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Vaccine Supplies Low in Brazil
News Bytes 02/17/2021 58 Comments

Vaccine supplies are running low in some places in Brazil. Some people worry that President Jair Bolsonaro’s government won’t deliver enough shots for its desired coronavirus immunization efforts. The situation has Brazilian state governors on the hunt for their own supplies.

Brazilian health experts say the country needs about 340 million shots for the entire population above age 18. That puts Brazil’s 27 governors are under pressure. Vaccine stockpiles have already dwindled.

Last year, Brazil’s government declined to buy 70 million doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Bolsonaro defended the decision. He says Pfizer wanted his government to release the company from any possible responsibilities—something he was unwilling to do at the time. Today, Bolsonaro’s administration has a deal for 100 million AstraZeneca doses. But only two million have arrived.

Government vaccines are being distributed across Brazil, which is larger than the continental United States. Local authorities administer the shots, so the number of people immunized isn’t clear. But a steady supply of shots seems in doubt.

The governor pushing hardest to secure his state’s own vaccine supply is João Doria of Sao Paulo state. Doria was a Bolsonaro ally. Now he’s turned adversary.

Bolsonaro repeatedly criticized Doria’s deal to purchase 100 million CoronaVac shots from a Chinese pharmaceutical company. The peevish president said his government wouldn’t buy the meds.

Bolsonaro changed his mind last month. He did so during delays in the delivery of the only vaccine his administration did purchase. He watched as other nations began immunizing their citizens—while Brazil’s 210 million people were on hold.

“If it weren’t for this [CoronaVac] shot, Brazil today would be a country without vaccines,” Doria says. He is currently bargaining for 20 million more doses. And if the Brazilian government doesn’t buy them from his state, Doria could sell them to other governors. “It is not for a state government to secure vaccines,” he points out. “But here we are.”

Bahia state’s Governor Rui Costa also struck out on his own for vaccines. He purchased rights to 50 million doses of the Sputnik V shot from Russia. But that medicine hasn’t yet been authorized by Brazil’s health authorities.

After ignoring Costa’s deal for months, Brazil’s Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello said on February 5 that the government will buy 10 million Sputnik V shots from Costa.

Maranhao state Governor Flavio Dino is one of Bolsonaro’s most vocal critics. He says the pandemic and difficulties in vaccine rollout have given normally opposing governors common cause.

“The health crisis and the lack of dialogue with Bolsonaro made the governors grow closer, even if they have deep ideological differences,” says Dino. “He acts as if he weren’t in charge, so we see each other as the ones dealing with reality.”

Give the king Your justice, O God, . . . May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor! — Psalm 72:1, 4

(Health workers leave a home after a resident declined to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus, in Amazonas state, Brazil. Navigating complex waterways to reach remote communities in Brazil’s Amazon is only the first challenge for the healthcare workers vaccinating people against COVID-19. AP/Edmar Barros)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment

Hmmm..... I don't have much to say other than I am still against shots. We don't need the vaccine. God designed out bodies to fight off infections and viruses.
Poor cow! It is so skinny!

Ugh politics....

Ugh politics....
I think the shot is good, at least it will ese the panic in some people know if nothing else lol

@ N&M

I agree.

@ Riley

That’s what I said too about the vaccines. They shouldn’t be necessary.

All of this

All of this could have stopped if we all took Iodine. Iodine is a chemical that you mostly find in fish, but there are bottles of it at your drug store. What is iodine, it helps fight of viruses, and it even kills Covid-19 in 14 seconds. It also helps kill cells, that is accually a good thing if you have cancer, your body doesn't allow cells to die so Iodine helps kill cells. It also helps with radiation, so if a country were to launch a necular bomb you would most likely live from the radiation. You know why Japan has only 2500 deaths from covid, its because they eat a lot of fish and fish have Iodine. So get some Iodine and drink up.
P.s only take a drop a day until you get used to is then take more and more, you only need about 6 drops a day.

