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Trial of Police Officer
News Bytes 04/6/2021 376 Comments

The trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s May 25, 2020, death is entering its second week. The first week of emotional testimony came from eyewitnesses—and the disturbing video of Floyd’s arrest from police body cameras. Experts expect this week to focus on police training and help answer the question of whether officers were following proper procedure.

Derek Chauvin, 45, is charged with murder and manslaughter. (See “George Floyd Protests.”) Chauvin, who is white, is accused of pinning his knee on the 46-year-old black man’s neck for over nine minutes as Floyd lay face-down in handcuffs outside a corner market.

Prosecutors say Chauvin’s knee killed Floyd. The defense argues that Chauvin did what he was trained to do and that Floyd’s use of drugs and underlying health conditions caused his death.

Multiple bystanders captured Floyd’s treatment by police on video. The scenes sparked protests that rocked Minneapolis and spread to other U.S. cities and beyond. Those videos, plus officers’ body-camera video and previously unseen eyewitness footage, came together to form a big part of the first week of trial.

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo will likely testify this week. Arradondo, the city’s first black chief, fired Chauvin and three other officers the day after Floyd’s death. In June, he called the incident “murder.”

“Mr. George Floyd’s tragic death was not due to a lack of training,” Arradondo said at the time. “Chauvin knew what he was doing.”

Soon after Floyd’s death, Minneapolis moved to ban police chokeholds and neck restraints. Arradondo and Mayor Jacob Frey have also made several policy changes, including expanding rules for reporting use-of-force incidents and documenting attempts to de-escalate situations.

Prosecutors intend to build the case that Chauvin improperly restrained Floyd. A duty sergeant and a lieutenant who leads the homicide division both questioned Chauvin’s actions.

“Totally unnecessary,” Lt. Richard Zimmerman, the longest-tenured officer on the force, testified Friday. He said once Floyd was handcuffed, he saw “no reason for why the officers felt they were in danger, if that’s what they felt.” He went on, “And that’s what they would have to feel to be able to use that kind of force.”

Chauvin attorney Eric Nelson peppered Zimmerman with questions about the threat a handcuffed suspect might still pose. Nelson has also suggested that bystanders shouting at police might have distracted them from Floyd and made them feel threatened.

Jurors heard several days of testimony from bystanders. Some choked up as they recalled feeling powerless to help Floyd. Some also expressed feeling guilt over his death.

The trial has been a horrifying reminder of human fallenness. Many people are following the proceedings closely. Some worry the outcome will not fit the crime. For others, the trial has been too much to bear. Eyewitness Kyra Walker says she had to tune out and shut down Twitter one day. “I had a moment where I just felt broken,” she says. “I realized I just didn’t have it in me to watch all this.”

(Steven Thompson poses for a picture next to a poster of George Floyd in Los Angeles Friday, April 2, 2021. Thompson is choosing not to watch the televised trial because of an underlying dread of how the trial will play out. AP/Damian Dovarganes)

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Most recent comments


I am sorry to say this, but I really don't think he would care. Maybe on the inside, but he won't say so.

@ Riley D.


@Riley D

Riley, that's nice, but maybe you could do that in private, not public?? "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you." - Matthew 6: 3-4.

@Family P

What is the matter with praying in public? Pastors do it all the time, we do it when we pray for meals, etc. I mean, I can pray out loud just as well as in private. I still have my own little prayer in private. I just wanted to show Christian that I really do care about him even if we are on really bad terms. And I also wanted to set an example to others, because we are all not being very kind at some point or another in this conversation. This was my prayer that minute, but I have other prayers I am praying in my head as well. I personally don't have a problem with praying in public, but if you do that is okay.

@Family P

I really don't want to debate on that just now...

@Family P

Public prayer is not wrong as long as it is done in the right way. Riely seems like she put her prayer on here because she wanted Christian to feel the loving tone from her prayer not trying to boost about it and make us think she is a good person because of it. I get what you are saying but that verse doesn't seem to be referring to this situation. It's kind of like how pastors will sometimes pastors will pray for someone at the front of the sanctuary, it is not being done in a boastful way but including others in the prayer if you understand what I am saying.


Hey so have you done any government in school? I am doing government, and I thought that since you are a good honest debater as far as I can tell, and you like politics a lot, you might be really interested in it. A good book is one called "Exploring Government". Just in case you want to check it out...

@Riley D

I knew something felt off when I was writing my comment, I spelled your name wrong. Sorry!

@Riley D

I knew something felt off when I was writing my comment, I spelled your name wrong. Sorry!


Thank you, that is exactly what I was doing, I had absolutely no thought of boasting.


No problem! Lots of people spell it wrong! No worries!

@Riley D

I will be doing government for school next year so I will look into that book. Thank you for the suggestion!


