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Vaccinations Roll Out
News Bytes 01/7/2021 45 Comments

The United States has ramped up COVID-19 vaccinations in the past few days. The start was slower than expected, but the number of shots dispensed has topped four million, government health officials say.

More than 21 million people nationwide have been infected with COVID-19. The U.S. death toll for those affected by the coronavirus has climbed past 360,000, the most of any country, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Some experts believe that real number of U.S. infections is much higher. They say many cases were likely overlooked, in part because of limited testing.

“All you need to do . . . is go into the trenches, go into the hospitals, go into the intensive care units, and see what is happening. Those are real numbers, real people, and real deaths,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says the pandemic is getting worse in his city. The virus spread rapidly within households as people let their guard down with news of a vaccine’s arrival.

Fauci acknowledges the United States fell short of its goal of having 20 million doses shipped and distributed by the end of December. “There have been a couple of glitches. That’s understandable,” he says. “We are not where we want to be. There’s no doubt about that.”

But Fauci says he has seen “some little glimmer of hope” after doctors administered 1.5 million doses of vaccine in 72 hours—an average of about 500,000 per day.

He expresses optimism that the momentum will pick up by mid-January and that ultimately the nation will be able to vaccinate a million adults per day. (At present, there is no vaccine approved for children age 16 and under.)

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the chief science advisor to Operation Warp Speed, the government’s vaccine development and distribution effort, says 17.5 million doses have already been shipped. About 13 million of those have gone to clinics, hospitals, and other places where they will be administered. In most areas, healthcare workers receive the first shots, followed by the elderly and those with compromised immune systems who want the vaccine.

Some experts warn that an additional surge of infections is likely because of holiday gatherings and the cold weather, which keeps people indoors. Greater illness occurs when people stay inside more for at least two supposed reasons: Little air circulation keeps viruses close to people instead of blowing them away on a breeze; and less sunlight means less vitamin D production—a nutrient needed to boost individual immunity for fighting off illness.

Arizona reported a one-day record of more than 17,200 new cases this week. Health officials say the jump appears to reflect infections from Christmas gatherings—but was also probably magnified by a lack of reporting over New Year’s weekend.

Overseas, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says tougher lockdown restrictions in England are forthcoming. Another form of the coronavirus has pushed infection rates to their highest levels on record in the United Kingdom.

Scientists say the variant is more contagious. Fauci says the United States needs to do its own study. But he notes that British researchers believe that the mutated version is no deadlier than the original known version and that vaccines are effective against it.

(People who qualify wait their turns to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on January 3, 2021, at a Houston Health Department’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Yi-Chin Lee/Houston Chronicle via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment

Oh boy... I don't really want any vaccine, thank you.
I am really surprised that they didn't put an article about storming the Capitol. I should think that is more recent and well, people should know about it.

Riley D

I KNOW!!! It's shocking that they didn't do that! I would think since it was national news! Honestly, everyone's is just trying to pretend everything is normal, but state capitols are getting stormed too, and I say the more the merrier. If they're doing it peacefully enough, maybe it will open people's eyes that everything is NOT ok.


They usually have these articles planned in advance so this was going to get posted no matter what. They will probably talk about the capital later today.

3rd Comment

You know whats funny, you have a higher chance of living with Covid, than with the vaccine.

this is Mylee

#sonottakingthevaccine ! To above i do what some more recent news too.

This is London

Asher is right sometimes they add two articles if something is more recent, (world watch is for my new news) sigh* another vaccine article. Random question how long have you been apart of world teen? 2yrs for me

The vaccine sucks

It is great that Trump was able to put together these teams to get the vaccine out but I don't trust the companies who make the vaccines. The vaccines have RNA in them which will modify your DNA. No Thanks! I would rather not go to a movie theatre than let the government modify my DNA.

@Mylee S

I am coming up on two years of membership.

This is London

My brother has had world teen for like 4 yrs but when I was like 10 and 11 I felt like world kids was to little for me and world teen to old

coming up to 2 years on

coming up to 2 years on Worldteen.

@London S

Nearly a year for me. I started in April. No Vaccine for me until, idk, 20 yrs from now? I wanna wait to see after effects and possible supergerms

12th comment

I started in October 2020. Those people are nuts, storming the Capitol! If I could vote, I wouldn't want to vote for a leader supported by people like that! Although if Trump is better than Biden...*shudder*

also, for some reason(ive

also, for some reason(ive tried several times) emojis dont work in worldteen

Yikes, I really don't want to

Yikes, I really don't want to have a vaccine, I rather acutely have Covid

Yikes, I really don't want to

Yikes, I really don't want to have a vaccine, I rather acutely have Covid

@London S

I think world teen is too little for teens (not saying anything bad about it. i like it, of course), its just that it doesn't seem like it fits teens.

@ David P

Why do you say that? I am an older teen and I think they do a good job.

@Addie L

They usually do a good job. Some of the articles they have done about the election have not been very truthful, unfortunately.

David p

I have noticed that the news sometimes aren’t rly news (no offence) there like from awhile ago. I understand completely what you mean, what I meant is when I was 10 and 11 I couldn’t understand what I was reading

I do sometimes feel like it

I do sometimes feel like it is more for kids

@London S

Yes, i get what you mean about being 10 or 11 (and so on). That makes sense. @Asher E Because my dad talks a lot about election fraud, the bogusness of covid, etc. I think they should up it up a little bit (or a little bit more).

