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News Bytes 01/22/2021 74 Comments

Today in Top Story: Biden issues 15 executive orders that address vaccinations, environmental protections, schools, etc.


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Most recent comments

1st comment!!!


1 comment

Seriously, no one has anything to say about this?

3rd Comment

I don't have anything to say about this. I just wanted podium

this is Mylee

He's signed so many orders and he's been resident for 1 day ! Everything that Trump did he is tearing down. :(


At least he can say he got right to work doing what he said he was going to do...


hehe, resident. That funny. Ever heard of Doug Wilson?

This fool

Biden signed more executive orders in his first two days in office than Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton signed in all their presidencies combined.

this is Mylee

Trump signed 220 in 4 years Asher E ! resident XD I forgot the p LoL.

@ Addies 1st comment

same lol........i might have something to say later tho xD

And so it begins...the reign

And so it begins...the reign of executive order terror. sigh...

@Mylee S

The figures I saw must have been for the first two days then. Oops

Did I hear correctly that

Did I hear correctly that Biden did or was going to sign something that would allow OUR taxpayer money to be used to murder babies in other countries?!?!

Yup, there's your "president"

Yup, there's your "president" for you.

Wow, you guys, I think you

Wow, you guys, I think you maxed out the when is too much too much thing. I can't put comments there anymore. Nice work. Lol.

@ Above


this is Mylee

Asher E XD !





Duh I am the pres!!! Spend

Duh I am the pres!!! Spend all day money!!!!

That s so many

That s so many

Back to my 3rd comment

Seriously, has anyone ever heard of Doug Wilson?? He's really cool. Y'all should check him out if you haven't.


Hey guys,
I have noticed that the comments have gotten really nasty lately. And it has only been because of the election. I know some of you don't agree with what is going on in the world right now, but could you guys state your opinion without: calling names, saying bad things about a person made in God image, hoping someone whom God loves would die.
I am not talking about these comments in partial, I just want to bring awareness to it. Believe me, I don't like some of the things Biden believes in either. But there is a difference between saying you don't like something, and out right saying that he should die! I, also, believe that if you want something to change you need the person that is doing that bad thing to hear you. Do you think that someone will want to hear you if you are always saying that they are awful?!? I wouldn't. That is all I wanted to say. I know that this comment might bring anger up inside some of you. I understand that. But I think it needed to be said.
~Addison L

I have almost completely stopped looking at the articles about politics because I am so scared to see really bad comments at the end of them!

sorry, i was reading that

sorry, i was reading that over and it sound way more offensive then I meant it to be, sorry y'all

@ Addison L

I agree with you, and you didn't seem offensive to me at all.

@ Addie L

I think I have heard of Doug Wilson.

@Addison L

Good point.

No offense...

With all due respect, isn't it kinda worrisome that he's signed more than trump in a day than in 4 years? short version: a lotta rules signed quick is kinda like communism... I really DON'T want to hurt anyone by my opinion, but I am quite daunted by USA's future.

this is Mylee

Lisa he signed 220 in 4 years ! it was saying that Biden signed more in two days then trump did in 2 weeks.

this is Mylee

sry i spelled wrong, Lissa


I personally don't want Biden to do anything more than he has done. I think he should take a break for 4 years. How could people vote for him? I try my best to be aware that God is letting him be in charge for now.

I am reading in my history (over and over again) that whenever a country rises up using bad methods, like the Democrats are doing now, and raise taxes, and close small businesses, they ALWAYS fall down. They are sometimes attacked by other countries, or the people abandon their own country. Ssooo... This "fee country", by what I think, will allow people from other countries in (and one of them a spy), and that spy (or they) will go back to its own country and tell them important stuff, and then that country will attack, and because we are all closed down, we will not win. They will.

I hope that is not offenses to anyone.

@Addie L

Who's Doug Wilson?? Never heard of him.


Here's his Google definition: Douglas James Wilson is a conservative Reformed and evangelical theologian, pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, faculty member at New Saint Andrews College, and author and speaker.
He's very smart and not afraid to share his opinion. He has written a lot of books, but I've only read one of them. It was a novel called Andrew and the Dragon, and it's an allegory that kind of reminded me of Narnia. Ask your parents about him. I wouldn't say that his stuff is geared toward children, but he has a lot of stuff for adults. He also has a Bible-Study podcast that we listen to sometimes and which is very interesting. He also helped write our logic book in school.


My dumb ol bad. Still, worrisome.


I think it is sad that he is undoing everything the Trump did. But yes, we need to make sure we don't put any nasty and ugly comments on here. But yeah I can't believe that he did that.

Addie L and Addison L do you

Addie L and Addison L do you know each other?

@ Addie L and Addison L

Or are you really the same person?...:)

@David P and Bethy S

No, I only know one person named Addison, and if that is her, I will... uh... (what's something drastic??) um... AHA! If that is the same Addison, I will post my email address.
My name is not Addison. I get that a lot, because I introduce myself as Addie (Which is not my full first name). So, people assume my name is Addison, which I totally understand. My real first name is Addie Leigh. No dash, no hyphen, no middle name. Just Addie Leigh and then my last name, which I obviously won't tell anyone. XD
I was named after my great-great-grandmother, Addie Lee, which I think is cool. All of my siblings are named after someone too. Is anyone here named after someone?

@ Addie L

Okay, and yes, I am named after Elizabeth in the Bible, and my middle name is after my grandmother.

@Bethy S

My sister is kind of named after Elizabeth in the Bible. Her middle name is after someone who was named after Elizabeth in the Bible. Indirect, but kind of like you. XD


I don't think I am named after anyone... XD

@ Bethy and Addie

My middle name is Elizabeth, named after my great grandma, whose middle name is Elizabeth, but she went by Liz. Her first name was Eva, pronounced eh-va.

@ KN


@Addie L

I’m named after my great great grandmother Amelia and Amelia Earhart

@Addie L

My first name is Asher named after the tribe of Israel/ the Hebrew meaning of the word which is happy. My middle name is Stephen after my dad (but spelled differently) and Stephen from the Bible.

I was named after the two

I was named after the two kings. David, and another king. i won't tell my middle name online, though.


My parents named me Nadia bc they saw a pic of some girl named Nadia and they liked the name xD I think it means hopeful in Slavic, Russian and something else.....

@ Addie

So ig i was named after some random girl named Nadia...xPPP
But when I introduce myself everyone calls me NATELIE it's like Whyyyy *dies* or they ask how to pronounce it 200 times xD and all the boys always tease me pronouncing it Nody (like bad behavior) a *sighs* after they KNOW how to pronounce it...smh you guys....xD
But my last name is supper hard for other people to pronounce I get a lot of weird pronunciations...lets not even talk about my middle name xD

Biden: " look at all my

Biden: " look at all my supporters!"

Driver: " actually, they are unemployed workers..."

@ RW

That's funny though I feel a bit embarrassed for think that.




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