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Former President Trump Acquitted
News Bytes 02/16/2021 225 Comments

Former President Donald Trump was acquitted on Saturday of inciting the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol (see Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol). If former President Trump had been found guilty, it would have been the first-ever conviction of a current or former U.S. president. It was also the first impeachment trial of a former president.

Around a month after the riot, the Senate gathered to deliver its verdict. National Guard troops continued to stand their posts outside the Capitol.

The House of Representatives had impeached President Trump on the charge of incitement of insurrection one week after the riot. Within another week, President Biden was inaugurated, putting President Trump out of office. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent the article of impeachment to the Senate days later. That began the impeachment trial.

House prosecutors argued that former President Trump was the “inciter in chief.” They say his violent words and false claims unleashed the mob.

Former President Trump’s lawyers argued that his words were not intended to stir up violence. They say the impeachment was a “witch hunt” meant to prevent him from serving in office again.

The senators were sworn in as jurors for the trial. They promised to deliver “impartial justice.” They ended with a vote of 57-43 in favor of conviction. Seven Republicans joined all 50 Democrats to convict. But the vote fell short of the two-third majority, or 67 votes, needed to find former President Trump guilty. Most Republicans voted to acquit. They doubted that the former President was fully to blame or that impeachment was the right response. Some felt it was unconstitutional to try a president who had already left office.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell is one of those who voted to acquit. He says former President Trump could not be convicted because he is no longer president. But afterwards, Senator McConnell pointed to the former President as bearing responsibility for the insurrection.

Impeachment trials are rare. Only three presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump—the only one to be twice impeached. None of them were convicted.

God changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. — Daniel 2:21

(Republican senators and staff talk during the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on February 13, 2021. AP/Senate Television)

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Most recent comments

@ Christian

Yeah I do think all lives matter but that was in response to blm not covid. But I will make my case anyways. Death is part of the circle of life, and it happens to everyone at one point or another. You know locking nursing homes down is not what all seniors want. I know several people who would rather see their family and die from covid than be locked up unable to see anybody for five months before dying. How is that fair to those people.


it's not death it's how those people died. Unfairly. Just think if ALL lives matter then people shouldn't be getting shot for no reason, racism wouldn't be a thing, and people wouldn't look at skin color. So ALL lives already matter all lives but black lives don't seem to.

@ Christian

So if I didn't see color that would be a good thing right?


most definitely

@ Christian


@Christian B

I wore a mask every time I was around people during the quarantine. And yet I was the FIRST ONE in my family to get covid!!!!! I personally think that wearing a mask is more of an image than an actual help. Not to say they are useless. They are good for masking bad breath. XD
If there was a virus that was spread by touching people (which there is) and your mother had it and you were the only one who could help her, would you listen to the government when they tell you to not touch your mother? What if touching her was the only way to save her life? You're telling me that you would give up your mother's life because you want to listen to the government that doesn't have the right to tell you what to do??? The government isn't GOD. Even if masking is what is best for the public, they don't get to tell us what to do! They aren't our king! In China, the government WELDED people into their apartments. Oh, but it was for the safety of the public, so it's ok. NO. Those people couldn't go to the store or go to work! How did they provide for their families?? Are you saying we should give the government the power to do that? If you are saying they should be allowed to make us wear masks, then what would stop them from welding us in our houses?? We have to preserve our rights!
All lives matter, therefore, MY life matters, and I get to live it the way I want to. Do you know anyone that thinks that skin color actually matters? Personally? I don't. I live in the South, which supposedly has a lot of racists. I have black friends. I have NEVER seen evidence of racism other than on the news.
You told Sarah it would be better if she didn't see color. Do you realize how hard your life would be without color? You're saying that God made a mistake in giving us perception of color, or that he shouldn't have made people with different skin color. If you don't think that, then stop saying things that make you sound like that is your opinion.

@ Christian

How is it just black lives that don't seem to matter? Because now they are changing objective Truth to be whatever they want it to be. They are gonna start telling math teachers that you can't have a right answer so therefore you can't mark someone wrong because having a correct answer is white and supremist. Do you know how absurd that sounds? It's just completely ridiculous.

@Sarah F

They are actually trying to do that and it is crazy.


As someone who loves math, that is ridiculous! If we lose math, then science will fall apart! Of course, Christians know that Truth is real. God is a God of Order. He gave us mathematics as a thing of beauty. In math, it's either true or not true and it doesn't rely on color.


it's people like you that keep this virus around. ME ME ME it's always all about you


beacuse if you don't see color you treat everyone equally and you dont pre-judge


have you ever got pulled over because your black? has your family member ever been shot just because? you guys have no idea what we go through. the police shot a guy in the back 7 TIMES they already arrested him.

