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Former President Trump Acquitted
News Bytes 02/16/2021 225 Comments

Former President Donald Trump was acquitted on Saturday of inciting the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol (see Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol). If former President Trump had been found guilty, it would have been the first-ever conviction of a current or former U.S. president. It was also the first impeachment trial of a former president.

Around a month after the riot, the Senate gathered to deliver its verdict. National Guard troops continued to stand their posts outside the Capitol.

The House of Representatives had impeached President Trump on the charge of incitement of insurrection one week after the riot. Within another week, President Biden was inaugurated, putting President Trump out of office. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent the article of impeachment to the Senate days later. That began the impeachment trial.

House prosecutors argued that former President Trump was the “inciter in chief.” They say his violent words and false claims unleashed the mob.

Former President Trump’s lawyers argued that his words were not intended to stir up violence. They say the impeachment was a “witch hunt” meant to prevent him from serving in office again.

The senators were sworn in as jurors for the trial. They promised to deliver “impartial justice.” They ended with a vote of 57-43 in favor of conviction. Seven Republicans joined all 50 Democrats to convict. But the vote fell short of the two-third majority, or 67 votes, needed to find former President Trump guilty. Most Republicans voted to acquit. They doubted that the former President was fully to blame or that impeachment was the right response. Some felt it was unconstitutional to try a president who had already left office.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell is one of those who voted to acquit. He says former President Trump could not be convicted because he is no longer president. But afterwards, Senator McConnell pointed to the former President as bearing responsibility for the insurrection.

Impeachment trials are rare. Only three presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump—the only one to be twice impeached. None of them were convicted.

God changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. — Daniel 2:21

(Republican senators and staff talk during the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on February 13, 2021. AP/Senate Television)

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Mountained Forest

I don't know if Mountained is a word, but who cares? I knew emojis worked but didn't know if I was allowed to!
(My emoji isn't working, it's becoming all gray, but it was a mountain with a tree.)

Man, impeaching a dude who

Man, impeaching a dude who isn't even in office... there are def some people out there who need to take a chill pill. Lol.

@Hesperus D

Nancy just needs to lay off the alcohol.


Yeah too bad. It is not nice to look at something like that! I have to look at dry brown all year long except maybe in May. We get very little rain, and last year was really bad. Even May was brown, and the cattle hardly had enough to eat. We put them back on wheat pasture for a second time to try to stretch the pasture. I am hoping we get more rain this year, but Lord willing. He has His plans.

@Asher E

That was a little strong what you just said. Do you even have proof of her drinking? I just know we shouldn't be saying bad things about people like that.

To Above

I think hes joking

@ Asher

They need to get saved


Everyone is testing emojis now, huh?

To Above



@Asher- I agree with Riley that you shouldn't accuse people of being alcoholics 1. in public 2. if you don't know that it is true 3. even if it is true, it is a serious problem and we shouldn't joke about it.
I think that it is ridiculous that they would try to impeach him. He will probably be too old or dead next election. They should have an age limit in my opinion. Like, ' if you're over 80, you can't hold office.' Or something like that.

@ Addie L

You couldn't say that! Then Biden couldn't be president.

@Asher E

XD, Ikr. She really just needs resign, that's all. She could take a vacation to China or North Korea. Y'know, a Communist conntry. She'd fit right in. lol

*country. Oof typos.

*country. Oof typos.

@Riley D, N A, and Addie L

Evidence 1. In some of her speeches (which are broadcast to the public) she slurs her words like she is drunk.
Evidence 2. One CODEL traveling from Washington, DC, through Tel Aviv, Israel to Baghdad, Iraq May 15-20, 2008, “to discuss matters of mutual concern with government leaders” included members of Congress and their spouses and cost $17,931 per hour in aircraft alone. Purchases for the CODEL included: Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewar's scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, Corona beer and several bottles of wine.
This is one of her flights of an international meeting.
Also, I am not joking she really does need to lay off the alcohol.

@Riley D

I went outside today in it was smokey! smoke from the mountains is the worst.

@Asher E

Wow. Ok. I'm convinced, but still, over-drinking is no laughing matter.

@Asher E

Also, your first evidence isn't very strong because my brother has never touched a drop of alcohol in his life and he slurs his words sometimes. Also, when you are as old as the hills and you knew Abraham Lincoln, you can't be expected to speak clearly.


This does not make sense at all I thought trump was already impeached.

this is mylee

@Tyler F Yes he was impeached before but they did the trail again. Even though he's not president anymore.They tried to do it so that in the future he could not run again for office.

@Asher E

Oof, wow, there's no telling how much that stuff cost. A lot of it sounds like it was expensive too...

if it helps, guys, think of

if it helps, guys, think of it this way. The far left are a bunch of spoiled kids/political terrorists. They are spoiled kids because Trump wouldn't let them have whatever they want, and they got mad. "Boo-hoo, we want what we want, right when we want it, and btw we wanted it yesterday." I say political terrorists because earlier last year they were threatening to impeach Trump, JUST TO HOLD UP THE PROCESS OF GETTING ACB IN. They'll threaten to destroy any political structure if the right doesn't cooperate, like a terrorist would. (Btw, the terrorist idea wasn't mine. Ben Shapiro came up with that. Just so I'm not plagiarizing or whatever. lol) So, yeah, now these people are mad at Trump, and don't want him back. EVER. So, they will do WHATEVER it takes to get rid, because they hate his guts because he got in their way.
Yup, that's the whole article summed up right there. Lol.

