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Former President Trump Acquitted
News Bytes 02/16/2021 225 Comments

Former President Donald Trump was acquitted on Saturday of inciting the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol (see Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol). If former President Trump had been found guilty, it would have been the first-ever conviction of a current or former U.S. president. It was also the first impeachment trial of a former president.

Around a month after the riot, the Senate gathered to deliver its verdict. National Guard troops continued to stand their posts outside the Capitol.

The House of Representatives had impeached President Trump on the charge of incitement of insurrection one week after the riot. Within another week, President Biden was inaugurated, putting President Trump out of office. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent the article of impeachment to the Senate days later. That began the impeachment trial.

House prosecutors argued that former President Trump was the “inciter in chief.” They say his violent words and false claims unleashed the mob.

Former President Trump’s lawyers argued that his words were not intended to stir up violence. They say the impeachment was a “witch hunt” meant to prevent him from serving in office again.

The senators were sworn in as jurors for the trial. They promised to deliver “impartial justice.” They ended with a vote of 57-43 in favor of conviction. Seven Republicans joined all 50 Democrats to convict. But the vote fell short of the two-third majority, or 67 votes, needed to find former President Trump guilty. Most Republicans voted to acquit. They doubted that the former President was fully to blame or that impeachment was the right response. Some felt it was unconstitutional to try a president who had already left office.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell is one of those who voted to acquit. He says former President Trump could not be convicted because he is no longer president. But afterwards, Senator McConnell pointed to the former President as bearing responsibility for the insurrection.

Impeachment trials are rare. Only three presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump—the only one to be twice impeached. None of them were convicted.

God changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. — Daniel 2:21

(Republican senators and staff talk during the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on February 13, 2021. AP/Senate Television)

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Most recent comments

@ Sarah

I know this wasn't directed to me but...Trump didn't try to be polite or kind to anyone who didn't agree with him. He was rude, which is never a good thing even in politics, especially in politics. By being that way he made some people dislike him even more, which stirred up ill-feelings. He was impolite, and being impolite is always bad. Sorry if that was offensive. Also, please respect the Comment Rules please.


the Comment Rules was for everybody, not just you.

@ bethy

I'm sorry for not being respectful. But I still don't understand how the nation being torn apart is all on Trump. I am not trying to discredit what you said, and will even acknowledge that he had a part in it , but I don't think you can blame this all on Trump.

@Christian B

Idk where you're coming from on this whole Trump thing, but while yeah, he was kinda abrasive sometimes, (and as Ben Shapiro says, he doesn't have a bit of oops in his body over the dumb things he said) and he was pretty quick to tweet things that didn't help his situation, he did SO much for our country. He made other countries RESPECT ours again. You wonder why one of the jokes says, "Joe Biden, make America decent again" ...?

@N&M A and Sarah F

Thank you. I appreciate that.


it was the kkk and the white supremacist groups that were rioting and may i add a buncha people storming the white house??!?!? WHERE WAS THE TEAR GAS AND THE RUBBER BULLETS? they just let them go. but blm peaceful protests there were millions of arrests and deaths why? plz explain that


100% agreed

To Above

Where are you getting that info?

@ Christian

I only think you said one thing wrong with your comment: "blm peaceful protests. I am not going to say any thing about the capitol riot, how can you say the blm RIOTS were peaceful? I really don't understand that. They were destroying government and private property, throwing bricks through store windows of innocent bystanders, for what reason? Because George Floyd died at the hands of a police. which by the was only using a tactic they were trained to use. Also he was saying " I can't breathe" before he was in the cop car. i am not trying to attack you personally, but I do think you should acknowledge that the protests were not peaceful, and I acknowledge that what happened at the capitol was a riot.

