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Biden’s Border Woes
News Bytes 03/31/2021 110 Comments

President Joe Biden is taking heat for his administration’s immigration plan. Some people have suggested that the President’s policies are responsible for the rising number of people seeking to enter the country illegally. Meanwhile, President Biden wants to more quickly move hundreds of migrant children and teens out of cramped detention facilities at the Mexico border.

While the number of migrants approaching the border has been rising for several years, 2021 has seen a new statistic. In recent weeks, the number of unaccompanied minors has dramatically increased. That has strained the ability of Customs and Border Protection to hold them in detention facilities until they can be turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS houses the youths until they can be placed with relatives or sponsors. This gives the government time to decide whether the minors have a legal claim for residency—either under asylum or for some other reason.

The government reports nearly 5,000 children in Border Patrol custody as of last Tuesday. There were an additional 11,551 at HHS shelters.

Last week, reporters at President Biden’s first news conference since taking office pressed repeatedly on the border issue.

The President notes that his administration, like President Donald Trump’s, is expelling most adults and families under a public health order imposed at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. President Biden believes the difference is that his administration is allowing teens and children to stay in the country—at least temporarily.

“The only people we’re not going to let be left sitting there on the other side of the Rio Grande by themselves with no help are children,” President Biden says.

The situation along the U.S.-Mexico border drew more questions than any other subject at the maiden news conference. The issue has become an early challenge for the Biden administration. Recent policies are straining already slim government resources during the pandemic. The new policies include support for new immigration legislation while halting border wall construction.

The volume of attempted border crossings is at the highest level since a spring 2019 surge under former President Trump. And the figures appear to be rising. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently warned the numbers are on pace to hit a 20-year peak.

President Biden hopes to portray the spike as a seasonal problem and not a result of his policies. “It happens every year,” he says.

Security officials stopped more than 100,000 migrants crossing the border in February. Most were single adults. They were quickly turned back. President Biden says the United States is working on the immigration issue with the Mexican government.

Former acting security secretary Chad Wolf suggests President Biden has invited the current crisis. “He took away all of the consequences. At the same time, he began to message that it was perfectly acceptable to come,” he says.

For his part, President Biden condemns the Trump-era requirement that migrants await their asylum claims in Mexico as “sitting on the edge of the Rio Grande in a muddy circumstance with not enough to eat.” He also criticizes an earlier policy of separating children from their families at the border. He argues that it’s conditions in people’s home countries that push them to the U.S. border. He says, “It’s because of earthquakes, floods. It’s because of lack of food. It’s because of gang violence.”

The United States isn’t the only country wrestling with a surge of immigrants and asylum seekers. Border problems worldwide have plagued nations for centuries. What do you see as possible solutions? What do you think a biblical attitude toward immigrants should be?

(Migrants walk on a dirt road after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, in Mission, Texas. AP/Julio Cortez)

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Most recent comments


I agree their are a ton of bad rules made we should still obey them. but also try to get them fixed.

P.S. This is Caro

@Asher E, we were immigrants. Native Americans didn't lay claim to land because it was against their customs, but I personally think that colonization is worse than immegration. Just imagine for a second, you've lived somewhere all your life and then suddenly there are these new people. They "claim" the land you have lived on all your life and then they force you to make peace treaties that they don't follow. They bring deadly diseases. They ask you to move a little farther. And then a little farther until you are on barely liveable lands! Then imagine for the immigrants. Your home is war torn. The president of a place says you can come make a better life for yourself. You pack up and move. Only to be stopped at the border. You are scared and betrayed. I won't argue with you about it though. @Caleb A, yeah! We should get them fixed.


I agree that the whites moving to America didn't do it in the most moral way, but we can't change it now, so we just have to learn from it.
I have decided my opinion on this. I think that immigrants should be let in. HOWEVER. They should become citizens. There are many (socialist) laws in this country that are meant to "benefit" citizens, but non-citizen immigrants also benefit from them. This is bad because they don't have the rights as citizens to claim the benefits of things like food stamps.
Don't get me wrong, I feel really bad for people that live in countries with unrest, and I think they should get out and get to a safe place. But I also think that we need to protect the general integrity of the US as much as we can, and letting people in and paying for their food without them being citizens is NOT encouraging honesty.


My sister agrees with you, and I see your point.


I do feal like we need to help them just there are better ways.

P.S. This is Caro

@Addie L, yes, I agree they should become citizens, but first they have to get here. And sometimes they need to get back on their feet before they can become citizens.

The problem with illegal

The problem with illegal immigrants is that though most of them may be good, there will most likely be a few bad guys in there. Letting illegal immigrants in can be harmful for other people.


1. That is not immigration therefore you are wrong on that point right off the bat.
2. I understand that it was against the Indians' customs to claim the land but that still puts the colonists behind a legal veil. You cannot say that what they did wasn't legal because it was legal no matter how wrong it was.
3. You act like the Indians were living in a peaceful utopian society before colonization which they weren't. The different tribes were constantly at war and killing many people from the other tribes.
4. Where does the border come into this discussion?
5. What makes you think that you need to be on your feet to become a citizen?

