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News Bytes 01/8/2021 78 Comments


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1st Comment

I don't know if I was supposed to watch the one they put up, which was yesterday's, or today's, so I watched them both. For yesterday's - I can't believe people did this. That was just literally bringing shame on them and the Republican party. Like really people? Just think straight! For today's - I so like what that guy from Nebraska said. It is so true. The center of this nation is our people. I wish people would listen to that, stop acting crazy, and pull this country out of the whirlpool it is spinning into, never to come out again.
Here is a verse that I thought is really good for Christians in this would today "Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a CROOKED AND DEPRAVED generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe." It is from Philippians. That is soooo what we need to do as Christians. Shine out like stars among this crooked and depraved generation.

I disagree Riley, I think

I disagree Riley, I think what they did was maybe not the best, but it certainly got people's attention! The protesters did everything peacefully and did not hurt anybody or break anything (I can't say the same thing for BLM rioters) so I think it was honestly not that harmful. Compare them to BLM rioters, they did absolutely nothing.

@ Riley D. My dad has read

@ Riley D. My dad has read books by that senator before and said that he seems to be a good christian. I also liked his speech.

@Carys M

The Trump supporters weren't the ones who went into the capital. Only antifa and qanon went inside.

This is crazy

Yes I really liked what he said, our nation use to be so founded on the word, our founding fathers would frown if they saw this happing. That is so shameful people acting like kids. CARYS M There were breaking windows trying to get inside and were pushing past the police

this is Mylee

i do think that this has got some ppls attention to see how split our nation is . WE are slowly becoming communist :( . The whole forced to wear a mask and the words you can and can't say,Trying to take away are guns which is are protection, and a lot of other things too ! It s time for us Christian s to step up and not sit back. . some of our political members are so uneducated . This one guy would'nt let the mlitary land on an island cause he thought it would flip over !!!!!!!!

@Asher E

But Qanon fanatics are trump supporters?

@Zack W

They also go to blm rallies though.

@Riley D

Most of the protesters were peaceful, except a few who were crazies. In the summer, when those blm riots sparked, did anyone stop the violence that was going on for months? the republicans did. Trump never said to storm the building, but the democrats make him sound like he did. The democrats use speech very cleverly.

Sad, sad, sad.......

Sad, sad, sad.......
@Zack W Your back? xD



@Asher E

How do u feel about what is going to happen on jan. 20? Since Trump will transfer power, that isn't good, news, is it?

@David P

Nope it is not good news at all, our country is going to crap.

@ N A

Remember this? . Made me smile! This too : this was funny to look at!

@ NA

The comments I mean

@ Above

Haha!!! Yes, I remember xDD

@ Above

And this year they names the team "Elvies" my brother was so annoyed xDDD I think my dad has gotten used to the "American" style of names now xP xP

@N&M. A

Yes, at least for a couple days. Did you miss me ? :D

wow, they changed the symbols

wow, they changed the symbols for the mudroom, pie-in-the-sky, etc. and all this stuff is really freaky and scary, at least for me

@ Zack W

LOL I was just remembering what a terrible debater I was xPPPP

Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse wrote the book The Vanishing American Adult! Really suggest it for teens, mind blowing info

Did anyone's Explain It, Pop!

Did anyone's Explain It, Pop! Smart, Pie in the Sky ect. designs change?

Yes but now it changed back

Yes but now it changed back to normal strange

Yeah it goes back and forth

Yeah it goes back and forth

@Carys M

Yes, it was mostly antifa that went in. And it was not peaceful. The protestors broke through 4 security barriers, Broke into the Capitol and the chambers, shots were fired, and the protesters let out tear gas in the rotunda! That is NOT peaceful. And now they are blaming it on Trump, while it was a whole set up. Biden is now officially the new president, and both the House and Senate are Democrat controlled, so here we go.
A prayer: Lord, our country is now controlled by Democrats. But Lord, I choose to believe that You put them there for a reason. You always have a reason and plan for everything, even though we may not understand it. Lord, I am putting my trust in You. Amen.

@Riley D

I totally agree with all you have said. That is so true!

@Riley D

Compared to all the insane riots this summer, it was a VERY peaceful protest! ANTIFA people disguised as Trump supporters breaking some windows can't compare to burning police buildings, looting stores and banks, and so much more that I don't even know about (and I probably don't want to). Of course the protest was not ideal, some crazy people got rowdy (I'm leaving out what the ANTIFA people did because that was all rigged against conservatives), but at least they didn't go in there with ARs and AKs. The only shots fired were by police.

@ Joshua

Although it may have been more peaceful, I think what's important is that people were attacking the capitol! The last time it was attacked was in 1812, and those were British enemies! These were just American people who thought that they had to go to such extreme lengths. Because of this it could spark more tension and violence! I think that the reason this is so upsetting is because it was the Capitol.

@Bethy S

As far as I know the people that actually broke stuff were ANTIFA, with a few radicals following

@Kiara J

Now that you mentioned it... I noticed that it changed. I wonder why???