@N A

Your reaction to political articles is the exact opposite of mine. I say, yay politics!

@ Asher

Haha! XD I just don't like too much politics....I like discussing it with friends but reading


"...Brazil, which is larger than the continental United States"
What!? I didn't know that!

To Above

*is totally not looking at the map rn*

This article

Although this article is interesting there are many more useful things that could have been written about. Such as the failure of Governors Cuomo and Newsom in their handling of covid that has been exposed in the last week.

this is Mylee

I don't believe in the vaccine personally. But It is still sad how ppl in other country s don't have supplies :(.

this is Mylee

@Noah R iodine is prob gross. But i know it can help with things XD.

Iodine is what I used to blow

Iodine is what I used to blow up the sink on accident for science last year......

@ Noah

Hmmm... interesting.... sounds like something my grandmother would do. She likes to stay healthy. She jogs every day, drinks apple cider every day, and she eats healthy (well... except when we come up. She loves to bake sweets, so we eat a lot of cookies and cakes when we are up there xD).

@ Riley D

I agree with you! Poor cow... and the shots. I ain't gonna be getting any shots anytime soon for the virus. I'll fight until I get knocked out. xD

This is London

Yes I am against vaccines. I wish they would of wrote about something else tho

@ London

Yes, they should write about horses instead lol

They should write about

They should write about classical musicians.....xP

@ N&M

That's what my older sister would say xD

Fun Fact

Did you know that the strongest muscle in your body is your jaw muscle?

Like that song....

After 'while, it'll all be over,
After 'while, the sun's gonna shine,
After 'while, dark clouds will pass over,
And we'll shout hallelujah after while.

To 1st commenter


@ Noah

What you wrote was very interesting! I like stuff about health and diet/excercise that is healthy and fights off illnesses. Thank for taking the time to write it! I’m gonna look into it more.

24 Comment

Or they could write about history, that would be fun! I bet the vaccine is making a lot more people feel safe. I know that for my grandmother, (who got the vaccine) it's making her life better because now she can visit family who live far away and go trips to other countries and states.
N&M: You actually blew up the entire sink?
Isabel F: I did know that! I learned it just this year! Did you know that we have 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our bodies?

@ Everyone

Have any of y'all ever read any of G. A. Henty's books? He wrote over a hundred novels (including a lot of historical fiction) during the 1800's. They're pretty long and slightly wordy (after all, they were written in the 1800's) but they're good. The ones I've read are:
The Cat of Bubastes
The Lost Heir
A Search for a Secret
And I just finished (a few minutes ago!): The Curse of the Carnes
Those last three (all mysteries) are set around the 1850's, but I think most of his books are set earlier than that, and have a lot of battles and stuff. I think the mysteries just caught my eye. Sorry for the long comment. I just like recommending good books. ;-)


I actually just read The Dragon and the Raven for school, and later this year I'll read Winning His Spurs. Don't worry abou the long comment, I love when people reccommend books

this is mylee

@kn sounds cool i love Mystery books XD !


@Kn: I think so. Is "Freedom's Cause" one of them? If so, then yes.
@Noah: Or Ivermectin! You know, like the stuff we put on cattle every time we work them! XD It seriously works. I know lots of people who take it (the human form, not cattle form, at least I think!) and have stayed safe.


So...I am not against the INVENTOR of vaccines, but nowadays they are putting not good things into them. For example, they are putting aborted BABY TISSUE in a lot of the vaccines, and possibly this Covid Vaccine. I already tested positive for Covid, but had no symptoms, a while back so technically I don't need the vaccine because of the antibodies. I hope they don't force this vaccine on people soon though.

Hopefully they can get more

Hopefully they can get more of the vaccine soon.

@Grace D

Yeah, but sadly, I think it might eventually come to that. And then whoever does not get the vaccine, they put a chip in your skin, and then you are not allowed to go into like the grocery store, or shop places, or literally do anything because you did not take the vaccine.

