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Science Advisor Levels Up
News Bytes 01/19/2021 132 Comments

As preparations for Wednesday’s inauguration ramp up, President-elect Joe Biden introduced his slate of scientific advisors. He promises that his picks will summon “science and truth” to create policies that combat the coronavirus pandemic and other challenges. And in a White House first, Mr. Biden has made the presidential science advisor a Cabinet-level position.

Mr. Biden chose geneticist Eric Lander as his new science advisor and the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Lander will serve as an official member of the presidential Cabinet. Other offices represented in the Cabinet include Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Defense, Energy, Education, and more.

Some people have long believed the OSTP director should be part of the Cabinet. “I think it marks a very important moment in the history of science in the government,” says Harold Varmus, former head of the National Institutes of Health.

“This is the most exciting announcement I’ve gotten to make,” Mr. Biden said after weeks of nominations and appointments. “This is a team that is going to help restore your faith in America’s place in the frontier of science and discovery.”

Mr. Biden emphasized how scientific research can lead to practical progress and better quality of life. His examples ranged from COVID-19 vaccines to clean energy expansion.

“Science is discovery. It’s not fiction,” Mr. Biden said. “It’s also about hope.”

The President-elect said one of his team’s tasks will be to gird public faith in science and its usefulness. Of course, “arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God” (2 Corinthians 10:5) are neither truthful, hopeful, or useful. Science serves the Creator—not the other way around! It should be used in keeping with biblical truth.

Mr. Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris both sought to hold up scientists as examples to children across the country.

“Superheroes aren’t just about our imagination,” Harris says. “They are walking among us. They are teachers and doctors and scientists, they are vaccine researchers . . . and you can grow up to be like them too.”

The President-elect has named two prominent female scientists to co-chair the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Frances Arnold, a California Institute of Technology chemical engineer who won the 2018 Nobel Prize in chemistry, and MIT vice president for research and geophysics professor Maria Zuber will lead the science advisory council.

Mr. Biden picked Princeton’s Alondra Nelson, a social scientist who studies science, technology, and social inequality, as deputy science policy chief.

The President-elect noted the team’s diversity and promised that his administration’s science policy and investments would target historically disadvantaged and underserved communities.

Nelson celebrated that commitment, saying, “I believe we have a responsibility to work together to make sure that our science and technology reflects us . . . who we truly are together.”

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. — Romans 15:13 NASB

(President-elect Joe Biden, right, listens as Eric Lander speaks during an event at The Queen theater, Saturday, January 16, 2021, in Wilmington, Delaware. AP/Matt Slocum)

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Most recent comments


Hmmmm ... as Christians we should not have our faith in science but in God. I don't have much to say here!

2nd comment

Tomorrow is the day were Biden is elected and I hope that Biden will make good choices that makes our nation grow and prosper. I just pray that none will try to barge into the ceremony and saw bad things about Biden. I also hope that Biden sees that prayer in the White House hall that John Adams prayed, that prayer says " I pray Heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this house and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof." We also should always trust God with all our heart, and don't worship anything else, but the one true King.


Who wants to be part of a social experiment? Let's start saying Not My President when referring to Biden and see what people, specifically liberals who have been saying that for years about Trump, think about it,

3rd comment

This has potential to be really good for our country, but I really hope these scientists don't believe in evolution, because that would be bad. So many prominent science groups and scientists believe in those lies and I'm sick of reading books that, for example, say,"You are made out of star dust" . I mean, for real!

oops I was third before! @

oops I was third before! @ Asher I have a feeling your comment's gonna get deleted and that does not sound like a good idea, because that's just rude to him."love your enemies" remember

@Asher E and Micah D

Ik how both you guys feel. Biden's out to trash our nation and our future as a free, independent, capitalistic country. I have pretty much no respect for him. But, yes, there is that little problem, love your enemies, so I won't go around trash talking him all the time. I mean, doesn't mean I have anything good to say about him tho...