@ Christian

Wasn't that the guy whose wife had a restraining order against him and had full custody of her kids? If so I'm pretty sure that guy ran away from the police and was shooting at them, after being in a car with his kids, who he wasn't allowed to see without someone else being there.

@Christian B

I must say, I had no idea you were black!
Anyway, I am pretty offended that you think I am selfish. I have done my part. I wore a mask. I washed my hands. I stayed away from people that I love very much and probably won't live much longer! I got covid and got over it. What more do you want me to do? The virus is nearly over. We have the vaccines. Most people have had it. Sure, people have died from it, but people die from cancer and flu and heart problems. People die from obesity!! People make bad choices and then guess what, people die. It's sad. But it's still a part of God's plan and he works all things out for the good of those who put their faith in him.
Also, none of my family has been shot just because, but there have been plenty of white people that were shot for no reason. I understand that some black people suffer from prejudice, but you aren't the only ones and it's selfish of you to think that you are. People all around the world are suffering. Think about people in North Korea. They aren't black, and yet they are suffering more than you can imagine!
Are you saying that God made a mistake in giving us perception of color? Seeing color doesn't change that we are not perfect. We still sin. People would be treated differently even if we couldn't see color.
I seriously want to know what you want us to do about people who don't like black people. What about people like you that don't like white people? Or people who don't like Asian people? We can't tell them to change their opinion because we aren't in charge of them.

@Addie L

A recent example of a white person who got killed for no reason was Ashli Babbitt.

I think people shouldn't care

I think people shouldn't care what other people look like! They aren't in charge of what color skin they have. People are born white, so they are white. People are born black, so they are black. It's not their fault. They shouldn't care what they look like. No one should. God created each and every one of us humans are different and unique. It's a gift to be black. It's a gift to be white. It's a gift to be Chinese. It's a gift to be Asian. EVERYTHING is a gift from the Good God Almighty. EVERYTHING except for sin. Sin is a curse. Covenant is a curse. Judgement is a curse. Looking down on someone just because they are black, white, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Asian, or African is a curse. Just because someone doesn't meet your expectations doesn't give you any right AT ALL to judge them. The Lord put everyone on this earth for a reason. He put Hitler here on this earth for a reason, not for His reason, but He knew what would happen. He knew what Hitler would do. God put me, you, her, him, they, and them on this Earth. Now, accept what God gives you. Love His creations.

this is mylee

Too above i think all lives matters and unborn babies too. I think there is no difference in skin color it doesn't do anything. Think about Beauty and the Beast or hunch back of notra dame its the heart that matters not apperence. I love black ppl and know lots of ppl who do too. Lots of ppl die unfarley black and white. If you keep saying ohh black ppl are mistreated and nobody likes them or the same with white ppl. Think again all ppl can be mistreated. God made us with different color skin for a reason mostly cause the weather we live in or our ansestors. Christian B no offense but what you said to Addie L was mean. Lets not be mean on here anybody plz...

this is mylee

p.s. everone is brown just diffrnt shades

@ Mylee

Very true!


I would just like to say to anyone who cares: (I am not responding to a certain argument, I am just putting this out here)
Black people are not the only victims of racism nowadays. White people are starting to be too because the government doesn't want to be racist.
For example. A bill was passed the other day that says that if an ethnic minority (black, asian, or hispanic person) in certain situations goes into debt, their debt will be forgiven 120%. Which means that if they go into debt for $10,000, the government will forgive their debt and pay them $20,000.
But guess what! If you're white and you go into debt for $10,000, you get NOTHING. You LOSE. Good DAY sir.
(Mike drop) (Name that movie XD)

This is London

I think it’s silly how everyone was going crazy over BLM . riots and stuff like come on All lives matter and unborn lives matter to

@ Addie

That is true... however... they shouldn't show favoritism like they are all of a sudden to the dark skinned. PEOPLE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS... WE ARE OF ONE BLOOD. WE ARE ALL RELATED. OUR GREAT-SOMETHING-GRANDPA ADAM IS EVERYONE'S GREAT-SOMETHING-GRANDPA. It don't matter who you are or what you look like because no matter how much you try to escape the truth, we are ALL related.

P. S. Sorry if I offended

P. S. Sorry if I offended anyone. Let me know, please, so I won't do it again.

@ Christian

I don't just pre-assume about black people. If I'm sitting in the car while my dad is filling up the gas tank I'm wary of all guys in general not just black guys.

My two cents

I will try to keep this short... God made EVERYONE. We are all just differnet shades of brown. People should not judge other PERIOD, and especially on their skin color. One of my mom's best friends is black. She is super sweet. I know a lot of fun, nice, black people. So just love everyone just how they are. It is not your skin color that will get you to heaven. It is not how smart you are, or how pretty you are, or how many friends you have, or if you get all A's on your school tests! It is what your heart is like on the inside!!!


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