@ Sarah & Hesperus

I'm not saying it was all Trump's fault. I'm just saying he didn't conduct himself kindly, which stirred up bad feelings, if that makes sense. I personally don't think Biden was very polite either, but at least he isn't (as much) being extremely rude and disrespectful to people. (Thought I'm sure at times he has done, I personally think.) Seems like hardly anybody is nice is politics nowadays. But I personally don't agree with Trump being impeached. I agree way more with Trump's morals than Biden's. People got carries away with stuff and that made everybody blame each other.

@ Bethy

Thank you for saying that.


I'm sorry but yeah, Trump says things without thinking but at least that means he is honest. Why would you guys defend Joe Biden who is not only rude but RACIST! Biden has said many things about the black community that is racist. And I have plenty of proof and I am not just saying because I want to. Trump has done SOOOOOO much for the black community that is mind-boggling. Did you know that he let thousands of black men out for petty crimes that racist judges wrongfully sentenced them with (for example; stealing a donut and you get 20 years of prison). And COME ON if you say that the BLM protests were not violent then something is definitely wrong with news reports. I am from Las Vegas and saw that the so-called PEACEFUL BLM protests were horrible. They were lighting things on fire, beating innocent Bystanders, and much more. I am so sad that I have to live in this country right now as an AFRICAN AMERICAN female. They have made us each vividly aware of the other skin tone. They have degraded Caucasian people and treated them like scum. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!! if anyone dies for something wrong we should fight for them. Not Just George Floyd who (during his autopsy) was found with drugs in his system and was fighting the police before they had to get their hands on him to detain him. I am not trying to be rude but this is honestly how I feel about this situation.
P.S I am not new, I just usually don't comment my opinion


wait a minute putting your knee in someone's neck is a TATIC?!? when someone says i can't breathe please stop THE POLICE KEPT HOLDING DOWN AND THAT'S A TATIC?!?!?!?! what if George floyd was white? and u said blm "riots" were destroying government property? what about raiding the CAPITAL?!?! u guys like to overlook things so what you do LOOKS right. you even said imm not gonna talk about the capital. So you can't talk about the capital but you and talk about blm?

@ Aryelle D

I am not trying to defend President Biden, I am merely trying to follow the Comment Rules and be polite an respectful, and try to view both sides, even if I don't agree with one. I don't personally like President Biden very much, but I don't want to go around being rude about him.
P.S I think your name is really pretty! :)

@ Aryelle D

I am not trying to defend President Biden, I am merely trying to follow the Comment Rules and be polite an respectful, and try to view both sides, even if I don't agree with one. I don't personally like President Biden very much, but I don't want to go around being rude about him.
P.S I think your name is really pretty! :)

@Christian B

First. You know that there was only a small amount of people who "rioted" and BLM had thousands. Second, the people who rioted were hired by BLM after further investigation. Third you very rude in addressing Sarah. Fourth George Floyd was fighting the police officers and was high off of drugs. As someone who has family members (cousins, grandmother, and others) who are drug addicts, they have a certain way they act when they are high, and his autopsy said that they were drugs in his system. Fith the knee on the neck is a maneuver they do in Police training, my friend's dad is a police officer. Sixth CHRISTIAN B you are saying statements that the news said, but with further investigation is not true. Just because the news says it doesn't mean it is true. Think before you speak. Ignorance is what a lot of people have these days. Don't add to the numbers, educate yourself.

@Bethy S

I never specifically said you but I get what you are saying, you first need to learn the other side's opinion before you can truly have a debate with them.
And thank you everyone usually says my name wrong




Yes, I have heard of that did you know that they are allowing men to play in women's sports? Because of that, a match in women wrestling had a fight between a transgender guy and a girl. The girl had her skull crushed. LIKE CMON HOW IS THAT FAIR. Scientifically men have more muscle mass than women do. If a male and a female both started to exercise and do the exact same things the man will get more muscle than the women. I can't believe that they are making this more legal, it's not even fair

