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Electoral College Elects Biden
News Bytes 12/16/2020 126 Comments

On Monday, the Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden as the United States’ next President. The state-by-state vote officially ratifies his November victory—despite President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the election results.

The election took place six weeks ago. On Monday, the Electoral College met to officially cast votes. (For an explanation of the Electoral College, see Popular vs Electoral Vote.) The electors gave Mr. Biden the solid majority of 306 electoral votes to the President’s 232. The count reflected the same margin President Trump had when he won the White House four years ago.

Some states arranged for increased security around electors as they met to cast paper ballots. In Michigan, lawmakers from both parties reported receiving threats, and legislative offices were closed over threats of violence. Mr. Biden won the state by just 154,000 votes over President Trump.

Georgia state police were out in force in Atlanta before Democratic electors pledged to Mr. Biden met. There were no protesters seen.

For all the hoopla beforehand, there were no surprises: Every one of the electoral votes assigned to Mr. Biden and to the President in last month’s popular vote went officially to each man.

California’s 55 electoral votes put Mr. Biden over the top. Vermont, with three votes, was the first state to report. Hawaii, with four votes, was the last.

Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin electors—from the six battleground states that Biden won and Trump contested—gave Mr. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris their votes in low-key proceedings. Nevada’s electors met via Zoom because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Republicans who would have been Trump electors met in a handful of states. Pennsylvania Republicans cast a “procedural vote” for President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence—just in case courts would somehow determine after the fact that they had won the state.

Stephen Miller, one of President Trump’s strongest allies, tried to downplay the importance of the Electoral College vote. He suggests that legal challenges will continue all the way to Inauguration Day on January 20.

Judges have repeatedly dismissed Republican legal challenges. Last week, President Trump and Republican allies tried to persuade the Supreme Court to reject 62 electoral votes for the Biden-Harris ticket in four states. Removing those votes would have thrown the outcome into doubt. But the justices rejected the effort on Friday.

So far, President Trump has not accepted the election results. He continues to claim there was enough dishonesty to alter the outcome. Trump-nominated Attorney General William Barr disagrees. He assured the American public that the election outcome was accurate. Barr on Monday tendered his resignation from the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, President-elect Biden renewed his campaign promise to be a president for all Americans, whether they voted for him or not. He says the country has hard work ahead on the virus and economy.

“Once again in America, the rule of law, our Constitution, and the will of the people have prevailed,” President-elect Biden says. “Our democracy—pushed, tested, threatened—proved to be resilient, true, and strong.”

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. — Romans 12:8

(President-elect Joe Biden speaks after the Electoral College formally elected him to the highest office in the nation on Monday, December 14, 2020. AP/Patrick Semansky)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment

First off - PLEASE, LETS NOT PUT ANY NASTY COMMENTS ON HERE!!!!! STATE YOUR OPINION KINDLY!!!!! And now for my thought on this... Sigh. This is not good for our country, but God is in control, and that is all that matters. God picks the people He want for government, and He puts them there on purpose. As Christians, we just need to stand for what is right.

@Riley D


@Riley D

Yes. God has a plan.

@Riley This is Caro

Thank you for saying that! They got so nasty on that other article that people were accusing other people of soporting murder!!
@Everyone, I didn't think it would change that much. I'm not for either presidential canidate but I thought that Biden would be president. Also I agree with Riley, don't put anything nasty on here. Nobody actully feels good if they are mean to people. And it is only 9 days till Christmas! That's all about being kind and genorus and celebrating the birth of Jesus!

5th comment

I kinda knew this would happen, and I wanted Trump to win, but more people want Biden and I can't change what they think or what they do. I wish I could, but only the Heavenly One above can only do that.

Election challenges

There is still one way for the election to be overturned. There is significant evidence of fraud and these cases should not just be thrown out.

With all due kindness, what

With all due kindness, what the blazes does Biden know about the rule of law, the Constitution, or the will of the people? Seriously, I don't think any of those things prevailed during this election. I find the liberals to be extremely frustrating because of their lack of regard for rules and laws. But, yes, we should try to set this stuff aside for Christmas.

@ Hesperus

Speaking of rules, one of the comment rules is "Be respectful of everyone, including other readers as well as individuals in the news stories." That wasn't very respectful or kind to Mr. Biden (an individual in the news story!).

This is London

:( God is in control . Sigh and so close to Christmas

this is Mylee

Pray for America ! God is in control ! I believe in my opinion that they totally did fraud .......... I can't believe all the evil right now in our country :(.


Speaking facts is not being unkind. Facts don't care about your feelings!

@ everyone

A small argument is starting already...please, let's stay cheerful during the holiday season!

@Maddy M

As long as we keep things under control it is fine. Debate is actually very healthy as long as it doesn't get out of control.