@ Asher E

Wouldn't that be lying to say "not my president" when referring to your president?

Two fun facts:

1 . Joe Biden's middle name is Robinette.
2. The Cabinet was so named because it originally met in the kitchen.

@ Hesperus

Loving your enemies is not a problem. We were God's enemies, but he sent his Son to Earth to die for his enemies...because he loved us! Remember John 3:16.

@ KN

Huh! Cool!

@K N

No, it would not be lying. Biden was elected illegitimately so I refuse to recognize him as the president. Our true president for the next four years will still be Trump.

@Asher E

You are right. Trump is going to be president. Do not fear. God is looking into this.


Technically he's not the people's president....but we still have to give him SOME respect................................................and we shouldn't start acting like the Dems by saying "Not my President" or trash talking him......

this is Mylee

I agree with N&M A ! Last night ! We came back from my grandmas house and two men were at our mailbox we sped up to try to catch them but they hid in the woods. They WE tried scaring them my dad fired shots into the grass. We went around the neiborhood with flash lights and asked other niegbors. One man said he saw a truck near the woods slowly ride away. We asked our neibor across the street to rewind his security tape . But he has to figure out how first! They stole our trump sign but we started chasing them they threw it back into the yard !!!!!!!!!

this is Mylee

p.s. i have read so many Nancy Drew books so i was excited to try and catch them!

@ Asher E and Corban I

Whether we like it or not, Biden is going to be President, and it won't help if you keep saying he isn't. Telling yourself you don't like it, or it isn't fair or right. won't help. Also saying Not My President is stooping to their level, part of what Republicans pride themselves on is not blindly following a leader, but knowing the facts and making decsions based on what they believe, not what someone says they should believe.

@Asher E

"It is better to trust the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust the Lord than to put confidence in princes" Psalm 118: 8-9
Also read Romans 13.
Submit to Government (even oppressive) and don't start trash talking him, even though he legitimately lost.



Yah let’s not say that!! he

Yah let’s not say that!! he will be our president and we need to respect that. GOd always has a plan. No matter when we can’t see it. I wanted trump to win to, but I can’t control stuff. Like that

@ Asher E

I wouldn't say that about any president. Ever.
Just because somebody said something bad about what you support doesn't mean you should say that about what they support.

@London S



God is going to make Trump president

@Corban I

I don't think so....




let's just agree to disagree

Trust me. If not you will see

Trust me. If not you will see.

I'm not going to argue anymore, so

understandable, have a great day

@ Corban

You can't make definite comments like that. You have no idea what will happen. I also am not to happy about Biden's win, but not accepting the truth is lying to yourself.


I am not lying.

It will happen.

It will happen.

@Corban I

Accepting the truth is good

@ Corban

I an sorry I said you were lying. that was not fair of me. I disagree with your statement, but you can believe what you want.


What you think is the truth is a lie.


I understand.

@ Y'all

I think he listens to that prophet guy am I wrong?

@ Corban

Thank you. I cannot say I support what you believe, but I don't want an arguement.

Wait.....@Corban does your

Wait.....@Corban does your last name start with an "M" ? Or with an "I" ............

WHy that made a link I have

WHy that made a link I have no idea

@Corban I

Let's just calm down. I, personally, believe that since Inauguration Day is so close, Biden is probably going to be President (and yes, I'm pretty dissapointed). But God has a plan, and we'll see what happens. If God wants Trump to win, we might find out soon.


No this is God.

@ Corban

What do you mean?


It starts with an I.

@ Corban

Oh ok.

God is moving. He is moving

God is moving. He is moving among the nation and the church. He is looking and dealing with the election.

@ Above

I agree with that...
the church is SUCH A MESS it's terrible

I know!

I know!

We need to pray for the

We need to pray for the church.

@ Above

Yes, we do! What church do you go to?

Life Chapel

Life Chapel

@ Above

Ahh, okay.


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