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North Korean Missile Tests
News Bytes 04/1/2021 24 Comments

On Tuesday, all 15 members of the United Nations Security Council met to discuss North Korea’s nuclear program and recent missile tests. The tests were a clear violation of U.N. guidelines. Yet Council diplomats disagreed on the need for an official statement condemning the tests. Therefore, the Council took no action. President Biden and his advisors are finalizing their approach to the Asian nation.

Last week, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea in defiance of U.N. resolutions banning such launches. Some experts say the launches, the first of their kind in a year, were meant to pressure the Biden administration.

The March 21 NK missile firings were the first since U.S. President Joe Biden took office. Last Friday, the U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to renew the mandate of U.N. experts. That mandate involved sanctions (penalties) against North Korea. Hours earlier, council members also discussed NK’s latest test firings at a sanctions committee meeting.

Russia’s deputy U.N. ambassador Dmitry Polyansky told a group of reporters “it’s still a time of assessment” of the recent missile tests.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Russia and China both brought up their December 2019 joint resolution. That resolution proposed ending sanctions on North Korean exports such as textiles, seafood, and statues, “with the intent of enhancing the livelihood of the civilian population.” But with the recent missile launches, broad support for that Russia-China proposal seems unlikely.

On Monday, North Korea accused the United Nations of a “double standard” over its reaction to the launches and warned of serious consequences. Senior NK official Kim Yo Jong threatened, “If [the United States] wants to sleep in peace for [the] coming four years, it had better refrain from causing a stink” about the tests. Kim Yo Jong is Kim Jong Un’s sister.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the United States, Japan, and South Korea are united in dealing with the challenges posed by North Korea. He says the recent missile tests confirm the three nations’ resolve “to approach North Korea from a position of strength in order to diminish the threat that it poses to the region and beyond.”

U.N. officials have hit North Korea with increasingly tough sanctions since its first nuclear test in 2006. The latest sanctions in 2017 responded to NK’s first successful tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles—those capable of reaching the United States.

Current sanctions against North Korea ban key exports including coal and the import of an estimated 90 percent of refined oil products—including diesel and kerosene, which are key to its economy. U.N. experts monitoring the sanctions have reported widespread violations by North Korea.

U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield says the Biden administration is looking at “additional actions” that the United Nations might take to respond to the latest tests.

International diplomacy is a delicate balance of meekness and strength. How would you approach negotiations with another nation? What is the biblical approach to difficult discussions?

(People watch a TV showing an image of North Korea’s new guided missile during a news program at the Suseo Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, on Friday, March 26, 2021. AP/Ahn Young-joon)

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Most recent comments

Oh dear Lord PLEASE don't let

Oh dear Lord PLEASE don't let Biden do anything stupid that will cause war with North Korea.

3rd comment

Lord, give the Biden Administration and the leaders of the other countries wisdom during this time. Amen
I sure how nothing crazy happens. But with North Korea you never know...

Third Comment

Man, the combination of Biden as president and North Korea firing missiles is not and good combination

@ Riley D

Whoops I guess you got there first lol

Oh boy

more bombs, more war, and more death, this year is going swell. And also the sentence that said " were meant to pressure the Biden Administration" which is really the Biden Harris Administration, and pretty soon the Harris Administration, because Kamala is going to over through Biden and become president, Great year (not) so far.

this is mylee

things i have in common with Korea. My cousin is from Korea and i take Tae Kwon Do . Umm i don't want war or anything to happen yikes....praying.

This is another R.F.C. (see

This is another R.F.C. (see yesterday article) good grief people the sanctions are kinda unhelpful just making North Korea mad. But taking them off like Russia and China said doesn't seem good either.


oh boy )-;

@ Mylee

Neat! You take Tae Kwon Do! I do karate with my brothers and dad. We're almost green belts, which is the third rank.

@ Mylee

I took Tae Kwon Do to, I am a junior black belt, it took me 6 years to get it.

Hohoho, that's a good one.

Hohoho, that's a good one. *slaps knee* Wow, people, did you hear that? The UN is CRACKING DOWN ON NORTH KOREA. Them North Koreans don't stand a chance now. Especially with those increasingly tough sanctions. Phew. The UN means business, which is business as usual, which is making sure other people's business is their business, and what should be their business, isn't. Score one for UN. They're at it again, and by it, I mean very little.


I do know one thing, at least. North Korea is an evil, evil country. We should do everything we can to make sure they don't get any more power.

@Noah R

It will not be the Harris admin but the Harris Pelosi admin (shudders)

The end times will come! do

The end times will come! do not be caught unawares! Wars, sadness, grief, oppresive goverment is comn.

I liked Trumps Idea of

I liked Trumps Idea of building a wall. It wouldn't help much against missiles but– April fool!

My friend is a Black Belt in

My friend is a Black Belt in TaeKwonDo! Does anyone know that TaeKwonDo means TheWayOfTheFootAndFist?

This is Scary!

God Help Biden through this difficult time! Pence 2024!


@David P: Yes that is very true!
@Justin: Amen brother! We are told to pray for our leaders, so that is what we need to do, even if we don't agree with them!

@Noah R

You too?!? I have a third degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and I have a ton of fun!
You've all heard of a bunch of dummies going around beating up Asians, right? And not just ppl who are weak and old or kids, they're targeting young ppl!!! Unbelievable! Where is the equality in this?!? OUTRAGEOUS!! It almost happened to my sis yesterday, but uhh.... someone helped her get away.
Oh yeah, and to fire you all, there is harsh sexism in the NK army because they want to bring out the strongest. Now, I AM NOT HERE TO PICK A FIGHT, but they also refuse gay and lesbian as well. Sooo.... is it worrisome Biden is letting these ppl in our military?

*inhales sharply*

GREAT! Now everything is gonna be just FINE(!!!) (not!)
Riley D: i agree with your first comment they need prayer!
HESPERUS D:Haha, that is so true that is hurts.
@everyone: the UN was created to RESOLVE problems but now everything is so corrupted that there is no ORDER! GAh! I am not gonna blame Biden for this, because it would be just like blaming Trump and both is wrong. However, Biden and his crew are treading on VERY thin ice right now. If they don't tread lightly and act smart, then the ice is gonna break. NK's government is a very evil. They are trapping their citizens inside their borders. BUT (now this is just my opinion, so please don't get offended) Trump, i think, was acting very smart when he tried to be "friends" with Kim Jong Un. Why? Because if he is sitting there fighting someone who has the power to shoot missiles into their country, then everything is gonna end in disaster. To me, it looked like Trump was making friends with Kim to make peace. Notice how he didn't publicly condemn the NK on tv. I think he did this in hopes the American people (and government) would get the signal "make friends with NK and turn them away from their ways" Because if he talked trash about them, then it wouldn't work. I think he hoped they would get the secret message of what he was REALLY doing. That is what it looked like to me. BUT instead, everyone thought he liked NK's ways and wanted to be buddies. Nope, America..wrong! Now, he did condemn China, but that is because we are very indebted to China and should hurry up and pay them back so we aren't their slaves.


I am a black belt

and also!
This is ridiculous!!!
Ever since Trump went out of office, China and Now North Korea is getting crazy. Did you know that most of the sanctions Trump put on both China and North Korea are being lifted! This is absolute RUBBISH!!!! (see what I did there)
did you guys hear about what is happening with the baseball league in Georgia, its all stupidity!


I haven't heard. What is it? I'm kind of afraid to ask. Is it gender nonsense?


NO they are taking it out 'cause of Georgia changing their voting rules.


I agree.

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