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Holy Week around the Globe
News Bytes 04/5/2021 39 Comments

Christians in the Holy Land marked Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday this year amid signs the coronavirus crisis is winding down. Religious sites opened to limited numbers of the faithful. But none of the mass pilgrimages usually seen in the Holy Week leading up to Easter took place.

When the Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well, she lamented that the views of the time said worship had to occur in Jerusalem in order to be valid. Jesus comforted her with His words that true worship was not bound to a place. “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship Him. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth,” He said. (John 4:23-24)

That means that even locked doors and pandemic restrictions can’t prevent God’s worship—at Easter or any time.

Last year, Jerusalem was under a strict lockdown. Sacred expressions of worship could be practiced only by small groups. Outside Israel, other nations too have had restrictions on church and worship gatherings. Many are not meeting indoors, even yet. Some which are still require distance between worshipers. But gradually, those restrictions are being loosened.

This year, Franciscan friars in brown robes led hundreds down the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. This route is traditionally considered the path Jesus walked, carrying His own cross. Visitors were allowed into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is built on the site where tradition holds that Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Those who came to worship there were required to be masked and to respect space between themselves and others.

“Things are open, but cautiously and gradually,” said Wadie Abunassar, an advisor to church leaders in the Holy Land. “In regular years we urge people to come out. Last year we told people to stay at home . . . This year we are somehow silent.”

Israel has launched one of the world’s most successful vaccination campaigns, allowing it to reopen restaurants, hotels, and religious sites. But air travel is still limited by quarantine and other restrictions, keeping away the foreign pilgrims who usually throng Jerusalem during Holy Week.

In France, a nationwide 7:00 p.m. curfew forced churches to move Good Friday ceremonies early in the day. Traditional Catholic night processions were drastically scaled back or canceled. But God’s worship is never canceled. Paul and Silas sang His praises in jail. (Acts 16:25) They could do so because of Jesus’ perfect promise as He ascended to heaven, with our reconciliation to God completed. He said, “Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

(Christians carry a cross along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s old city on Friday, April 2, 2021, in recognition of Good Friday. AP/Ariel Schalit)

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Most recent comments


Wow, that's cool!

Second Comment!

That's cool. I just watched the episode of The Chosen with the Samaritan woman yesterday, has anyone else watched The Chosen?

3rd comment

That is interesting!
@Amelia: No, I haven't. Do you like it?
@Everyone: what did y'all do for Easter? We went to a relative's house where a bunch of family came and we hung out there for lunch and through the afternoon till after supper. But I probably gained 20 pounds with all the stuff and desserts I ate!!! XDXDXD (ok maybe not THAT much!)

@ Riley

I woke up at like 4:30 to go to the lakefront to worship at sunrise, then I went to my sisters church. I was home for the afternoon, then my sister's family came over for dinner, then we had some friends over for a hymn sing.
@ Amelia, I have not watched it yet, but my neighbors just gave us season one on DVD so we will be watching it soon.

@ Everyone/ 5th comment!

We went to see our entire family for the weekend. We had an egg hunt, celebrated some birthdays, ate WAY to much food, and sang! It was really fun!
@ Amelia: No, I've never watched it, but my parents have and I'd like to eventually

This is London

Any one watching the chosen season 2!!!! I watched live steam last night

same i am still full from

same i am still full from yesterday ;) i am so glad that people get to come together and celabrate i know i am !!!!!!!!! who else here lisens to music while doing things i like to during school i am home schooled. i really like to play for king and country they are my favorite band you need to lisen to them!!!!!!!!(sorry for the spelling )

may i ask for some prayer for

may i ask for some prayer for my brother he is not saved and is 4 years younger then me and i just worry that he won't be saved. also my whole family is starting to fundraise for a misstions trip to malawi Africa, and my mom has been twice me and my dad have been once and it will be my brothers first time. i really liked teaching the kids ,and i just want god to speak through me.also that my only cousin who is a girl will be able to go we are really close to each other and it would be nice to have her there. and for safety while we are there

i am waching it too !!!!!!!!!

i am waching it too !!!!!!!!! i love it i can't wait for the next episode for anyone who has not seen it you can wach it on youtube.i hope they can get more monye so they can countinue making it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't stpo waching it!!!!!!!!!

@Amelia B


this is mylee

Yes we watched the live stream for season 2 !!!!!!! Happy late Easter guys XD. Our martial arts place had a fun easter thing. WE helped with the easter egg hunts which they had every 15 minuets ! WE had a good friday service and two sunday services !