*get rid of him. Somehow I

*get rid of him. Somehow I always manage to leave a typo in there...

To Above

basically yes , its a shame...

@Hesperus D

"They aren't after me they are after you and I am in their way." That's what Trump said after the House impeached him for the first time and I think he was totally right.

@N A

Did you mean sham? Because that's what both of Trump's impeachments were.

@ Asher

I meant what I said.

lol. officially, it was an

lol. officially, it was an impeachment. (sorta) Unofficially, it was laughable sham.


This dude needs to give up, admit his defeat, and respectfully welcome Biden into office. Why can't he do that? Did we select a president who pouts and begs when he loses? Who incites riots when he doesn't get his way?

@ Christian B

Yeah, good point.



@Christian B

That would be a good point, IF it were true. Biden cheated, (cuz there's no way he's as popular as the left would like you to believe) and Trump did not incite riots. That's more media garbage at work. In fact, there were far left guys out there, dressed as Trump supporters, and fanning the flames, so to speak. Trump got in the left's way, and they can't stand having anyone tell them no, so they're viciously trying to get rid of him as fast as they can. And, btw, I could be wrong, but it seemed that Trump was actually fairly gracious. He did challenge the 'results' cuz it was obviously questionable, to say the least, but when everyone kept ignoring the obvious evidence, he didn't try to hang onto the Presidential office or anything. (Oh, one more thing. Speaking of throwing fits, look at what the other side does if you so much as win a fair election.)

@ Hesperus D

Thank you for saying that, I really appreciate that.

@ Hesperus D

Well said.

This is Stupid

How come they are attacking Trump! It's like attacking someone who backed away from a fight (cause that's literally what happened). First, voter fraud happens, and when they literally SHOW VIDEO EVIDENCE!!! the judges still say that there was no voter fraud. Second, you have some fake patriots quote on quote "storm the capital" and they blame Trump for it even though in his speech he was really putting and emphasis on "keeping the peace". I saw a documentary on Hulu called "Assult on the Capitol" I remember that there was a certain part in it where this snowflake of a guy says "I was looking at the videos of people cleaning the mess and I realized that they look like me" He was saying that African American people were cleaning up the mess of racism. And as an African American myself, I thought he was stupid. I think that because of everything that happened, they have sprouted a seed in our mind to think like people who are actually racist, these events have made us look at color more than ever and has tainted our minds. I mean, how could we let a RASCST guy take office. There have been many times ON CAMERA that he said racist comments (for the people who need proof). He said that Obama was THE FIRST, CLEAN, SMART, AND SOCIABLY ACCEPTABLE black male he has ever seen and was surprised. He also said that if you don't vote for him that YOU ARENT BLACK! How dare he assume that all African American people think the same way and want/need benefits and are helpless and shooting people, as a smart, knowledgable woman of color, I am offended. How could America, the land of the free end up like this. How could these people infiltrate and poison our minds. It's sad.
Okay I'm done (for now)

this is mylee

Agreed Aryelle ! P.s. welcome to world teen if you are not new sry for not noticing ! :)


Guys ya know what's really funny? Even if by some foreign chance the election WAS a fraud, Trump doesn't have to carry on the way he did.

@ Christian

There defenitly was fraud. I don't know how much, and I'm not even going to say that it was the Democrats fault, but you cannot say that there was NOT fraud. Someone posted something on one of the daily bite things about how some of their friends went to vote for the first time EVER, and were told they had already voted. Also, mail-in ballots make fraud a lot easier.

why just why he is not the

why just why he is not the presadent any more

@Christian B

What are you talking about. He handled this fraud better than the democrats handle a fair and honest election that they lose.

this is mylee

@Sarah F ya we said that . The Fraud clearly happened and if they keep this up there will be no more republican or any other group president !

Let me through this out here:

Let me through this out here: I could have voted in this year's "election" bc they DID NOT ask for my ID, age, or anything and were giving me instruction on how to use the machine.
(I don't look THAT old okay?!?!) xD.


it's not the fact that he's not president anymore, its so he doesn't run again. he tore our nation apart, separated republicans from democrats. We are no longer indivisible we are no longer one nation under God. There isn't liberty and justice for all. this is our pledge of allegince and it's not even true.

* sigh *

I feel kinda sad because if say John Adams could see this he would be so depressed because don't think this is what any of the founding fathers pictured at all.


how did you gut find the emojis? I know I came to that conversation a little late Lol

They probably impeached him

They probably impeached him try to ruin his reputation


Did you guys notice that one guy in the back ground is not wearing a mask? he's the one siting at the desk

@ Nora

You're right!

@ Nora, emojis

Right click and a little window will pop up on the screen, the top word is "emojis" click on it and you will find a huge amount of emojis. That's how it is on my computer anyway.

@ Christian B

I basically agree with you. :)

@ Christian

How did Trump tear the nation apart? If your answer for that is BLM, you are so ridiculous, the Democrats were the ones inciting " peaceful protests" which looked a whole lot like riots to me. They were destroying government property and privite shops and homes of people who had nothing to do with it. Btw, I'm sorry if I offended anybody, and I don't just think Black lives matter, but ALL lives matter.


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