, founded programs that helped British schoolchildren participate in outdoor adventures, and played a prominent part in raising his four children. He painted, collected modern art, was interested in industrial design, and planned a garden at Windsor Castle.

The queen, a very private person not given to extravagant displays of affection, once called him “her rock” in public. In private, Philip called his wife Lilibet. In conversation with others, he referred to her as “The Queen.”

Over the decades, Philip’s image changed from that of handsome, dashing athlete to arrogant curmudgeon. In his later years, the image finally settled into that of droll and philosophical observer of the times.

Philip spent a month in the hospital earlier this year before being released on March 16.

Upon his passing, condolences poured in Friday from around the globe. British politics paused. The main parties suspended campaigning for next month’s local and Scottish elections.

Philip is survived by the queen and their four children—Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward—as well as eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

(Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip arrive by horse drawn carriage in the parade ring at the Royal Ascot horse race meeting at Ascot, England, on June, 16, 2011. AP/Alastair Grant)

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1st comment

Sad days.

Second Comment

Awww :( that’s so sad. RIP Price Philip

;< almost 100 yrs old wew ,

;< almost 100 yrs old wew , but sad :( r.i.p

I already read about it in

I already read about it in world mag. sift, so i won't read this one. (or i'll skim through it)

5th comment


@ All

I hope he was a Christian. So sad! :(

everyone said "sad" in their

everyone said "sad" in their comments. interesting.


Yeah I don't know why. I guess I am more sad for his family, because they will feel his loss. I don't really because I am first of all an American so was not under his wife's rule, and second I never even knew him...


I think they already put up todays news byte....the WW thing. Strange.


I think they already put up todays news byte....the WW thing. Strange.


Sometimes they put a second one up if like super breaking news happens.


HEELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!! Y'all know my sister, Addie L, and you most likely thought it was her at first, but she's actually sitting right beside me and probably secretly judging every word I say. My name is Piper, named after John Piper, if you're interested, and I think the only time I've been mentioned was in the recent Minecraft conversation with Aryelle and some others (sorry I can't remember names!!). I'm the castle person. That's all you really need to know, other than that I've been monitoring your conversations for the past couple weeks so I know A LOT more about y'all than y'all know about me. (not sinister at all XP) And WHEW!! That "debate" was getting more like a verbal brawl! (I think everyone knows what I'm talking about) So uh, yeah. I'm glad to finally reveal myself to everyone!

@Piper/Addie L

Haha! Hello! Nice to meet you!

As for the post, wow! I didn't even know her husband was still alive!!!! xD now you know how little i have to do with England lol


Nice to 'meet' you! Yeah that debate wasn't a good note to start off with, but I will assure you there have been so really GOOD debates, and hopefully many more!! I hope you enjoy the comments section!!!! Oh and I like your name!

this is mylee

HI piper ! Welcome to world teen :). This is sad,but i'm sure he knew it was time to go being almost 100 yrs old. But poor Queen Elizebeth is probally heartbroken....

Willkommen Piper!

Willkommen Piper!


Any of you have steam?

@Franz R

What do you mean?

*ahem ahem*

I defiantly should’ve had more of an effort to get 1st comment. Like this is one of the first articles this year that’s been in England XD I can’t believe I missed it. Already heard about Prince Philip, we were kinda expecting it to happen soon. I can’t believe he was THAT old - he was like just a few months from being 100. And enjoy the moment you get to see a monarch with their ONLY spouse. Soon all the kings and queens will have either been divorced or separated and re-married (which is sad).

Oh, just noticed the tittle.

Oh, just noticed the tittle. Nice job on the alliteration!


If you mean the steam that I use to download games, then yes I do

@Franz R

What do you mean by steam?
Sprichst du Deutsch?

Thats sad , I hope The Queen

Thats sad , I hope The Queen's not to broaden hearted !

Oh whoops typo , broaden is

Oh whoops typo , broaden is supposed to be broken

:) (:

@Riley D -Ja nicht groß
@Aryelle D - yes that’s what I meant

@Franz R

Gleich. Ich spreche einige, aber nicht fließend
P.S. Do you have German background? Your name sounds very German. I have a lot of little bits of background, but a little over an 8th British. I don't know about German, but I have relatives there in military so the kids are very fluent because they go to German school.


Random Question: Who here likes to shoot guns? I like rifle and shotgun, and also archery. But I don't hunt, just target shoot.

@ Riley

I like to shoot a handgun, but that's the only kind of gun I've shot lol.


I use a bow and arrow, never a gun tho


@Sarah: Ok cool! Never shot one of those before!
@Jack E: Oh awesome I LOVE archery! I have placed 3rd in my state! Do you do competition?

@ Riley D

My grandma actually came from Germany to the USA she was an orphan in world war 2 see the nazi guard deported article
I shoot bow and arrow I hope eventually to hunt with one


That is really cool! Yeah I don't plan to hunt, but who knnows what will happen in the future. I might decide i want to.

Zoom in on philip’s hat in

Zoom in on philip’s hat in the picture it looks dirty

It's sad that his own son

It's sad that his own son knew stuff that he wasn't aloud to know.

That's sad, at least he lived

That's sad, at least he lived a nice long life. rest in peace Prince Phillip.

36 Comment

At least her lived for a long time.
Franz; his hat looks like it is supposed to be like that. (Your German conversation makes me annoyed that I didn't take more German!)
Riley: Cool! I don't know what percent British I am, but we are related to three people on the May Flower!

R.I.P Prince Philip

He was almost 100!!

@ Brooke B

I know! Also, if you're new to WORLDteen, WELCOME!!! (If not, sorry for not noticing.)

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