@David P

The election fraud has (unfortunately) not yet been proven. Before you give me all the reasons why there is fraud going on, let me say that I also think that a TON of fraud happened during the election, and I think that it should be brought to light in order to preserve the integrity of our system. Covid is (also unfortunately) a real sickness and people have died from it. It is true that the government has inflated it, but it still is something that older people have to worry about.
The reason that World Teen does not speak about these things is because they are a news platform, not a discussion platform. They present the facts, the proven facts, in an impartial way. If they started putting things up about how Covid is fake and Trump won the election, they wouldn't have as many people following them because those aren't proven facts. @Asher E- What they have said about the election has been true, unless I missed something. Could you give me an example of something untrue that they said about the election?

*sighs* welp we're probably

*sighs* welp we're probably going to get the vaccine? Idk we already had COVID....
I think WORLDteen does a good job and I'm an "older" teen. I've been on WORLDteem for about uhh let's see 5 years *whispers* hehe

@ Addie

there is tons of evidence for election fraud

@N&M A

Yes, but it hasn't been proven in court, so World Teen can't present it as fact. :(

But I wish they wouldn't say

But I wish they wouldn't say "there is no evidence of fraud "


I also get tired of hearing that there is simply 'no fraud'. There is fraud, to some degree, in every election. Usually it doesn't make a difference, but when an election is very close, it does. But there is always some.

@David P. I sometimes wish for more here too, but for the most part World Teen does a good job.

@Addie L

The called Biden president elect far before anything got certified. Also, saying that there is no evidence of fraud is a straight-up lie, there are thousands of sworn affidavits that are considered direct evidence according to the legal process.

@Addie L

Many of the things they report about politics are not proven facts they are just what is being said on all of the other fake-news scources.

@Asher E

When they called Biden president-elect, it was right after he had 'won' the race. I don't think he won fairly, but he was the winner until further notice. Did they say that there was no evidence of fraud? Because if they did, then I am going to have to change my opinion about them. There is definitely evidence, but it isn't a proven fact. What things do they say about politics that aren't proven facts? I could go and look I guess... But I don't really want to. XD

@Addie L
Look at the end of this article


So...…yeah, it is really hard to know what to trust right now. You for sure can NOT trust any medias or news broadcasts because everything is all reported unlike it actually is. Vaccines were first invented by Dr. Edward Jenner and were used for good. But now, I would not be surprised if they started attempting to force people into getting them. And who knows what UNHEALTHY mutant chemicals they might be putting in there. I am not putting down doctors. Most doctors are good, but others can be evil, greedy and selfish. Be careful! Now, I am not stomping over all vaccines, but I bet a good portion of them could cause more harm than good.

World teen

World teen does an amazing job on not showing favouritism for a side. Like giving a chance for everyone’s side to be right,

@ London and Lissa

I've been on WORLDteen since April too, when I got a subscription for my birthday!

@Asher E

You are right, there was evidence of fraud at that time and they shouldn't say that 'there is no evidence of such votes'. Oh well.


I have been on for about a year now.
I do think that the could put a little more news related subjects, or put something with deeper thought into it sometimes, but I do like what they have been doing as well.

My opinion

Think of all the chemicals in the vaccines. There must be so many for it to fight off a disease or illness. It's not natural. We have our own 'vaccine' in us already made naturally by God - out immune system. I understand that people may be scared of covid and looking forward to getting the vaccine, but its not necessary. Why don't they give out free fruit and veg out to people and doing free exercise programmes with people to strengthen them instead of spending millions of dollars on vaccines?

@ Riley @ London

@ Riley Wow a year already? I remember when you were new :-)
@ London I've had it for about 1 1/2 years. I remember my first day of having it and i posted my comment saying I was new and I was sat waiting with the iPad, refreshing it every 30 seconds, seeing if anyone was replying to my comment XD hahaha obviously i don't do that now but i did for like a couple of weeks XD I'm still trying to find the article when i put that first comment. :-P

@ Mirela J

This is the first article I ever read on the website, I'm not sure about my first comment though.

@ Mirela

I remember when you were new xD

@ NA

Yeah... do you remember those people like Beth H and Bethsarah G? They’re the ones I remember from that time. I had some nice conversations with them XD. It’s so sad they don’t have WorldTEEN anymore. :-( BTW, do you have any idea which article I posted my first comment on? No worries if you don’t!

@ Mirela

LOL Yes I remember them xD Do you remember Lena P, and Alyssa S, and Grant F, and all those people? xDDD I think I remember when you introduced yourself let me look....
Also about you refreshing the page waiting for a reply xD my brother does than and he is always like "WHY dose no one respond when I comment but they respond to you?!!" xD I have NO idea why xD but it's pretty funny sometimes....

welp I couldn't find it....:(

welp I couldn't find it....:(

@ NA

XD hahahahahahahaa! That’s really funny! Lol! And yes, I do remember Lena P!! Grant F and Alyssa S do ring a bell too.
It’s fine about the article - it’s not easy to find it!

Haha! xD Also I responded to

Haha! xD Also I responded to you on

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