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News Bytes 04/9/2021 23 Comments

Today in Top Story: North Korea decides to drop out of the Olympics.


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1st Comment

Wow. That is crazy that they are actually dropping out. I wonder what some of the competitors think. Like do the competitors really want to drop out, or is it just the leaders doing this? But I guess that means they are still doing the Olympics this year, Carys!!! XD

2nd comment

I wonder why they are dropping out maybe their athletes realized thy weren't ready Because they thought the olympics were canceled

I don't think it has to do so

I don't think it has to do so much with the competitors, but must likely the government. North Korea is a VERY controlling government. Even more than China.

@Stefan H

Are you new here? If you are, welcome to the website! Get ready for some crazy conversations! XD

5th Comment

That is a bummer for the athletes, I mean they train hard enough to get in the olympics and then it's taken away.


My sister might start commenting on here in my name. Her name is Piper, so she'll let you know when it's her and not me. :)


I would like to get the athletes' real opinions. I think I heard someone say (probably my dad) that most people in North Korea honestly think that the government is good. That might not be true, but it does sound likely to me. So, maybe the government has given false reasons or something??? I dunno, I just know that this probably isn't a good sign.


Did you guys know? Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth's husband) has died at 99. RIP Philip.❤

I just saw this on world

I just saw this on world watch not 20 mins ago!

I just saw this on world

I just saw this on world watch not 20 mins ago!

Addie L.

I joined recently. Thank you for the welcome!

Are they still

Are they still doing the Olympics?


I think they are. That is what I got from this that if N. Korea is dropping out, I am assuming that means they are doing it. (@Everone on Storyteller: lol I am ASSUMING!)
If y'all aren't on storyteller you won't get that joke, so don't worry about it.

Aww :(

RIP Prince Philip


North Korea is sus........


I'm not surprised, idk why...
I have a heritage with North Korean roots, and a solid Korean blood. My sister was nearly beaten on the streets two weeks ago. Where's the equality in this?!

@Addie L

I do not believe that, firmly. You are not allowed to have anything nice there. Hhm... unless

Unless the NK goverment is brainwashing kids to believe that. I bet that's it. My aunts church did that to her about BLM, and now we can't talk to her w/out starting a big fight.


Oh I am so sorry you must partly know what it is to be a persecuted Christian! I feel it is coming for all of us one of these days.


Thanks. I really think people have to be taught we can't fix all the problems in the world. Seems we have enough political issues on this website, let's not get into outside here. And don't worry. My sister squirted her would-be attacker in the face w/ hand sanitizer. XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD 'great job, Meeka!'

@Lissa Y

I'm glad I've never been able to experience that. My mom's entire side is Korean but my dad's Caucasian so I'm a Caucasian Asian!
I think that people are chanting equality because equality is a good thing and people are supposed to support equality. If someone doesn't agree with their actions that they do under the name of equality, then they can call that someone racist and say they don't support equality.


Yeah, you don't want to know what it's like. That's cool that you're a half blood! No offense.

@Lissa Y

No offense taken

On of my friends has roots in

On of my friends has roots in NK his grandparents had to leave after Korea divided. No one knows too much about it because they don't let anyone in or out of the country. The people there don't have internet there let a lone the Bible. It would be really neat if some one could teach the the Bible to the government.

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