It's not that you didn't apologize, you immediately afterwards told him that he needed to apologize too, which isn't how to apologize. Thanks for doing your best, and in your situation, I probs wouldn't be much better. XD
Christian (and the rest of us) caused a perfectly reasonable discussion to turn into a fiery, ugly tempest. We are nearly equally to blame because we lost our tempers at what he said. I'm sorry for saying rude things and I think we should have just ignored him when he insulted us. To show that we are angry is one of the worst things to do.
@Family P- I am taking a class from Logos next year. Any tips? I've never taken from them before.

Please everyone. Please.

Please guys, does anyone remember how bad it got on the voting story? This is on its way to getting worse than that!! It's getting a little calmer and I'm trying to help calm it down, but just so you know, this sort of thing is what messes up people's day. I'm on my way to crying because I thought people on here could be kinder. Please everyone, forgive each other! I'm trying hard to not post anything in the heat of anger, once you calm down you are only left with regret! Forgive and move on.. I know it will be hard but please, try. Try your best, and if you can't, and you don't want to post stuff you'll regret, just move on to a different story. Choose a story that's fun! That won't make you angry!

@Asher E

Your welcome! It is written from first of all a Christian point of view, and it has done really well in explaining a lot of things. For each unit there are a couple different options for projects, so you can sort of have your choice. Anyway it has been really good and I have liked it! You get credit for Government and English, and there is a lot of extra reading, I will warn you, but I liked it too there was a lot about T. Roosevelt, Coolidge, Colson, and now Reagan. I have like Colson and Reagan the best.


P.S. Wow it got better in the five minutes it took to write my comment!!!


I actually don't think it is wrong to show that we are angry. Remember the story of Jesus in the temple and how he turned out the moneychanges and sellers? He was very angry. But the important part is not to let the sun go down on our anger. But I do not think it is wrong to be angry. Even God and Jesus get angry.

Oh, also.

Riley, I think showing that you care about Christian even though he's not agreeing with you is a good idea, but let's remember that only God knows the heart of a man, and we can't assume that Satan has a hold of someone's heart. Satan is not the only reason we sin. We also have a sinful nature that we revert to when we lose self-control, which I think most of us were guilty of on this page.
HEY! Whaddaya say we turn over a new leaf. Move on from this distasteful page (don't forget to learn from it tho) and start afresh on some other page where our goal is to love God and love others.


Does it not seem to you that it gets better soon when Christian doesn't come here and post one of his, um, let me say hurtful comments? I will say, people are being sorry and once more I am sorry if I said something wrong and untrue, but once more, I am not sorry for standing up for what is right. And please understand I was trying to be kind at first to Christian, we all were. But some of the words and phrases he used blew us up. But now I am sorry it happened and whatnot. I agree we should move on. But I still think Christian should apologize as well.


Righteous anger is a wonderful thing. However, righteous anger is VERY HARD to have. Most of the time it's just anger. I agree that you should stand up for people.


In my opinion, Satan has a hold on anyone's heart that is purposefully sinning and not turning away from it. Like I understand we have a sinful nature, but we have a conscience that pricks us, and a God that pricks us. It is when we stubbornly refuse to admit we are wrong and sinning that Satan has his chance. He is the father of all evil.

@Everyone who keeps telling Christian to apologize

Do you really think that's going to make him want to? I'm sorry, but it's really not a good tactic. Just pray instead that God will open his eyes or something.

@Caroline M

I am sorry that our discussion made you feel that way. However, I do not regret any of the things that I have said today, I may be very firey but I know not to say things that I will regret. If I may, I would recommend that you take your own advice sometimes, if a conversation is going downhill and making you feel bad maybe you can just go to another article and not look at the comments on the first one.


Yeah I quit telling him, but I am still praying for him to have a change of heart.


I understand what you are saying, but like you said, that's your opinion and you can't really prove it, since... I don't think there's many specific verses on how Satan does it? I could totally be wrong.

@Asher E, Cheylyn D, Aryelle D, Riley D (Lots o' Ds)

Hey, I would just like to thank you guys. Even if some of you lost your tempers, I still really like talking with y'all and I hope this doesn't scar you from WorldTeen (not that I think it will)


Yes you are right it is mostly my opinion and how I understand the Bible and what I get from reading it. And yes I cant really prove it. It is an opinion. One thing I do know for sure is that we will all be judged in the end, and Satan will have people in his hands at that time, but Jesus will utterly destroy Satan at some point, and Jesus will gather all those who truly love him to His heavenly home. Isn't that a great promise?


Yeah lots of D's. Yes I still enjoy talking with you. You know, I think the past year I have been on this website, I have grown and matured in the fact that you have to realize and get along with the fact that not everyone agree with everything that you do. There have been so many times that people don't believe like me, and I have learned to just get on with it. we all have something called an opinion. And having an opinion does not give us the right to attack someone like Christian did, but to grow and learn.


I like World TEEN much better when it is a fun artical, instead of ones like this where they get out of control. But it is still good for us to figure out how to tell people our opinions instead just getting mad at them

@Addie L

The primary reason I stay on this site is because of the great debates so today will not cause me to be scarred in the slightest.


