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Queen Sets Example with Shot
News Bytes 01/13/2021 64 Comments

Over the weekend, officials say both Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, rolled up their royal sleeves—to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations, that is. Even those who aren’t always fans of the monarchy admit the significance of the Queen’s example.

A statement from palace officials says that the 94-year-old monarch and Philip, 99, received their jabs on Saturday. The couple joined some 1.5 million people in Britain who have already received a first dose of the vaccine aimed at immunizing people against the coronavirus.

In Britain, the news of the Queen’s choice to participate is being a called a “shot in the arm” to the hundreds of doctors and healthcare workers attempting to introduce the vaccination program.

The Queen has tried to lead by example for many years. That’s a biblical principle. In 1 Peter 5, Peter encourages church leaders to work that way, “not domineering over those in your charge, but leading by example.” Some compare the Queen’s voluntary Saturday vaccination to her involvement during the 1950s polio vaccine push.

Prior to 1956, polio paralyzed or killed more than half a million people worldwide every year, mostly young children. Back then, many parents feared the new polio vaccine would do more harm than good. Queen Elizabeth wanted to help change public opinion, so she had her children Charles and Anne, aged eight and six, vaccinated.

England’s Daily Mail newspaper wrote at the time: “Thus the Queen has followed 200,000 other mothers in using Britain’s vaccine.”

At the time, many people believe that by going public with their decision, the royal family helped convince folks to let their own children receive the vaccine—thus saving many lives.

On December 8, 2020, Britain became the world’s first country to begin a mass vaccination drive against the coronavirus. The government says it aims to deliver the first vaccine doses to some 15 million people in the top priority groups by the middle of February.

That includes everyone over age 70, as well as frontline healthcare workers, care home residents, and anyone whose health makes them especially vulnerable to the virus.

Following the Queen’s shot, royal officials took the rare step of commenting on the monarch’s health. They wanted to prevent inaccuracies and further speculation. The Queen “decided that she would let it be known she has had the vaccination,” the palace statement said.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been spending their time during the lockdown at Windsor Castle. The royal doctor administered the COVID-19 injections.

News of the Queen’s shot elated British Health Secretary Matt Hancock. He says, “We are defeating this virus jab by jab.”

(Britain’s Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. Stefan Wermuth via AP)

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Most recent comments

This is interesting

I think WORLDteen needs to make their site more secure er something lol this also comes up in the search box. .
About the article: I think that's good for her to take it. There are a lot of lies going around about this vaccine . I don't know if my family will get it, I think we're over the whole thing of "the COVID" lol



They haven't written the next article yet though...


this is soooo funny

Hello people of the future

I Marty McFly am very excited to meet you and learn about your way of life. lol

@ N&M A and KN

YES THE FUTURE! Too bad I'm in the present XD

Oh and

@ ASHER E too


how am I missing people!!!

Good job, time travelers!

*Clap clap clap* yay :D

The queen has set a really

The queen has set a really good example. I hope lots of people get the vaccine so that were allowed to play with friends and stuff.

The queen has set a really

The queen has set a really good example. I hope lots of people get the vaccine so that were allowed to play with friends and stuff.


Ya our family over it to.

Oh no... the plague of double

Oh no... the plague of double posting...:)

@Michah D

What if their are side effects to it? I don't need it at all. America needs to end the lockdown instead of doing vaccines for everyone.




This is just stupid, nobody cares that people are receiving the vaccine! They don't do hardly anything! Don't make an article like this ever again! No offense to anyone who is taking it though. PS my family will not be taking the vaccine.

@Curtis P

Please be a bit nicer when you post a complaint

@Maddy M

you cant someone to be nicer when they are posting a complaint. That's just saying that if you don't vote for Joe Biden you ain't black. he didn't have anything vulgar in his post.

BY Worldteen labeling this article "Queen Sets Example with Shot" they clearly state that taking the Covid shot is what people should be doing and is praising the queen of Britain for setting that example.

This is for anyone who thinks that Worldteen's posts are not biased ( "Violence & Virus at the Capitol" commentators, I'm talking to you)

Hi :D

Hello, I found this article interesting.

@Cheylyn D

I agree WorldTEEN's articles are 100% biased and they don't seem to be leaning towards where you would expect a Christian news source to be. This is very disappointing to me.

@ Cheylyn and Micah

WORLDteen, and specifically this article, is not biased. I read through it carefully just to make sure, and nowhere do they say anything like "We think vaccines are great". They think that setting examples is good, because it's a biblical principle-they even quoted the Bible. The title of the article is "Queen Sets Example with Shot", which is not biased at all-- WORLDteen didn't say "good" or "bad" example, just example. And they were not necessarily praising the fact that the queen got a vaccine and was prompting others to do so, but were praising the fact that she was setting an example of something that she believes is right and good for her country. Telling a true story of someone standing for what they believe isn't biased. Please don't take offense at this, but I think by " biased", you guys might really mean--even if you don't realize it--that the article doesn't state things according to your own opinions. Everyone has opinions, me included, and I think WORLDteen does a great job not putting their own into the articles. :-)


Oh and @Asher too. I didn't see your comment when I posted mine.

