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Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol
News Bytes 01/7/2021 91 Comments

Electoral votes were counted yesterday in Washington, D.C. Outside, supporters of President Trump rallied. The protest turned into a riot. Protesters broke into the U.S. Capitol. Lawmakers evacuated. After returning hours later, Congress confirmed that Biden won the presidential election.

Meanwhile, two runoff senate elections in Georgia were called yesterday. Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won, splitting the Senate 50-50.

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Most recent comments

@ Rett

I don't think that you can say that there is fraud in the Republican administration without acknowledging that there is fraud in the Democrat administration as well. I have no idea if there is evidence of fraud by Republicans, but what i do know, is that there is absolutely fraud commited by Democrats. What i don't understand is how you can say that all the RIOTS, were 'peaceful protests". I'm not against having equal rights for black people, but for the Dems to say that what was happening in summer was peaceful and then call the Republicans rally a riot, when the same things were happening in both, I have a problem with that.


Some were crazy trump supporters, and some were antifa people. Just because people say they are trump supporters, they don't always speak the truth. People do lie to make people look bad, you know that, right?

this is Mylee

agreed Sarah F. @ Rett i have evidence my friend had a friend that lives in Georgia and they were Amish they never vote but decided to this year . They headed to the polls but they said you already voted. And they were like oh no we didn't we have never voted before. They showed it to them and it showed that they voted for Biden !!! My Dad was a poll watcher this year, and no fraud n my town. I think that its awful how both sides are acting to each other! My family is independent but we voted Trump this year.

P.S. This is Caro

Sorry. I thought they were Trump supporters because a video had them climbing the building with Trump flags.

@Rett H

Uh.... what even. This sounds like a nice write-up about what you'd like to think. Give me one piece of evidence that the conservatives cheated, and then lets compare it to all the evidence of voter fraud. Cause all those ballots had Biden's name, not Trumps. And if it was so honest, they why are all the dems so opposed to any investigations? If everything was done legally then they would have nothing to worry about.


Am I the only one afraid of what this nation might become in the future? Short version: Most of this stuff is the result of American people not knowing their country's history (no offense you guys). But there are still people -older people- who know the backstory of this nation. If we fast forward 30 years, US TEANAGERS will be those older people. So umm, kinda prepare for anything to happen in the future? Also, doesn't this look like, idk, China or something has a hold on some top Goverment leaders? Just saying... (no offense anyone. )

There is racism in America,

There is racism in America, but I don't think BLM is helping to fight against racism. They are burning down buildings and hurting businesses which some most likely belong to black people. They are sparking violence and hatred which is the exact opposite of what Martin Luther King Jr. said to do in fighting against racism.

One thing I dislike, is how

One thing I dislike, is how some people say white males are oppressive and racist. By saying that, they are being racist themselves by labeling an entire group of people racist because of their white skin and gender.

@Alainah H P.S. This is Caro

I don't think they are oppresive and racist, but they are (most of the time) treated better. Just giving my opinion! :)


White privilege doesn't exist.

To Above

It really doesn't!!

@Asher E and N&M A P.S. This is Caro

I strongly disagree, but I don't want to start an argument :) You can have your opinion and I can have mine :)

My goodness, there are SO

My goodness, there are SO many comments on this incredibly short article. I have never seen so many people interested in one WorldTeen story!

@Nathaniel D
go look at how many comments are on this article

@Rett H

Amazing, every word of what you just said was wrong.

I think the protesters could

I think the protesters could have been Republicans too. Just because you are Republican doesn't mean you will never make bad decisions. Republicans are just as human as ANTIFA. This is my opinion.

@Asher E.

Why do you make definite statements that sound like you want to argue about something, but when someone confronts you about them you just change the subject and quote a seemingly random piece of trivia?

@ Asher and Nathaniel

If you think this is a lot of comments-look at this article!

@Zack W

What do you mean?


"i wish this had not happened in my time."
"so do i, and so do all who live to see such times. but that is not for them to decide. what they have to decide is what to do with the time given them."