@ Above


As a girl, I am very offended

As a girl, I am very offended by this "equality" that is NOT FIAR and as a girl, I DO NOT WANT a MAN in the GIRLS locker room. That is EVIL I mean HELLO?!?! WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH PEOPL

What on earth is going on in

What on earth is going on in this nation

I so want to scream rn

I so want to scream rn

@ N&M


@ Christian

i think Aryelle defended my point about the tactic very well, so thank you Aryelle. I specifically said capitol RIOT, and am not trying to excuse what happened at the capitol, I said i only thought you misstated one thing and that was, " blm peaceful protests." I chose to not try to defend what happened at the capitol because it WAS a riot, and I will say again, what happened at the capitol WAS a riot.

@ N&M A

That is disturbing and wrong on so many levels.

@ Christian

All I would like you to acknowledge is that the blm protests were not peaceful, and were riots.


lol i say info i got from the news and u say info that u got from trump AND the news

@ Christian

You do know that the democrats have control over the media so whatever the news says is what the democrats want it to say.

@Christian B

Ohhh so that's how it's going to go down eh? I didn't get my info from trump. PFFT! I'm not that dumb to believe what one person says and thinks is a fact. I have spent hours upon hours looking up video proof, statements, reports, and documents that the Whitehouse has that are public. NOT ONE thing I have said has come from the news to my mouth. I have processed analyzed searched, researched, and much more. As an African American female, I enjoy showing people that African American people are not all that ignorant and seeing them look at me with disbelief. I am insulted that you assumed that I was as ignorant as you. Usually, I am not a mean person but I am insulted by the statement you have made so I had to give this post in response.

@Christian B also...

The way you commented was like a dumb teenager. You insulted me and then hid behind your laugh so that you looked as if you were joking. hmmm didn't think I would see that huh?


No prob, as a very educated woman, I just learn and then teach.


My opinions relating to these matters:
1. Trump is rude
2. Biden is polite
3. Trump is not responsible for the works of the American people
4. Biden is not responsible for the works of the American people
5. The protest at the Capitol by Republicans was wrong
6. The protests by BLM and other Democrats were wrong
7. The news is always biased
8. Trump, Biden, and the news are liars
9. Transgender is a social construct and a disgrace to America
10. The police that killed George Floyd has payed the price for his mistake. He should have considered the pleas of the man, even though, had I been in his position, I might have done the same, regardless of the color of the person's skin.
11. The media is controlled by the left because the owners of Big Tech are Democrats. Whether that is good or bad, I leave to your discretion.
@Christian B- I would like you to know that as a Democrat, if you dare contradict Aryelle in any way, you will by your own terms be committing racism AND sexism at the same time.

Biden has a nice smile, but

Biden has a nice smile, but he doesn't tell what he is really going to do.
Trump let's everything out (which sometimes is good, and sometimes is bad)


My observations and the results of many hours of research:
Trump is the most trustworthy person in politics
Biden is racist and senile
Trump never incited violence
Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and many other Democrats have incited much violence over the last year
News is all biased but right-wing news holds up better against the facts
A Democrat will never admit that they are wrong even if they have clearly lost the debate
You are responsible for your own circumstances
George Floyd had enough fentanyl in his system to kill a horse according to doctors
The people who broke into the capital were blm people trying to smear Trumpers
The blm guy who organized the break-in was paid off by CNN
The election was stolen
Democrats oppose the voting reform in swing states because they won't be able to cheat in the next election

Ok that is my rant for the day

@ Asher E

Where were you searching for hours ?

