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Captain Tom Moore Passes
News Bytes 02/4/2021 42 Comments

Captain Tom Moore became an internet sensation in Great Britain during the first coronavirus lockdown. The 100-year-old British World War II vet shuffled up and down his garden to raise money for healthcare workers. But it was his cheerfulness and persistence that captured the hearts of a nation. Moore died on Tuesday.

“The last year of our father’s life was nothing short of remarkable,” Moore’s family says. “He was an incredible father and grandfather, and he will stay alive in our hearts forever.” Moore had tested positive for COVID-19.

“Captain Tom,” as he became known in the media, set out to raise $1,400 for Britain’s National Health Service by walking 100 laps of his backyard. But his quest went viral and caught the attention of millions stuck at home during the pandemic. Donations poured in from around the world. He ended up raising some $40 million.

For three weeks in April, fans saw daily videos of Captain Tom doggedly pushing his walker in the garden. His sunny attitude during a dark moment inspired people.

“Please always remember, tomorrow will be a good day,” Moore said in an interview during one of his walks. The words became his trademark.

When Captain Tom finished his 100th lap on April 16, a military honor guard lined the path. The celebration continued on his birthday a few days later, when two World War II-era fighter planes flew overhead in tribute. Moore pumped a fist as they roared past.

Moore was made an honorary member of the England cricket team, had a train named after him, and received the Freedom of the City of London award. He enjoyed the honors but remained focused on others.

In July, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in a socially distanced ceremony at Windsor Castle. “I have been overwhelmed by the many honors I have received over the past weeks, but there is simply nothing that can compare to this,” he said.

Born April 30, 1920, Moore studied civil engineering before being drafted into the army during World War II. He rose to the rank of captain and served in India, Burma, and Sumatra.

The former motorcycle racer slowed down at age 98 after he fell and broke his hip in 2018. A walker replaced his bike, but he kept moving.

In early April of last year, Moore’s family challenged him to walk the entire length of his 82-foot driveway. After he made it to the end, his son-in-law encouraged him to keep going, offering to pay one British pound (about $1.50) for every lap. He suggested a goal of 100 laps by Moore’s 100th birthday.

The challenge snowballed from there.

Moore thought he might be able to raise 1,000 pounds ($1,363) for the doctors and nurses who took care of him after he broke his hip. As he pushed his walker along his garden path, people facing the UK’s lockdown watched online. Soon, #TomorrowWillBeAGoodDay was trending on social media.

“People told me that there was something about my little walk that captured the hearts of those still in shock at the crisis,” Moore wrote in his autobiography.

He dedicated his autobiography, Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day, to “all those who serve on the front line of any battle—be it military, psychological, or medical.”

Captain Tom also thanked the country he inspired for inspiring him. After completing his backyard trek, he said, “I have . . . thoroughly enjoyed every second of this exciting adventure, but I can’t keep walking forever.”

Captain Tom was correct. Human bodies don’t last forever. The Bible says: “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.” (1 Corinthians 15:22) However, the God who holds all the tomorrows promises that the future is bright for those who know Him.

(Captain Sir Thomas Moore poses after receiving his knighthood from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth during a ceremony at Windsor Castle on July 17, 2020. Chris Jackson/Pool via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

He lived his life to it's full potential!

2nd Comment

Wow! That is so awesome for him. 40 Million!!!!! Wow! A cheerful attitude can be worth so much.

3rd comment!

Wow, wow, and wow!!

this is Mylee

He raised so much money for such a good cause! Yesterday we made walker caddys for the nursinghome !And valentines day cards !

He was amazing so cheerful.

He was amazing so cheerful. and that’s a lot of money, a cheerful heart is good medicine




I wonder if God was working through him to raise the money.

So cool!

So cool!

Did you hear about officer

Did you hear about officer brian sicknick lay in the capitol on wednesday? the officer who died on JAN. 6, 2021! that was like a month ago! What culture does that?

@David P

What are you referring to?

Thats a lot of money

Wow, he raised a lot of money, and he was still ridden the motorcycle at 98 YEARS OLD!! Kinda sad that he died though

@Asher E

i didn't state it clearly. the officer that died during the capitol riot (the few who did the riot, not everyone), when a person hit him with a fire extinguisher.