"i wish this had not happened in my time."
"so do i, and so do all who live to see such times. but that is not for them to decide. what they have to decide is what to do with the time given them."

@ Asher and Nathaniel

Yeah don’t ever forget this : Nobody must XD
And I bet you can’t get last comment!

P.S. This is Caro

Remember! We don't want this to get as bad as in the other article! :) :) :)

Ahhh not THAT article XDDD

Ahhh not THAT article XDDD

@Asher E

For example you said all racists were democrats, which is blatantly wrong. I say a noticeable percentage of racists are republican, and you just say The KKK was founded by democrats. Yeah, so what? You said no trump supporters actually stormed the capitol and it was just Qanon believers, I say by definition Qanon believers are trump supporters. You respond with "They also go to BLM rallies." Yeah, so what? None of these things prove your argument.

@Zack W

If you go to a blm protest you are not a Trump supporter. There is such a small population of racist republicans that it is not notable. the Republican party was founded as an abolitionist movement while the democRAT party was defending the slave trade. Based on what the parties stand for and what can be seen in the world there are far more democRAT racists than Republican racists.

Question about when you say Democrats

When you say Democrats, do you mean the supporters or it's leaders?

@Alaina H

Generally the leaders.


If you watch the epoch times, their is a video on showing that some of the people were antifa members. The ones stirring up the republicans were antifa members if you look at their social media accounts(the one taking the video).

80th comment P.S. This is Caro

I'm glad they are finally tracking down people and arresting them! My adult sister told me that they tracked people at a BLM rally by tracking the Etsy order of their T-shirts! Isn't that crazy? Well, anyway, I'm glad they are arresting people, finally.


Ah, they could be what they wanted you to think. It's easy to LOOK like a Trump supporter, and we all know by now that the other side will do absolutely anything they think is necessary to get what they want. So, it sure doesn't look good for Trump, IF THOSE WERE HIS SUPPORTERS. Which, I doubt. I mean, I'm not gonna say 100% that none of them were, but to say that all of them, I don' think so.


people are so stupid some times!

@Hesperus D

The real Trump supporters were pulling the people who were breaking windows down to prevent them from doing it as much as they could.

@Hesperus D

Trump said in his speech a day ago i think that only a true trump supporter would not endorse the violence that happened.

Two words

mob mentality

@Asher E.

First, you don't get to define what makes someone a trump supporter. It is possible for other trump supporters to have different beliefs than you. Second, what you said about the Democrat party is a fallacy. When and why it was founded doesn't define what it means now. Why are most former confederate states Republican and most New England states Democrat if nothing has changed?

@Zack W

Trump himself has said that no true supporter of his could be involved in political violence. That includes blm.

88th comment P.S. This is Caro

It could be that they weren't Trump supporters but most of them have been going to Trump rallies, it is also possible that they just got caught up in the adrenalene. We don't know for sure, so please don't start an argument. :)


most were probably trump supporters with leftist values.


The people who stormed the Capitol were all Trump supporters, as far as I know. I don't see why we should just assume that because they rioted, they are automatically and obviously not Republicans. I think we should take responsibility for what they did and say they were wrong, because they were, no matter what party they belong to. If we deny that they were Republicans because they rioted, that makes us sound biased and hypocritical.
@Asher E- Earlier, when you said to Rett: "Amazing, every word of what you just said was wrong." That wasn't true. He said, "In Olympia, our state capital, domestic terrorists (radical people that even other members of their political party consider extreme, liberal or conservitive) broke into the governors mansion and wreaked havoc." For all I know, that is true. He also said right after that, "They are a reminder of the broken part of our state. Those people in the riots WERE NOT librals in disguise, most of us librals are too afraid to go outdoors in a pandemic (I know because I am one) unless we have a vaccine." For all we know, that is also true. The rest of what he said was a matter of opinion. He could be 100% right. For all we know. So, please do not say that other people are totally wrong until you have the PROVEN fact that they are, and then, please " Disagree politely." Like it says in the rules.
I do not mean to offend. :) (I am really just saying my opinion)


I feel like every time I get on here, I post a SUPER long comment!!


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