@Addie L

Immigrants need to go through the legal process before they come into the country, after that they can become citizens. We can't let them in before they go through the legal process. The fact of the matter is that there are lots of criminals in these caravans and they need to be checked before they cross the border.
I am not saying that they are all criminals (other than illegal border crossing) but you cannot ignore the fact that many of them are.

P.S. This is Caro

@Asher E, 1, the immigration part was the second imagine this. 2, I never said that Native Americans were living in a utopian society, but neither was Europe. 3, It was legal to the immigrants but not to the Natives. 4, some of these people might be starving, and they can't focus on learning English until they are fed, and they will be worrying about their families being deported at first. 5, please don't say to anyone, that they are just wrong. That is their world view and it is shaped by how they grew up. For me I grew up in China, and I saw people begging on the streets. That shaped my worldview. My best friend there told me that her grandmother made a total of 100 Chinese
dollars (the equivelent of $15) that she could use on stuff for herself. That was when her grandmother bought us a ton of snacks. I celebrated Chinese
New Year and not Labor Day. I celebrated the Moon Festival. So all those things shaped my worldview.

This is Caro

P.S. And I didn't celebrate the Forth of July when we were in China.


Your worldview does not mean that you can bypass facts. By the definition of immigration what you are saying is objectively false so I am correct when I say you are wrong, I am not saying anything about you as a person but I am saying that you are ignoring the facts,
The Indians didn't even have a legal system so it wasn't illegal to them either.
Worldview does not trump objective facts you can't use it to debate over facts.

P.S. This is Caro

@Asher E, I am going to leave this comment chain, do not think I'm running though. It is just too negative for me.

@Asher E

I agree with what you meant, but you're not saying it in a way that makes me want to agree with you. I'm not saying you're being nasty, but you aren't being very welcoming. Just remember this wise, wise saying (that I got from a citizenship book XD) "Convince a man against his will; He's of the same opinion still"
I just thought I would pass that on to posterity, assuming, of course that you are younger than me. (Not a very safe assumption)

@Addie L

Sorry if it comes across that way. I have a passion for facts and it really bothers me when people straight up ignore facts, especially the definitions of words, when they are debating. Also, I don't remember if you have said your age on here before but I don't think you are much older than I am, if at all.

*inhales deeply*

I think that no one should come to this country illegally. Illegal is illegal. But I also agree with Addi, some laws are stupid and some taxes arent reasonable. like the fact that we have trillions of dept and we still keep on borrowing money. We should obey the law, but we should try to change them. Let's be honest, a lot of the politicians we have in office are corrupt and only think about themselves. Like Kamala, first of all, shes not black, she's Jamaican and Indian, she says Biden is racist one day then she shakes hands with him to become the vice-president, hmmmmmmmm anyone? The borders thing is Biden's fault, and I'm not saying that because I'm a republican, it's the fact that he SAID that he would have an open border policy, which had many immigrants waiting at the border for the moment he got inaugurated. So he brought this problem upon himself (even if he is just a puppet for the Democrats) and all the other politicians in office.
@Caro- I'm part Native-American, but Im also African-American, so would that mean indifferent since some of my ancestors were already here and some of my ancestors were forced here with no choice??? hmmmmmmmmm....... that's a good question, cause I also have Irish in me too.


I agree with Addie to not convince people against their will but I do agree with you that facts are good and people should listen to facts. But if they do not want to listen to facts, don't try to force them to and change their thinking. That is what I like about debate. You can listen to the other person's opinion but you don't have to change yours unless you want to. But their ideas give you something to think about, but you don't have to follow them. Is this making sense? But yes I like have plain true facts before me, I understand that. Also I think I know Addie's age but I won't say it, I will let her decide that. From the way you talk I am going to guess you are about my age. Addie and I are pretty close. I will just say that I think I am one of the older kids on here.

in the way liberals' say it

HOW DARE YOU assume my age! I feel like a 20-year-old so, now I am. HA! take that, I'm older than all of yah! You babies (just kidding, not trying to offend anyone [if you are offended your a snowflake] so sorry, not sorry)

@reyelle D

You remind me of someone just the way you said that comment.

@Riley D

I'm prob. the younger though.

@David P

Okay. If you listen closely to how people talk and word their comments and spell things, it gives you a hint about their age. you can tell if they are younger or an older teen that is more mature. It is kinda fun to guess how old everyone is! Of course, I am probably way wrong...

@Riley D

Why, how old do you think I am? :)

@Aryelle D

Ikr. It seems now you could be a dog now, if you think that's what your calling in life is. Lol. I know for a fact that we do have some animal people living in our country...we generally call 'em politicians. Jk. XD.

@Riley D

Give me a guess, I'll tell you if you are wrong or right

@Riley D

How old would you guess that I am?

@David P

I should remind you of the best person in the world by that comment j.k. (or am I........)