@ David P

What do you mean by "lay"?


this man was awseome

Brownies are u new and do you

Brownies are u new and do you like brownies

Hey I am planning a gender

Hey I am planning a gender revel for my mom any ideas


My friend did this thing for her mom where she baked cupcakes with the color inside. If you like to bake, you could do it inside a cake too. You can put confetti in a balloon and have them pop it. Something my mom's cousin did was my aunt filled a box with blue confetti (because it was a boy) and then she taped it up just enough to keep it closed until you pull on it. Then, she tied strings to the flaps of the box and my uncle hooked it up to a tractor, held it up over the mom and dad's heads, and then the mom and dad pulled on the strings connected to the flaps and confetti came raining down. It was pretty, but kind of complicated to explain. XD Another idea, if your dad likes guns, is to get a cardboard box, fill it with colored powder (blue or pink), and then have him shoot it from far away. The powder flies into the air and it looks really cool.
Something fun you can do for your guests is ask them to wear pink or blue depending on which they think it is.
I could think of a few more, if you tell me what you like to do in your free time, because it helps to do something you like to do. :)

@Bethy S

Lay in his casket for him after he's dead.

@Addie L

Those are awesome and cute ideas and I understand exactly what you mean. I like the idea about the guest wearing the coolor (hope they do it) the confetti sounds cool. Thanks for the ideas me and Mylee are brainstorming ;)

P.s I like to party plan XD

P.s I like to party plan XD

And the gun one sounds cool

And the gun one sounds cool


Does your mom know which gender it is? Or are you revealing it to the guests only?

XD only me and Mylee know

XD only me and Mylee know (nothing goes past us twins lol)

@London S

twins! if i got that i wouldn't have been wondering why it said "this is london" or this is mylee. for a while.

@ London

Another idea is to get paint or ink that's either pink or blue. The father and mother wear all white, and the people spray them with the paint!
(I saw it happen on a TV show called "Brining up Bates", which is a clean, reality TV show about a Christian, homeschooling family with 19 children. It's a very fun, family-friendly show, and the dad is a Pastor. I highly recommend it.)

This is London

Haha I met the bates in real life. And I love the tv show. There funny lol

And the duggers if you know

And the duggers if you know them (I see them twice a year at a camp)

@ London

Wow! That's so cool! Why\where did you meet them? (You don't have to answer.)

I go to a homeschool camp 2 a

I go to a homeschool camp 2 a year and they go to

@ London

Oh cool! That sounds like a lot of fun to go to a homeschool camp! What do you do there?


My brother and sister-in-law filled hard-boiled eggs with blue powder, and had everyone hit the eggs with golf clubs. BTW, I have no idea how they filled the eggs, so you might have to look it up.


That sounds so fun! I like party planning to, but I don't really have any ideas right now! Sorry! I will be thinking!

Well at the first one there

Well at the first one there is classes for kids/ teens the classes are super fun and encouraging. There are rly long tho XD and sessions for the parents, then at night there is a large service for everyone. The second one ( there at the same place and by the same ppl). Is more of a fun camp there is a lot of activities. Rock climbing, repelling, sewing, hand lettering, archery, riffle range, scripture assembly ( I like doing that. It’s making paper bibles for other country) horse back riding, horsemanship,and more!! There is also some other fun special Advents like carnival day, sports tournaments etc there is a service at night every night and some in the morning. There is multiple preachers but one guy comes every year and preaches using horses as an analogy, he preaching while riding his horse. It sounds weird but is rly cool. And he usually breaks ( train a hose that is never ridden) a horse . AMD talks about disabling or something. Sry this is Long

Typo and discipline

Typo and discipline

Lol I forgot my favourite

Lol I forgot my favourite part XD there is a huge sports complex that is all the teens like favourite thing to do. There is basketball, volleyball, ping pong, pickle ball, nerf gun wars, carpet all foozball, and my favourite ( which is most popular there) 9 square it is so much funXD

this is Mylee

ya its super fun iblp family conference and International Alert Academy famly camp !

@ London\Mylee

Okay, thanks! Where is it held? Texas?

this is Mylee

yes At International Alert Academy in ( Big Sandy tx) ppl from everywhere come even Australia XD.

@ Mylee



Wow that sound really cool! Especially since I like a lot of those things, and I love being outside! Is it like a whole family thing, like the whole family goes as in a family camp?


Oh, but I just looked it up and it would take us about 8 1/2 hours to drive there!!

this is Mylee

haha a lot of people drive so far but we only have to go 45 min XD !

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