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News Bytes 12/4/2020 55 Comments


WORLD Watch: Top Story is a part of the newest current events resource from WORLD News Group. Each day, WORLD Watch delivers a newscast, a top news story, and a feature story. Top Story is a segment of what members will see in WORLD Watch.

WORLD Watch is a daily, 10-minute current events program for teens that delivers headline news, in-depth feature stories, and thoughtful perspective to help students develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

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1st comment

I don’t quite understand this. Can someone explain?

2nd comment

I can't wait for this election to end.


@Mirela I didn't either because my brothers decided to have a nerf gun fight and I couldn't hear <(_ _)>
Probubly something about the election?
I don't know about everyone else....but I miss having articles on Fridays....and now we have to pay for WorldWatch....and my mom doesn't like their music so we won't buy it...

Do any of yall write?

I was wondering if anyone here writes? Im currently writing books and stories though I have yet to finish, my ideas are good, but I procrasinate. I was thinking of posting short stories on here if anyone is interested in reading them. Also people could join in and post their own stories. Mainly On the WORLD Watch Top Stories us writers out there could post short stories if you guys wanna join. :D

@Emma M

Yes, I do, but mine have thick, dark, swirling plot. They're also mostly fantasy. What is your agenda?

6th comment

I like writing stories but I have not finished any of them yet.

@Emma M

Yes, I love writing stories. I have finished four chapter books and am working on four more, all at the same time!!! I write in one until I run out of ideas, and then start on a new one that I have fresh ideas for!! One I am joint writing with my friend. If you go to this article,, I wrote explained what that one is about!!! A few people put some of their stories on there. I can't really do what you suggested though, because mine are long chapter books, not short stories. Plus, I don't have much time to be on here, and it takes a lot of time to type that out, as well as the comments get really long!!!! But other and I have put tips and such on that one article!! Enjoy!! We are planning on publishing our book, called New Hope. I can let you know when we do if you want.


I love writing what I call 'real life fiction' Which is fiction, but something that is based in the real world with normal things and people. I don't do well writing fantasy!! I am not a fan of it anyway, which is probably why! :) I am glad you like it though!!!!!

I LOVE to write! I am writing

I LOVE to write! I am writing a book (and editing it at this moment).

I enjoy writing books or at

I enjoy writing books or at least starting them, but I get discouraged half-way through and then never finish them. ~~sigh

I'm a writer, too. There are

I'm a writer, too. There are tons of writers on the article: Voice of a Storyteller.

To Emma

Yes! I love to write! I have written a lot of books, and I am currently working on a book that takes place in China (but isn't real) where Bryce Guffer (my character) is sent on a mission. He's a missionary.

Yes me and my brother are in

Yes me and my brother are in the middle of a murder mystery, it's not like super dark or anything like that, but it's actually like a comedy.... yes I know kind of sounds weird but its not at all, my aunts did the same thing when they were my age.

I've started other books but

I've started other books but never finished them but this one that I'm currently weighting with my younger brother is one we're almost done with.

What type of books does

What type of books does everyone write? Mine are kind of a mixture. I can do murder and fantasy. I do have to admit that I like to ad just a hint of romance. :) I write books for my eleven year old sister. The books I write to her are about people in the 1800s. I prefer though to write books placed back in the olden days with always horses. :)

I think that this idea of yours, Emma, will hopefully help me to write more and actually finish my books!! :)

@Isabel F

Well, like I said above, I like doing real-life fiction. For some reason I struggle with fantasy, but I don't know why. And I am not really a murder mystery person either.... So that leaves me pretty restricted!! I usually write during the modern time period, because I find it easier because I know alot about it. I am trying to write one during WWII, based in England, so that is kinda hard, because I didn't live in England during WWII, so I don't know what it was like! so anyway...... But I always like to have mine with a big, meaningful moral to them. I typically have a conversion to Christ in each of my books, so that is a lot of it.

@Isabel F

A conversion in each of my books, so then hopefully if someone picks it up and reads it who isn't a Christian, it is like being a witness to them. Does that make sense?

@ Riley D

Yes, that makes sense. Good idea. I have Christ in each of my books. For example... The book about Bryce Guffer, a missionary who goes to China, preaches to the people there.

I've got a question :)

I've got a another question. Does anyone have a penname? Mine is Genevieve Whitehorse. (Used to be Genevieve Brack until I discovered the name Whitehorse) If you can tell by my last name, I love horses. :) My older sister has a penname, too.