Imma guess everyone


@Aryelle D

You were close, I am 14.

your wrong I am older

your wrong I am older


I need to listen to my first intuition. I thought for Asher 14.5 but I changed it to 15
I suck at this

@Aryelle D

I will be 15 in just over 3 months so you are not far off at all.


Does that mean you are a July baby? what day then, I'm the 16th

@reyelle D

? I don't get what u are saying in that first comment about the best person in the world. Anyway, thanks for the compliment about my age, but you got it wrong. You probably shouldn't be guessing anyway.

@David P

you said after my comment on being 20 that I " remind me of someone just the way you said that comment." so that's why I said that I remind you of the best person to comment. (I was kidding)

My guesses

Hesperus: 13
Asher: I had thought 15, so I wasn't too far off
Addie: 17
Aryelle: 14
Caleb: 14.5
Is there anyone I missed?
@Asher: I am older then you.

My guesses

Oh I missed David. Um, 13?


you got me

@Aryelle D

I'm the 13th

@Riley D

I'm guessing you are 15? If you don't want to say that is fine.

@Riley D

Please stop this conversation, I am NOT going to say my age, Nor should anyone else.

@David P

You can keep your age private and I have no issue with that. However, you have no power to tell any of us not to share our ages and I ask that you let us make our own choices on that.

@Aryelle D

Nope. That's not it. But if you do happen to guess it, I'm not sure if I should confirm or deny it...

@Riley D

Lol, ouch, do I really sound like it? XD. Nope. Nice try tho.

@Asher E

I agree with you, as long as we don't share our info about where we live specifically(like our address and such) and don't give inappropriate info out. That's our human right to free speech, we will not pressure anyone on giving their personal info, because we all respect each other (or at least should) I was having fun. TBH I have been alone for the past year during quarantine, a lot of the friends I thought I had, disappeared on me. Thankfully I have this and I can comment with other peps who share the same belief system as me. I am able to see other people's interests and I can do something else every day besides playing games and reading.
IDK that's my opinion


I don't really care about peeps knowin my age, it's not like anyone would kidnap me since I'm in my house 24-7(if anyone did then oop oh well, my time was up, anyways then)
and no one knows where I live anyways so, whatever.


True, I do agree. But with the growing danger of internet, I would not deem it wise .


I'm so proud of my apparent maturity!!!!! I'm laughing very hard on the inside. Everyone guessed that I am older, but Asher, I AM older than you!!!!!!!!!!!! (So proud of myself right now) xD XD XD XD XD
I will say how old I thought everyone was before I guessed based on their guesses.
Caleb- 12
Addie- Oh, wait.... Here's a hint: I am as old as Jo March in the beginning.
Asher- 15
Aryelle- 15/16
Riley- 14/15
David- 13
Hesperus- 14
Aryelle, I apologize for thinking you were less than 20, please don't take me to court. XD I don't have enough money saved up.
David P, thank you for your concern. :)
Asher, your comment in response to David asking to end the conversation was a bit harsh. :) Friendly reminder, just because your first instinct is to be fiery about something doesn't mean that's just the way you are and you don't have to do anything about it. That would be like someone saying, "Welp, I'm a cheater, a gambler, a murderer, and a filcher, what can I do about it. It's instinct." Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't bother to say that if I didn't think you would be able to do it. :) And I'm NOT saying be a doormat. I do NOT like doormats and I HATE it when I have to be one.... (trying to remember when I've ever been a doormat....) I'm doing this to help out.
ALSO. On this note, if I ever sound harsh or rude, etc. Could someone tell me? I'm using this as my guinea pig site for debates. I come from a long line of hot-tempered, red-haired, opinionated people, and while my mom's side is a good diluter, it's not quite enough to quench the fire of my dad's side...... I scratch your back, you scratch mine, or vice versa, I can't remember the original order of that saying....
Gosh, I'm still really pumped that you guys thought I was older than I am! XD I'm glad I sound older. (Even if in real life I'm not)

Oh, also.

I think that as long as you don't share information that will disclose your location, you're good. Especially if you're a kid who is most likely on a computer/other mobile device that doesn't have important info on it, like social security numbers or whatever. But, different parents have different rules, and that's ok. :) I never could get my parents to let me ride my bike down our street...

@Addie L

Ok, you are older than me. But not by much. I did my research and discovered your age. For all who are too lazy to do the research...... too bad, I'm not going to just tell you XD
Ok, all jokes aside, I understand what you are saying and I will do my best to follow your advice, but I want you to know that most of the things I say on here are already toned down either a bit or a lot depending on the comment. I appreciate you looking out for me and I will do the same for you. If you ever seem harsh or offensive I will tell you, but I have a very high threshold for what feels harsh to me so it probably wouldn't stop you from hurting the feelings of some others on the site.

@Asher E

Actually, I forgot to mention that my birthday is coming up soon. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on the same date as me, just MANY years before. XD
Thanks! I understand about the high threshold. Anybody here more easily offended? (Don't raise your hand if you don't like me saying that a certain leader in our country is a demented old man) (That's too easy)


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