Off topic lotr joke: What do

Off topic lotr joke: What do you say when you are trying to get to saurons land and keep coming to door after door after door? Mordor! This was my brothers joke, though. @melia b Yes.

Anyone else want to hear more

Anyone else want to hear more jokes?


It’s really good and it seems like they did their research. My church had a Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday services, and I played piano and clarinet on Easter and I volunteered at an Easter egg hunt on Saturday
We watched the live stream last night too
I’m praying and I do listen to music during school, we were supposed to go see a for king and country concert last year but it was canceled due to Covid
Hahaha XD I’d love to hear more

@melia B

What would you call Grima wormtounges master if he repents of his mistakes? Sauramaun! Another of my brothers jokes.

this is mylee

thats sad about your concert.. Some singers we know building 429 my niebors grandson is in it. Jason roy in the band . Also Kari Jobe was my moms friend growing up they had sleepovers together and stuff.

@Jill B

Sure I will pray. You have to remember, I don't know how old he is, but people have conversions at any time in their lives. It is not like you get to a certain age and then can't be converted. I know many people who had their conversion experiences when they were 11, 12, 13, or even 14. SO try to to fret about it, sister, and put it in God's hands. He will work His timing in everything!!
You trip sounds like fun!!! Have a good time! We were supposed to go to Mexico on a mission trip but we had to cancel it because the government is taking FOREVER in getting my brother's passport and we still don't have it... so you could pray that it gets here.


Oh yeah and I do like to listen to music while doing school. Although I am picky... it can only be music without words. If there are words, then my brain tries to focus on the words and I can't focus on school, but if it is just music, then it actually helps me focus better!


That’s so cool!

@ Jill

I HEART FOR KING AND COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll pray! Going to Africa sounds so fun!

@ Riley

I really like listening to LotR music while I'm doing math, usually. Sometimes Star Wars.

This is London

Jill b my cousin and grandma are going to Africa this summer to a camp thing to teach kids


I didn't get baptized until I was 14, so I wouldn't worry about your brother just yet. Wait til he's about 18 and then if he's not saved you can start being concerned. Don't panic, tho. Your brother is in God's hands! :)


Actually, I was almost 15 when I got baptized. Less than a month away.


The best song of the week for me and my brother is Winter Wind by chopin. It is an etude. Go to they have really good songs.

actually it's just: http:/

@Riley D

For me it distracts. I love acting it out.

Personally, the last 30

Personally, the last 30 seconds is the best


Lotr jokes I found on Worldteen comments:
What did Gandalf say when Frodo got a bad grade on his report? YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
Two elves walked into a bar. A hobbit laughed and walked under it.
(My own lotr joke thats actually true) :
Do you know what the word 'camel' is in hebrew? It's gimal. In hebrew, sometimes you add an 'ie' sound for saying the object belongs to you, so you know what Gimli is in Hebrew? My Camel!
(Thought that was a funny weird but true fact XD)

@Desarose S

Where would you go to hear knowledge, and who would you go to to hear tales? Lothlorien and Mithrandir (aka gandalf)

that was mine

that was mine

@Desarose S

Another: What city still used israeli money? Mina's Tirith. Luke 19:11–27

this is mylee

@Addie I got Baptized when i was 6. We don't do cristning. when ever we understand want it means and want to baptized bc we love jesus and want to follow him then we get Baptized.


I think that is kinda how we do it, because I was really little. I don't remember how old, I just remember talking with my parents about how Jesus loves me and about the word Salvation and Jesus dying to save me. But it really just depends. My friend she and her church just wait until they have their conversion experience, and then they are baptized. They grow up in the church and know about Jesus, it is just when He touches their heart.


I don't really get the whole "touched my heart" thing. They say it like it's a life-changing event, and maybe it is, maybe I'm just weird. But for me, it comes pretty frequently. I just realize how.... HUGE and....... AMAZING...... and................................................................................................................................... I have no words. And it's not sudden either, it's like a tide, almost. It ebbs up little by little and then the realization of it makes me want to shout or cry or laugh or do it all at the same time.
I don't know, just me?


Yeah I don't really know. As I have learned EVERY SINGLE PERSON experiences it differently. Some experience it fearfully, others joyfully, some all of a sudden, some as a tide, and there is such a vast array of ways. But the way it happens is not important, it is that it does happen and you accept Jesus when He is knocking at your heart's door. That is what is important.


Was anyone here christened when they were a baby? I know some people who were. Can someone tell me how that works, because I don't really understand.


I might have been, but I have no clue how that works...

we went to Jimmy Swaggart

we went to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries CHurch foe Easter (ya we don't care about covid)

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