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News Bytes 01/15/2021 26 Comments

Today in Top Story: Learn about a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees and a 5,000-mile tree project to combat desertification.


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Most recent comments

1st Comment

Ok hey now it is on!
I think planting the trees is such a great idea! I hope they can finish the project! For an article about the Sahel...

Interesting.......trees are

Interesting.......trees are nice.......xD

2nd comment

reminds me of team trees except that their goal is to plant 20,000,000 trees

Im glad that

Im glad that they are planted trees to help the environment, but if there is a little flame all the trees are going to burn up.

this is Mylee

ya that could happen Noah. Tree's are great for our environment ! What is ya'll 's favorite tree? I like cherry blossoms there so pretty!

This is London

That’s going to take awhile tho. But tress can help the environment a lot.


I agree. :D
PS: Love cherry trees too!


OOPS, I meant, I love cherry trees too! XD

Ummm... Am I the only one seeing this? XD

Is it just me, or are his hands quite a bit paler than his face?? The reporter, I mean.

@Addie L

Yeah I saw that too! Lol! XD

@Addie L

That is what you call a fake tan.

@ Asher & Addie

Oof I just noticed

@ London S

I love cherry blossoms and birch trees (that is, when they're not covered in carvings), and I have a birch at my house! Trees are so beautiful! I love nature

I love climbing trees, so my

I love climbing trees, so my favorite is maple. We have a maple tree in our backyard that's about 4 or 5 feet across the middle. It's huge!

@ Micah D

Ooh! Lucky!

@ London S

Weeping willows are my favorite. I got a sapling for my last birthday, and it's grown several feet in the last nine months!


I like Elms.
Micah: Wow that is huge! I loved to climb trees until we moved and now it is just our windbreak which is pine trees, which are NOT good for climbing. We have a couple giant elm trees that are probably about 4 ft in diameter!

My dog died today.

My dog died today.

@ Above

Oh no!! I will be praying for you then.


I'm so sorry! I know I would be really sad if my dog died. I will pray for you. :(


Oh I am so sorry!!! I will pray for you!

Oh I am so sorry. Have a

Oh I am so sorry. Have a blessed day


Thank you!

(24th comment) #gogreen

#GOGREEN I live in Africa and I'm a missionary this is a great idea and it would help the people in need lots of people are very poor here and it would help hundreds of people who travel miles and miles just to get water. I support this wholeheartedly and have donated to this cause and I hope you would too. #TREESFORTHEFUTURE #ECOSIA

prayers for you kiara

Pole (swahili for feel sorry for you) My dog died a couple months ago too. I feel your pain. I'll be praying

@Titus Y

how long have you been on here?

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