@ Asher E

Yeah, I just don't want the comment section exploding

14th comment P.S. This is Caro

Yes, debate is healthy... Sometimes. Everyone, please don't forget how bad it got on that one article!


Guys ik everyone is feeling kind of down, but guess what?! If all this bad stuff is happening then that just means that we are just that much closer to the second coming.



attorney general Barr and Sen. Mitch McConnell think the mob is going to utterly destroy them so they say that Biden won or the elections were very secure. The only thing that can destroy them is themselves. Some poll watchers were forced to stand outside with binoculars to watch them count the ballots! And with the ballots sent to EVERYONE that could easily bring fraud. @Hesperus Yes, I DONT THINK knows any law or the constitution. I think they might impeach him after elected. This is probably soon going to end the future of America.

Lord, please help us!!

YIKES! ◑﹏◐
I figured this would happen.........remember what happened with Israel they wanted a king but it wasn't the Lord's will...but they begged for he gave them Saul...and all the bad things that he warned them about happened....
This won't be good, but the Lord is still on the Throne!! On the "bright" side....Biden can only be president for a max of 8 years and by then I'll be voting and I won't vote democratic xP


guys after the first comment plss stop were not enemies just because of who we vote for !!!!

@N A

Yes, luckily our generation is the first to be more conservative than the last one so there will probably be a conservative uprising in the next election.

@ Above


*cough* I meant to the

*cough* I meant to the comment addressed to me




I almost feel like that's their get Kamala president.. remember how she was accusing him of all these evil things and then all the sudden they are best friends *facepalm*

God is with us

As Christmas gets closer, I can't help remembering what Jesus's name was: Emmanuel, which mean "God is with us". Even though the election results might be hard to accept, we still need to remember that God is with us, despite who becomes president of the US. He won't change, even if our country does.

@Riley D

totally agree

Off topic question

Im trying to come up with a pen name. Which of these do you guys like? im trying to get opinions.

Elliot Cannon
P. W. Abby
Cornelius P. Morecambe
Cornelius Conson
Carol Conson
Eden Price
Jonathan Pennyfeather

@Asher E

Yes, I knew that would happen, too! Either he is going to die and Kamala will be president, or he will be impeached and she will be president. They will try and destroy the electoral college if a republican justice dies or leaves @N&MA They might try taking down the Republican party and elections will be rigged if they win.

@Cheylyn D

You are hilarious.

@ Emma M

I like Eden Price,


Y'all remmember God is in controll. This is M.A.

SIGH. Oh, well. prayers for

SIGH. Oh, well. prayers for America everyone


I am for Trump but I guess God wants Biden to be president . Maybe Biden just looks bad on the outside but he is good on the inside . No offense

By the way

By the way I don’t nessasarily ( however you spell that) think America Is falling apart just because the opposite person I wanted became president no offense

@Asher E

Fact don't care about your feelings is true, but we should try to state the facts in the right manner. Out of love and compassion

@Emma M

I like Eden Price or Elliot Cannon.

Wow WorldTEEN

Back at it again deleting comments you don't agree with again smh.


Well, as I'm sure you know, that was hardly the worst thing I could've said about him. If I was someone out trying to smear him the worst I could, there would've been a lot worse things on my comment than that. Besides, it is true. I'm not trying to insult him, exactly. I'm just saying it is hypocritical, as someone who cheated.

@Cheyln D

Yeah, I have very little respect for a politician who has very little respect for my country.

@ Cheylyn D

I never said I supported Biden. I don't support either candidate, mostly because I don't know much about them, and what impression I get is that neither is really suitable to be president. We don't have a TV, and I don't get on social media or anything like that. Neither person is great and I'm glad my parents weren't able to vote because they submitted their applications late. But I definitely agree that that was not a good or true thing to say. However, I'm sure Trump has said bad things too.

@ Hesperus, about my first comment

I'm sorry I said that, I probably shouldn't have. It was sort of nasty. Will you forgive me? :-[

@ Everyone

I know we all have opinions. And we all (me included) naturally think that our opinions are the ones that matter and the ones that are right. And this comment section is for (nicely) stating and discussing them. So can we please do that, and not bash other people just because of what they think?

@Emma M

@Emma, I like P.W. Abbey! Once you decide which one to use will you let us know?


Hmm? Sure, you're fine.


I wasn't particularly offended.


I like Carol Conson

@Franz R

I don't agree with what you said about biden being good on the inside. I think that Gods will in the last days will be coming. But, God might want him to be elected to fulfill the ending of the world. I am trying to state my opinion don't be mad plz.



@David P

One of the things I learned about recently is how biblical prophecy can point to multiple things, normally one is on a smaller scale than the other but they both line up with the prophecy. I believe that Biden could be the "small scale" part of the antichrist prophecy.

David P

Don’t worry I won’t be mad But I would rather think on the optimistic side .... he could be good ? You never know . Trump said some bad things to you know


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