@ Riley @ Grace

Exactly! We are worried we won’t see my grandparents before they pass away because they live abroad and we don’t want the vaccine - full of chemicals and the terrible thing is the aborted child in the vaccines. All the abortion centres are making money selling the tissue to vaccine companies. It’s horrid.
The world is be basically FORCING us to take it because we have to go places! They can’t lock us in the country, or like you said lock us out of places, but technically it looks like they can! The government is getting too powerful.

I’d rather get covid again

I’d rather get covid again than the vaccine

But most of us are

But most of us are homeschooled so we don’t have to take them like kids in school


My question is, When did the democrats stop believing in "Your body your choice"?

this is mylee

Asher E true. Mom says the same thing . They say my body my choice. They force you to take the vaccine and your like my body my choice. And their like no we will force you to do this ! No freedom ! They should'nt force the whole place to wear masks either :(.

@Everyone talking about the Vaccine Freedoms

Guys, the chips sound an awful lot like the Mark Of The Beast. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it is somewhat similar to the description in the Bible. It ( the Bible) says something like you can't buy or sell food without it...and it is a mark on the forehead or on the right hand. This description doesn't ENTIRELY match the chip itself. However, the Bible also warns that MANY WILL BE FOOLED! So, do not panic, but be very careful! Pray for our nation!


Also...WHY GET THE VACCINE WHEN YOU HAVE ALREADY HAD COVID????????!!!!!!!!!!! Getting the vaccine after you have had the disease is somewhat pointless.

@ Asher

Ha! Good point.

@ Asher E @ Grace

@ Asher Yes, very true!
@ Grace When I first read it, it reminded me of an old series from the 1980s called The Tripods. It’s about a place where these machines rule and when you turn 14 they put a metal ‘cap’ on your head which makes your brain under their control. Not very similar to this, it was just what I was reminded of! Anyway...


My family has had that exact same discussion. We really do wonder if either the vaccine or the chip is the Mark of the Beast. But (this is my opinion and I am NOT trying to force it on anyone) I think that if we are Christians and don't get the vaccine because that is what we think is right, then we will have the chip. That then wouldn't be the mark of the Beast, right, because the Beast is evil. Now that is just my point of view, and I know some people don't agree and believe in the vaccine. Fine. I understand fully that each and every one of us has our own opinion. I just know that I am not going to get the vaccine.

Who said they were putting a

Who said they were putting a chip in the vaccine?

@N A

they want to implant a chip into you when you get the vaccine so they can tell who has and hasn't gotten it.

@ Asher

Wow that would be creepy.

this is mylee

eww that would be weird and not private.


I am so glad you said that about 'my body my choice' because I have been trying to figure out an argument against forcing vaccinations! I am not actually in an argument about it right now, but I like to be prepared, because sometimes I get in arguments like that.
@Everyone- This is probably a weird question, but do any of you talk to yourselves or tell stories to yourself in your head or have conversations with imaginary people? I do that a lot. (Usually in the shower XD)

@ Addie

Ummmmmmm i used to when I was younger, a lot actually......but not anymore xD

Addie L

lol, SOMETIMES I argue with myself...but I don't always chat with myself.
As for the being prepared for a worldly argument even while you aren't in one yet, is the same thing I do. It is always good, especially as a Christian, to be prepared. One tip when arguing with someone with WORDLY views: Always attack the issue, never the person! And if they try to trap you by accusing you PERSONALLY rather than the thing you are arguing for don't reply with "NO I"M NOT!" because then you will have become trapped by them. It is a tip I learned from my dad, who is a lawyer.

@ Addie

sometimes I make up a plot line using characters from books and or movies.

This is London

Yes I talk to myself and imagine things like what would it be go to school or i re plot a movie in my head lol and I do argue with my self Lol in the shower too. Does anybody make up a story in there head just wondering lol


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