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Iran Launches “Suicide Drones”
News Bytes 01/18/2021 55 Comments

Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard conducted a drill on Friday. In it, triangle-shaped aircraft strongly resembling those used in a 2019 attack in Saudi Arabia crashed into targets and exploded. These craft are referred to as “suicide drones,” and the United States, Saudi Arabia, and United Nations experts believe the same type drones were used in the event that temporarily cut Saudi oil production in half. (See “Saudi Strike Hits Oil Prices.”)

Iran denies the 2019 strike on the sites in Saudi Arabia. Initially, an Iranian-backed rebel group from Yemen claimed responsibility for the assault.

Back in 2019, President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from a nuclear deal Iran had made with other world powers. The President also imposed strict sanctions (limitations on trade) on Iran as well. The move was intended to force Iran to stop or slow its development of nuclear weapons.

Presently, Iran is pressuring President-elect Joe Biden to re-enter the nuclear accord. The Revolutionary Guard’s decision to deploy the drones on Friday alongside a series of missile drills may be an intimidation tactic aimed at the incoming administration. Iran has also begun enriching uranium that could reach weapons-grade levels.

“The nuclear issue is likely to be the Biden administration’s first foreign policy test,” says Simon Henderson. He is an analyst for the Washington Institute for Near-East Policy.

Iranian state television released video footage of the drone and missile drill. It showed four unmanned, triangular drones flying in tight formation. Another scene shows the drones smashing into targets which Iran describe as “hypothetical enemy bases.” The drones detonated upon impact.

Inspection of the footage frame by frame reveals that the drone used has two fins on either side. This strongly resembles the so-called “Delta” drones used both in the September 2019 Saudi Arabian attacks as well as in a May 2019 strike on a Saudi pipeline.

General Hossein Salami is the Guard’s top commander. He said in a statement that “The message of this drill is our might and firm determination to defend our sovereignty, our holy ruling system, and our values against the enemies of Islam and Iran.”

For now, God tells us in His Psalms that “the nations rage.” But the day is coming when every knee on Earth will bow to honor Him and Him alone, and peace will rule.

“We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, who is and who was, for you have taken your great power and begun to reign. The nations raged, but your wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, and for rewarding your servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear your name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the Earth.” (Revelation 11:17-18)

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1st Comment

Oh boy...Iran again. I hope Biden does not go back in on the nuclear deal, but knowing him he probably will. Sigh. He is going to undo everything good Trump did. It is pretty fishy that these suicide drones are like what they used to attack Saudi Arabia...

Woah! I thought somebody

Woah! I thought somebody else commented on here? Like from 3 days ago? Am I seeing things? Anyway, suicide drones sound extremely dangerous and horrible. Imagine encountering one of those! Is this article saying that Iran have some nuclear weapons and were using them against Saudi Arabia? Are they still doing that and developing more weapons? Sorry, I find these things about nuclear, weapons and country’s deals confusing.

wow. P.S. This is Caro

That's scary!

There were so few comments on it-we weren’t interested in it :-)

If only we knew....
Then look what happened :-(

*me wanting to tell my old self from a year ago how terrible 2020 was going to be! And *me wanting to use the crying emoji. For you guys in America it’s not so bad but in Britain we have had 3 lockdowns. I haven’t seen my friend for 6 months *me using the crying emoji about five times.

@Riley D

Biden said that in his first ten days as president he will sign over a dozen executive orders to reverse things that trump has done.

Just the name

Just the name of those missiles are scary "Suicide Drones" now that is something that strikes fear into your heart.

Sixth comment

On no no no no... This is definitely not good. It does seem really really fishy that they are so similar to the other attacks. @ Asher E. Where did you learn that? @ Mirela J. You haven't even seen her on Zoom even?! Of just in person?

Oops I was sixth before...

Oops I was sixth before...

@Mirela J

Yeah, I was able to comment on this article Friday

this is Mylee

:( Pray guys that is what we need ! The name is awful Suicide !!!!!!!!!l. Nuclear weapons are so dangerous that i hope Biden would not sign :( he probaly will though:(.



Yes, I'm afraid he's going to

Yes, I'm afraid he's going to go along with whatever his puppeteers tell him too...sigh...I doubt he has any backbone to stand up to Iran anyway. His idea of a solution is talk and throw money at things. OUR taxpayer money.

Good grief...

Iran is not nice.
I don't trust the world leaders, but I also feel bad for them. If anyone has played Sid Meier's Civilization VI, you know how hard it is to negotiate with other countries that hate you. And it's probably even harder in real life.

@Micah D

I saw it on the news, I can't remember what channel.


Welp here we go................I would guess Biden will do whatever they tell him to.................Iran is probably really happy that he got "elected"
@Asher I saw that! It's so terrible.......

