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News Bytes 04/2/2021 20 Comments

Today in Top Story: President Biden announces a plan for American infrastructure.


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First Comment!

I just wanted podium, now I'll go watch the video XD

Second Comment!

Did you guys know that out of the $2.5 trillion in this plan only about $600 billion is actually set to be used for infrastructure? This plan is a scam and everyone needs to know it.

3rd comment

I know of some roads in the Twin Cities that need to be fixed... (most of them) XPXPXP

although thankfully i dont

although thankfully i dont live there but was on field trip there yesterday


I haven't watched the video yet but. . . Happy Good Friday everyone!!!! Does anyone wonder why it is called GOOD Friday? I mean, what the soldiers did to Jesus was horrible, right? But it is not what they did to Him that was good, it is what He did for us that was good. He gave up his life and let Himself be hit, mocked, spat upon, kicked, beaten, and thorns shoved on his head. He was beaten within and inch of His life and then made to try to carry the cross to Golgotha. He had nail through his hands and hung on a cross for six hours. All for you and me. THAT is what is good about today. Let's remember what Jesus did for us and thank Him every day for it!
(I will watch the video later when I have time! ;) )


I wish he would spend more on the roads and transportaition becuase this is not going to be enough.

@ Caleb

I agree


The 2 newest articals are both about Biden

@Riley D

Yes, totally. Remember everyone, Easter or other occasions (like christmas) are not about worshipping the easter bunny (it's pagan) or cultural thing, but the resurrection of Jesus.

Has anyone thought it funny

Has anyone thought it funny that a sword is in the shape of a cross?

What Jesus did on the cross

What Jesus did on the cross is the exact opposite of what people used a sword for.

@Alaina H

True although I have never looked at it that way. But they were not fashioned after the cross I mean they had swords way before they crucified people in that way.

True Story...

Here is a story I heard a preacher say on the radio today, although I will try to shorten it a little... He had twin daughters and at least one was prematurely born and weighed only 12 ounces, not even a pound. Something happened and they had to help her heart beat by using just their thumbs because she was so small, and she had needles in both arms, legs and in her head, and tubes in her ears, nose, mouth, and belly button. He and his wife weren't at the hospital at the moment but they rushed back, and when they walked in she was just grey as can be and looked dead. He reached out to touch his daughter and give her comfort (she wasn't even 2 1/2 months yet, 12 ounces) but the doctor grabbed his wrist and stopped him because if even just a little touch could make her have cardiac shock or something like that and basically be fatal to her. So he just had to stand there helplessly and couldn't even comfort her and help his daughter and he heard God speak to him at that moment and He said like "look, this is only a fraction of what I felt when Jesus had to die on the cross. And you have other children, while He was my only Son." And that is so true and God HAD to turn His back on Jesus because if He had looked at Him then he couldn't have helped Himself other than to take Jesus off that cross. As kids it is hard to understand, but parents will understand the thought and picture of their child laying and being the picture of death itself and being helpless and not able to do anything at all. And that was only a fraction of what God felt.
I just wanted to share that will y'all it was such a touching story!

Riley D

Wow! Amazing (2) comments! I am touched deeply. My parents are planning to show me Passion of the Christ this week. Now, I am not a person with a weak stomach but even if I watch a documentary describing Jesus' death and pain...I usually cry. I don't cry for movies often. SO i am kind of nervous. I don't know if i can sit through watching the torture of my Lord and Savior. Can anyone relate to this? It rips my heart out from sorrow.

@Grace D

Yes I can kinda relate. I am a pretty tough girl and don't cry often at all. A year or two ago we watched a film called 'John" and it was Jesus' life throughout John. But it detailed the death and yeah it was very very hard not to watch it and not cry!!!!! I have never watched The Passion though. I have a lot of younger siblings so we usually just do kid friendly Easter movies.


That is a sad story. Wonderful that the father could realize such a thing in the midst of sorrow. Did his daughter end up dead? And is it possible for only one twin to be born at a time? That would be interesting.
I have never watched the Passion of the Christ, and I don't plan on it, because personifications of Jesus usually make me angry... XD


Oops sorry I forgot to put the happy ending! Yes! Both twins are alive today without a single health problem!!!! Sorry about that I can't believe I forgot to add that!


(I am saying this now and y'all can see it tomorrow morning so if you see it tonight just pretend you didn't see it! 'Cause I probably won't be on tomorrow as it being a holiday and we will be busy with family!!!!!)


He is risen!


He is risen indeed!
Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone!

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