@Cheylyn D

I don't really understand, but okay. I didn't mean to offend anyone.


Yeah, I agree with you on that :)

@ Maddy

Thanks! :-)

@Cheyln D

I agree with you.


Y'all...................................................................................I think they are doing much better than most News organizations around here..............I agree with KN........................

Idk how y’all are seeing the

Idk how y’all are seeing the future. XD there is nothing wrong with mine. I will not take the vaccine either, I wonder if they make you in a public school.

Janna (Daniel's sister)

I bet they'll make you take the vaccine if you want to go to public school, sports games, colleges, restaurants, museums, and anything else like that.......I personally think that most people dying from Covid are old people who wouldn't live if they got a bad cold or if they've had other health problems. Because my dad and brother got Covid and they said it was just like having a bad cold with losing your taste and smell. But I think I'll have the vaccine because of all the things I mentioned above.......


If I am not incorrect, 85% of the people who got covid in US were wearing their masks?

Probably right but I didn’t

Probably right but I didn’t wear a mask


I will not take the vaccine. Fine, if the queen wants to, but not me. I am putting this in God's hands, not a vaccine's.
I do agree that worldteen needs to be careful so that it is not biased.

We wore masks everywhere and

We wore masks everywhere and still got covid lol we were doing it to be respectful to the older people who were freaking out

@ KN

I didn't say anything about bias! I was just stating my opinion, especially because some of our friends and us have very vulnerable grandparents (my grandma had a heart attack earlier this year). I didn't mean to state anything about World opinions/not opinions. Where do you think I said that?

add to other comment

I don't think Worldteen is biased at all.

@ Micah

Oh I'm so sorry! That was an an accident that I addressed my comment to you too! I should have been more careful. I don't know what I was thinking. :-\

@N A

Glen Beck from the BlazeTV does a much better job than WorldTEEN he is calling what happened on the 6th a riot just like he called blm riots. WorldTEEN has been covering things like a democRAT news source.


I liked the article. thanks! And thanks for being a great Christian-based news site!


I liked the article. thanks! And thanks for being a great Christian-based news site!

@ Asher

Well, it could be worse.

@Asher E, Cheylyn D

You may be right about Glen Beck doing a better job than WorldTeen, but I wouldn't call him kid-friendly. If you think World Teen is so biased, why do you bother getting on here and reading the articles? Or commenting? If you like Glen Beck better, go watch him.
@Cheylyn D- You actually CAN want someone to be nicer when posting a complaint. If they are just rude all the time, people are going to stop listening to them. It's the nice people that get heard when complaining. (Or it should be) Just because people have problems with this website doesn't mean they should go around calling them stupid. I agree with what KN said.
Also, Asher E, they are not 100% biased. That is impossible for a company with who knows how many workers. It wouldn't even be possible for one person! If it was 100% biased, no one would listen to it. But if your opinion is that they do a terrible job and you shouldn't listen to anything that they say, stop giving them your money, because they use that money to spread their biased, incorrect information.
This is kind of a mumbo-jumbo comment. I did not plan it, and if you are offended, I am very sorry, it was not my intention.
I think that it was good of Queen Elizabeth to get the vaccine. Think of all of the things that could go wrong with a 94-year-old taking a shot! And yet she still did it because she wanted to set an example! *clapping*
Also, I did NOT know she was so old!! Her husband is almost 100!! Wow.

@Addie L

The reason that I still read and comment on the articles is that I like the group of people we have on here. I still read these articles but they are not my main source of news.

@ KN

That's ok. I was just afraid i had actually said something like that. Thanks for the reminder though!

@ Micah

Thanks for understanding.


Thank you for you articles. Since I am not able to watch other news sources, I find this helpful for keeping up with what is going on in this world.


Yeah, this is not my main source either. But worldteen still does pretty well. Sometimes I go "wait, why would they put that on here?" But most of the time they are still interesting! But for the most part they do pretty well. The other news group I like is American Family Association, and One News Now. They are both Christian and are sort of linked together.


I watch and read a lot of news. I read WorldTEEN and the Apple news email newsletter and the occasional article from a random website. I watch Glen Beck, Doug TenNapel, Zeducation, and Allie-Beth Stuckey for conservative news on youtube and I watch NowThis News to see what the Dems are up to.

@Asher E

You watch Allie B Stuckey? My mom does too! I have watched some of her stuff and I like her! (Also she weirdly resembles one of my friends)

I don't really pay attention

I don't really pay attention to other news sources but whenever I'm really, really bored I will look at CNN just to laugh....*AHEM* but my mom read a lot of articles from NewsMax and other random things so she informs us randomly xD But I usually know about the things Worldteen writes about before they come on here...strangely xD

@ Asher E

Please don't take this the wrong way, and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't "conservative news" mean it's biased on purpose?


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