I think I saw it on FOX or

I think I saw it on FOX or NewsMax


@NA we watch newsmax too. usually greg Kelly reports. @Mirela J Yes, before entering 2020 (I wasn't on here before that) I had a weird feeling that America would go wacko. I guess we are entering in the 3rd world country stage @everyone rep. Majorie Taylor Greene is introducing articles of impeachment on jan. 21. Does she know what she's doing? Biden is sortve like the fox attacking America, while Harris is the lion. The end of America may be coming sooner than you expect.

Well, um,

this is pretty scary

@ Addie L

I don't have Sid Meir's Civilization (I am very sad about the lack of having it), but I do have Sid Meir's Colonization IV, have you heard of it? At first I thought you were talking about Colonization, because it also has world leaders.

Ugly name

When I saw the title I thought Iran must be shooting missiles at someone...I hope that Iran doesn't, and that Biden agree to the deal. Let's just put our faith in God!

@Bethy S

I have never heard of colonization IV. I got Civilization VI for Xmas because my cousin suggested it to me and we know someone who helped make it. I am only about 110 turns into the 500 turn game, but I like it so far!
@David P- We aren't going to be a 3rd world country any time soon. At least, not the kind of 3rd world country I'm thinking about. I might have a different idea of them than you. If you mean the kind where half the population is in poverty and Christianity is banned and the government is communist, then I disagree with you. If you mean some other kind, tell me about it because I have never heard another definition.

@David P

Articles of impeachment for Biden are a good idea. He has done many things that deserve impeachment. I think that Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene definitely knows what she is doing, she is showing the dems that we republicans are not going to just fade into the woodwork for the next four years we are still willing to fight for our country and what is right and no president can change that.

@Asher E

Yeah, I know. I agree with you.

Trump is going to win. Trust

Trump is going to win. Trust God

A story This is the article mentioned in the above article. in the comments there is an interesting story.

@ Above


@Asher E

Harris is twice as communist then biden. We are in a tight spot. the only two choices are communist or communist (harris is the bigger communist). @Addie L Either the communist or something else. My dad talks a lot about events today, and it is engrained in my mind. Don't be caught off your guard by the good economy, good food, etc.

@ Addie (Colonization IV)

In Colonization IV you are either the Spanish, French, English or Dutch. There are two people for each group, (with different attributes) all real explorers or figures from history. (I like to play as Peter Stuyvesant) You settle a town (New Amsterdam, or you can name it yourself) and build in it, (There are also different Native American groups) you buy and sell goods in Europe and if you get more people you can settle more land and make more cities. If you get enough Liberty Bells and Founding Fathers, and if you get to 50% you rebel against the King. You fight the King and hopefully win. When you rebel you decided what government you want. If you don't win in 300 turns, the King wins and you loose automatically. There's a lot more to it. I think the game is for Windows. Oh, and the King taxes you.

@Asher E

Their whole thing was to put biden in office so that they could eventually impeach him, then have super duper communism. either they will impeach him because of the crimes, or harris will use the 25th amendment against biden, saying he is getting old and he can't think for himself. Have you seen the pic of him biting his wife finger(at a rally!)?

@ Corban

How can Trump win? Biden's inauguration is tomorrow! The SCOTUS already ruled that he is the President-elect. If Trump doesn't get impeached he could be elected next time though, if that's what you mean. I personally wouldn't want to vote for someone that got almost impeached twice.

@ Above

He almost got impeached on false stuff....I'd rather vote for him than a socialist...

@ David P

He did that?!! Or did it just look like it?

@N&M A

It's true, it was really weird
Bethy, that sounds really fun!


WOW!!!!! That is an awesome story!!! ON that other article I mean. I am so glad some of y'all could help him he was very brave to become a Christian even when his whole family now hates him for it. Amazing.


Well now Biden is the president ( or almost any way) so we will see if he is a good president or the opposite

@ Riley




@Franz R

He will not be a good president.

@Asher E


@Corban I

How was that mean or disrespectful?

@Asher E

I don't think Corban was only talking about what you just said. You have been kind of bitter lately and haven't been very kind to people that you disagree with. You really should try to look on the bright side and be kind even when things don't go your way. :)

@Addie L

I don't think he was being disrespectful when saying Biden won't be a good prez.

@Franz R

"you will know them by their fruits" it says in the Bible

so yes I think he will be a

so yes I think he will be a bad prez.

@ David P

I think that we don't know for sure, and that saying someone is bad at their job before they even start is disrespectful.

46th comment

In my opinion both prezes are not that good i'm just not very impressed with this years "best" options.

@Addie L

I am an optimist and I look at every bright side I can see. Also, can you give some examples of me being "bitter"

Iran is literally always

Iran is literally always trying to make as much trouble as possible!

@Addie L

I hope he unifies the country, but with the exec. orders he gave yesterday, it doesn't look very good. @Asher E The comment about "not my prez" i think was rude.

@david p

Yes and we have to wait and see what the fruits of Biden are going to be .


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