Like asher I am not going to be scarred other than the fact that I am going to pray for Christian, whether he likes it or not. I also pray for President Biden and other Democrats, even though I dislike them. They need prayer, for I feel like their eyes are blinded to what they are actually doing.

Praying in Public

Y'all, I'm not saying that praying in public is wrong, but I feel like (even though he may deserve it) Christian is getting beaten up, and I don't think we should continue on our tirade about him. Ok, you put a prayer for him in public chat, fine, maybe I was wrong in saying to not do that, but I also meant that she should keep praying for him privately. Again, Christian's behaviour is rude and uncalled for, but some people (I won't mention names) have acted as bad as him, then turned on a dime and began ganging up on Christian. We need to alert WORLDteen about his behaviour, but we should back off a bit and let the proper authorities punish Christian as they deem necessary.


@Riley D

I never said you were just everyone, make sure you are not pouring forth foolishness or stirring wrath.

@Addie L

Neato!! Logos Online (are you going to the brick and mortar school?) is an incredibly good school. What class (es) are you taking, and with what teachers?

@Asher E

Yes, I love debates!

@Family P

I did not mean for my prayer to be an insult to him! I meant it for real, and I am still praying for him. And if there comes a time again that he gets on here and says something not appropriate and is being rude again, I will take a stand for what is right, but I am not going to to insult him. And if I did today I did not mean to. I was just very flustered and angry, but believe me, I have settled down quite a bit now. The heat falls as fast as it rises within me.


Oh okay.
@David and Asher: You know I never really was in any debate before I got an account on here, but now I like them too! Just it is better when they stay, uh, a little more clamed down, and if there are the right people putting the right things, and not false info if they can help it. And it someone finds out later they put false info, they need to acknowledge it.


You know guys, I think this debate has been a learning curve for everyone. Yes, there were some very hateful and unnecessary things said on here, but I think we all got something out of it. And now we know how NOT to react if Christian ever starts something like that again. After I keep thinking about it, I almost wonder if he did it to partly make us mad. If this ever happens again, I think we need to stand up for what is right and, Asher, we can be fiery if need be, but please lets not just blow up. I think if this had happened in person there would have been some very bloody noses! XD

to keep it simple

I AGREE!!!!!!!
I need to suck at math more so yeah see yah
Asher, Addie, Riley, I love you guys! (we fam)
I would never leave because of anything negative

@Riley D

Maybe a few hospital visits from the way Aryelle and Cheylyn were talking XD You know what maybe it's a good thing we haven't all met in person. Not that I don't want to, but imagine if we had this debate in person.

@Riley D

Thank you for clarifying that!! And yes, I agree that this has been a learning curve for me/us.

@Christian B

Or, if you think about it, maybe there were people who were trying to fix the unfairness in America. Yes, I agree, the founding fathers weren't perfect. Well, heck yeah! NEITHER ARE WE. If we thought the founding fathers were perfect and that makes everything OK, well, when we find out they WEREN'T, that would be kinda devastating, I guess. But, men are men, and since all men are flawed in one way or another, that makes sense that they didn't get absolutely everything right. But, all things considered, they did a pretty good job. I mean, here we are...

@Christian B, 'sides. Why do tons of people of every race keep flocking here if our country is so racist?

@Asher E

Lol Yeah! I think it would be fun to know you and some others on here in person, but the only problem I could see in us is that our tempers are quite alike, so we might not get along very well! Yeah if that debate was in person, that would have been so scary. But it literally got more like a fight than a debate. But I do love debates.


Wow, i missed all the action. Even though things got a little TOO nasty, i would say Asher and Aryelle had firmer argument points. Christian, Your point is valid too, but refusing to hear the other persons' arguments and not validating their points is mess up. they came up with good responses to your defenses, and your parry was basically the same thing you have been saying the whole time.
Guys, it is good to defend what you believe is right and supports the Bible, UNLESS you are attacking the person. Back off if anger takes over, Cool down. Thank you, Asher and Aryelle for apologizing first!


I'm taking the class online. I am thinking about going to St. Andrew's for college. I may end up going to TN tho. Do you live in Idaho?
Aryelle, I consider you a friend, too!
@Hesperus, I don't know if you noticed, but Christian B isn't really open to information contrary to his opinion. :)

@Addie L

No, I live in Kansas. I'm taking Latin 2, Humanities 1, Biology, and Algebra 1 next year. It'll be my 3rd year with Logos. What classes are you taking? Maybe my sister is in one of your classes. She's taking Humanities A and English 1.

Things got a little out of

Things got a little out of control with the comments.

Debates aren't supposed to

Debates aren't supposed to target other people.

I do not think that the

I do not think that the policeman should have kept his knee on Floyd's neck for so long. Also, all lives matter including black lives. African-Americans have been targeted in American history and I am sure there are still people who target them because of their skin color. We should not ignore the fact that there is racism still out there, but we must all admit we have come far in trying to overcome racism.


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