I think people need to just get this covid stuff over already!!!! I mean, seriously. They don't have to be so dramatic! Sheesh! Really, this is just like the flu... sorta. If you notice on the news, people just count all the dead people who die from cancer, the flu, ect. as died from covid. If I ever get the covid, I would no way get tested or go to the doctors about it!

@ NA

Oh my! Elvies?! Lol! And btw we say car like Cuh-are ( as in the word ‘are’) get it?


I was not saying that the BLM riots were not crazy, but I still wouldn't call the Capitol a peaceful riot. We could just say it was less violent than the BLM ones. But it was still violent, and it was the Capitol.

@Bethy S

That is not true, the capital was invaded in 1967 by an armed group of "protesters" called the black panthers. Be sure to do full research before you say things.

@Bethy S

In 1983, Susan Rosenberg planted a bomb outside3 the US Senate chamber to assassinate Republican senators. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler got President Bill Clinton to pardon her. She is now a board member of BLM.

@Bethy S

In 1983, Susan Rosenberg planted a bomb outside3 the US Senate chamber to assassinate Republican senators. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler got President Bill Clinton to pardon her. She is now a board member of BLM.

@Riley D

It was peaceful except for the rioters. The democrats smear every single protester as rioters.

@ Mirela

You mean like "caw" xPPPPPP sorry XD

@ NA

XD Ummmm no there is no W. I don't think... haha I sound so funny - I don't even know my own accent! haha.. anyways, I'm sure you'll find out sometime in the future if you ever visit the UK. Aww i wish i could meet everyone on WorldTEEN in person for 5 minutes. its would be so cool. just knowing what you all look like ( *this is especially for NA: and your accents XD ) Anyway, not possible except through a miracle from God.

@ NA

sorry you're probably annoyed at all these links but this : is kinda funny too XD '' Do you have Aldi?" " HOW DO YOU LIVE WITHOUT WALMART!!?!?!?" " I can't imagine a country without Sainsbury's! How can YOU live?!?!?!'' XDXD had me wanna laugh so much!!!

made me wanna laugh i mean

made me wanna laugh i mean

@ Mirela

Hahahah!! I was literally thinking about that the other day xDDD HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT A WALMART?!?! XDDDD
That would be fun to see what everyone looks like LOL xD but the only way would be a video call and that's not very safe considering this is a public website. Or if you registered for the National Bible Bee this summer and just did the Summer Study and got on the Social community and went to the zoom study meetings xPPP that would be funny xD

@ Mirela

I have a "book" image of what you all "look" like but I'm sure they are wayyyyyyy off XDDDD It's pretty funny
(book image like when you're reading a book and they don't describe that character a lot and you have this picture in the back of your head of what they look like and the worst part if when they have a random illustration and they look SO DIFFERENT THAN YOU THOUGHT!) xD

@N A

What is your "book image" for me? I am interested to see how accurate it is.

@ NA

Exactly! I get so annoyed when they look completely different in books! I’m like ‘No! Please, she’s not meant to look like that!’
I wish only people with worldteen accounts could see comments, then that would be more safe. I also have an image of what most people look like on here but like you, they are all probably totally different! XD :)
Could you tell me what you think I look like too? I’m curious as well. If you wanna know what I think you look like let me know.
What’s the National Bible Bee? I’ve never heard of it. It would be sooo funny if we both accidentally got onto the same zoom call. I would go, ‘hmm where is that Nadia? Hmmmm I hope she’s not late (*me being 30 minutes early cause I don’t wanna miss you XD) * me talking in my head: ah ha here she is! Let’s see now! *me looking shocked cause I have an entirely different picture of you in my head! Hahaha!


I don't really want to embarrass myself with sharing my very very inaccurate descriptions of you guys xPPP But @Mirela I'm curious to see what you think I look like so it's only fair if I say what I think you look like XDD idk........kind of tallish and light-ish brown hair....*refuses to try and make details out of the hazy image in the back of her brain*
Asher uhh......................idk do you have darker hair? *hides*
Ok y'all can roast me now xPPPPP

@ Mirela

The National Bible Bee is world wide for the first part of the competition but only for the U.S (bc the second part of it is in KY) for the second part. So the first part is the Summer Study for ages 7 -18 (there are different divisions)
Primary 7-10
Junior 11-14
Senior 15-18
So for the summer (June - August) they give you a study guide that has ALL the information you need to pass the test, you have to memorize Hebrew/Greek words, 14 memory passages (about 50 verses I THINK it might be a little less) and they give you a study passage (this year it was Gen. 37-50) and you basically study that all summer and at the end of the summer there is a test to see who qualifies to go to the next level of competition which is only for people who are U.S citizens. (which is a much harder study bc they don't give you any study material except the memory passages and study passage)
About the study meetings....
I am one of the hosts so you couldn't miss me xPP


Oh, and they have a Participant community for everyone who registered to connect and share study material and practice tests and have study meetings and all that xP

u can find more info at bible

u can find more info at bible bee . org

@N A

By darker hair do you mean not blonde?


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