I was thinking of doing a

I was thinking of doing a Nancy Drew book just for fun, my aunts did one and it was hilarious, it involved murder which is never in a Nancy Drew book and her Dad was the murderer. I know it kind of ruins the book but it was so funny and Nancy was super different, but it was totally still a Nancy Drew book though , sorry if I for some reason offended someone or ruined the books. You should still read them.
Ps My aunts were 11 and 12, I think so don't judge them to hardly!

@ Nora L

Sounds like plan, fran!! (that's a saying my mom uses a lot) :) I say, 'What are you waiting for? There's only one way to find out if it works!' :)

Here's a tip from an author I know. (Mrs. Susan K. Marlow said this to me) 'Don't make your book drag too long to the end. Because if you continue to just drag it out but include nothing else, the reader may just abandon the big.'
Also, I can only write if my characters want to continue there adventure. If not, I'll just keep staring at the screen for no reason. :)


@Isabel F
I write thick plot, with romance as a plot twister, often with a hint of darkness as well (like romeo and juliet) Stories like," Fire Emblem, Genealogy of the Holy War," I love the love relationship between Sigurd and Deidre, how it ends in tragedy because Deidre loses her memory. Also, my penname is normally Norah Moon, or Yelisse Chrom.

@ L Y

Interesting... I do like your pennames! They are pretty! I used to have the penname Juaneya F. Biblos, but changed it to Genevieve Whitehorse not even half a year ago.
I've never read that book, but I will see if my library has it. It sounds... Well... Pretty interesting.

@Isabel F

Um, Fire Emblem is actually a video game... Google it, but type "fire emblem sigurd and deidre" you'll get a better result, trust me.

@ L Y

I like never play video games on our Xbox. If we do, we play (at max) once every month. NOT because Im told not to, but it's not as good as playing basketball or something.

@David P

My family plays tactical role playing games, we all argue over where to put what character. It's a Saturday night thing, but only after the board games.

@Isabel F

No, I do not have a penname.

@ L Y

Whoops. Sorry I never play video games, so... Ok. :)

@ Isabel F

Yeah well I need to finish the first one because if I start a new now I'll not finish the one I'm working on.
PS. My mom says that too

I would love to read the

I would love to read the Nancy drew book. I love mysteries I read Nancy drew and trixie beldon

Fire Emblem

I'm a big FE fan! Did anybody hear about the original game being translated to English on the Switch?

@Elijah S

No, haven't heard of them doing it to Mystery of the Emblem. I have some questions for you...
1. Who's your favorite FE character? I like Yuri of the Ashen Wolves DLC for FE3H.
2. Which games do you like best? For me, Three Houses, Fates, and Awakening.

I write historical fiction

I write historical fiction

My mom was considering buying

My mom was considering buying my family XBox, but decided to wait until my little brother and sister are older. I don't mind. I'll just stick to books

I like reading Sherlock

I like reading Sherlock Holmes

And my family doesn't do

And my family doesn't do video games

@Alaina H

Xbox attracts you so much that you usually play for like an hour. It is too addicting and become a couch potato. Last time I played was in september or october.

@ Nora

Me too! I've read all of the original stories and in love them!

@David P

That's nice to know.

@Nora L

I have read the entire Sherlock Holmes series. It was a gift from my grandparents. I like how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made him realistic by noting his faults and having some cases he didn't solve or couldn't solve in time.

Have any of you read The

Have any of you read The Knights of the Round Table? My favorite knight is Sir Gawain.

yeah... lancelot stinks

yeah... lancelot stinks

@Alaina H

Yeah Haven't read all of them but I really like the few that I've read

@Micah D

For school I do Written Narrations, and my favorite ones to narrate are the stories of Arthur and the Round Table, I like to made Lancelot not that noble, but he acts very noble, and then you know how Queen Guinevere and Lancelot fall in love a the end ( hope that you have read it all cause I don't want to spoil it for you) well I make Guinevere kind of not like Arthur a whole lot. I don't know just I like putting kind of a funny twist on it. I know that the way I described it did not sound that funny but once I actually make it into a story out is pretty good.

Hey, what is Fire Emblem? I

Hey, what is Fire Emblem? I've never heard of it before...

I never liked Lancelot. He

I never liked Lancelot. He has no self-control.

Hi Everybody!

What's the Knights of the Round Table about???????????

Hi Everybody!

What's the Knights of the Round Table about???????????

It's the tales of King Arthur

It's the tales of King Arthur who drove out the Saxons from Britain and his knights. It records their adventures and quests.


Seriously you haven't read the Knight of the Round Table?!?!


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