@Asher E

Look, I understand wanting to stand up for Trump because you're a Republican and all, but Trump is NOT trustworthy! Sure, he did do what he said he would do, and if that is the trustworthiness YOU are talking about, great! You're probably right. But if you're talking about general information releasing, NUH UH. I wouldn't bet anything on what he tells the public about what other people are doing unless they come up behind him and confirm it. Sure, he gets what he set out to do done, but he's still a liar. But then, I think we're defining 'trustworthy' differently, so this could all be for nothing...
Also, you say that Democrats can't admit when they are wrong, and that's not true. I understand that most of the time when you talk about Democrats, you are referring to the political powers, but since you don't say that in every article, it's easy to assume you are speaking of everyone on the left. It seems to me that you have a hard time admitting that Trump was wrong about things

About George Floyd: I hope what you say is right, but which doctors are you referring to? I assume they are doctors that have been silenced by the media.
The people who broke into the capitol were Republicans. If they had been BLM, they would probably have been more violent, considering.... I dunno... CA?? This is an example of you not wanting to admit that Republicans do wrong. I have not seen any reason to believe that those people weren't Trump supporters.
I am going to put what I say next in a different comment, because it is in a different tone.


I agree that there was fraud. However, since the SCOTUS refused to take the case, it hasn't been proved that it would have swung the election. I TOTALLY AGREE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE, IF NOT LIKELY!!! BUT. Our constitution says innocent until proven guilty, and therefore, abiding by the CONSTITUTIONAL law of the US, I am saying that we shouldn't go around saying things that haven't been proven EVEN THOUGH I AGREE WITH YOU!
And your last statement is one that I agree with entirely and I think some Republicans are against the reform for the same reason. The only reason I can think of for them opposing transparency of voting is to cheat! There is no other reason! That is really, really bad.

@Addie L

I am not saying that they were all blm I am just saying the ones who broke the windows were. There was a man there who was known blm.
What I said about debating democrats is part of my experience as I have been in dozens of political debates in the last few months and even when I have debunked many things that people have said using proven facts they still won't admit that they are wrong. I have not had a single discussion where a dem admitted that they were wrong.
I haven't seen any examples of Trump lying during his presidency.
About George Floyd: The news got to where I live before it got censored. I live within 20 miles of the hospital where he died. Soon after that, it was covered up.

@Franz R

All of that stuff has been thoroughly investigated by me.

I trust Trump more than I

I trust Trump more than I trust Biden. Actually, I don't trust Biden AT ALL, remember the fracking thing? I literally saw videos of him saying WE WILL BAN FRACKING and the next clip WE WILL NOT BAN FRACKING. He already destroyed thousands of jobs. Biden doesn't have any respect for women if he's going to allow MEN into the women's bathroom. I don't care what he says, at least Trump stopped all of that for a while.

@ Addie

Do you think Biden is trustworthy?

@Asher E

Ok then how do you know the election was fraud

Would you trust a skunk in

Would you trust a skunk in your house? If so, then trust Biden in office.

Here's the thing, with the

Here's the thing, with the media. They're sooo biased by now, that pretty much anything they tell you is a bunch of crud. I mean, you really can't trust anything they say now without researching it on their own. As for Trump and Biden, YES, Trump has his faults. SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. If you look at what Trump did for his country, and what Biden did for his country, the choice is pretty clear. (And, actually, Trump's had a lot less time to do things politically, since he just kinda jumped right into the Presidential seat without any political experience before that, so Biden should really have accomplished some great things for our country with all the time he's had. Nope.)

@Everyone attacking me

lol y r u guys attacking me lol u guys won't allow yourselves to open up to the other side of the story.

@ Asher E no offense

Where did you get the info in the first place? Did you examine the opposing argument? How was it before all the Biased news corperations got it (rep and dem)? What actually happened?
Trump and Biden( dem and rep) are both humans and both started of as innocent babies.
Trump’s side doesn’t like to admit they did wrong either. Trumps bad too example his remarriage
In my opinion this a normal election Just during a pandemic with some highly biased news agencies that got people really hyped with two almost equally bad presidents that got so against each other that when the one won he redid a lot of the stuff the first had put there

@everyone who thinks the election was a fraud

look, the counting booths kept people from watching, not so that they could throw the election. But so they could focus, the people trying to watch were armed we gotta remember that.

have any of you heard of mark

have any of you heard of mark rober?




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