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US Travel Plans Go Forward
News Bytes 11/25/2020 38 Comments

Public health experts begged people to stay home and avoid big Thanksgiving gatherings. Still, about three million Americans packed airports and planes last weekend—even as coronavirus numbers surged across the United States and the world. Those crowds are expected to grow. Next Sunday could be the busiest day of the holiday period.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urged Americans not to travel or spend the holiday with people outside their household. That’s because new cases of the virus have rocketed, and deaths too have risen.

The nation’s top infectious-diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told CBS’ Face the Nation that people at airports “are going to get us into even more trouble than we’re in right now.”

Despite the weekend travel figures, the number of people flying for Thanksgiving is down by more than half from last year. However, the crowds at U.S. airports from Friday through Sunday marked the biggest since mid-March.

Many travelers are unwilling to miss out on seeing family. They’re convinced they can do so safely. Also, many colleges have ended their in-person classes, driving students to return home.

“I don’t want to unknowingly make anyone sick. But I also don’t want to miss this special event for my only daughter,” says Laurie Pearcy. She is flying to New Orleans to attend her daughter’s bridal shower and have a small Thanksgiving dinner with her son.

Stephen Browning, a retired executive from Arizona, will fly to Seattle for Thanksgiving with his sister. The celebration usually has up to 30 people. This year only 10 are coming, and everyone was asked to get a coronavirus test. He doesn’t plan on removing his mask on the flight.

“This is my first flight since December 2019, so yes, I have concerns,” he says.

Not everyone is hitting the road. Josh Holman and his family were planning to fly to Lake Tahoe. They intended to spend Thanksgiving with his brother, who lives in San Francisco, and his parents, who live in North Dakota. But they scrapped those plans.

“I see it as my civic duty not to spread this virus further,” says Holman, an assistant county prosecutor who lives outside Detroit.

More people tend to drive than fly over Thanksgiving, but even car travel is expected to see a drop-off, according to AAA.

Brad Carr and his wife are retirees in Georgia. They debated whether to drive 35 miles to his son’s house for Thanksgiving and eat at a separate table on the porch. After the CDC’s announcement, they decided to stay home. Carr’s son will deliver their meal “a la Uber Eats,” Carr says.

The CDC advises those who do gather to eat outdoors, wear masks, stay six feet apart, and have just one person serve the food.

That’s the plan for Juliana Walter’s family. Walter, a student in Texas, plans to get a coronavirus test and then drive home to Maryland. Her parents have rented tents and outdoor heaters and will host up to 30 masked family members for Thanksgiving dinner.

However—and whether—“We Gather Together,” God’s creatures should praise the one from whom all blessings flow at Thanksgiving and all the time! Those blessings include—among many others—life and breath as well as wisdom and discernment.

(Travelers at JKF International Airport on Friday, November 20, 2020, in New York City. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment

We are still doing Thanksgiving. My Dad's parents are coming up from OKC, but that is it. Dad has one sister and her family that is supposed to come up, but they seem to always screw up plans, and this time they are going to her husbands side of the family. Oh well. I won't go into all that!

2nd comment

Yes! Now maybe my families plan to take a trip to South Korea will actually happen!
@Riley Mirela answered to your comment on

We always go to our friend's

We always go to our friend's house in North Carolina for Thanksgiving, and we just drive up there. We're not changing anything, in fact, we're leaving in a few hours. My mom says since we'll be in the car like the whole time it will be fine.

4th Comment

I just want covid to end to we can get back to our normal lives.


We are still having Thanksgiving at my cousin's house.


We were planning to have Thanksgiving with our family but we all got sick last week (Probably COVID) and my grandpa is 77 so we don't want him to get it.


Oh no, that's terrible.

@ Asher E

Similar story, but only my mom got sick and it actually wasn't covid, just the flu or something.


We aren't super sick at least so we will be able to rejoin society soon. We are all on the tail end of it so we should be able to go to church on Sunday.

I'm gonna have some family

I'm gonna have some family over and a friend who is like a big sister to me; we call her part of the family.


The only thing we are doing(aside from fun food of course) is having my Great Grandma over, we havent seen her in forever. she also lives nearby so should be fine. She also hasn't seen anyone for a while..

People are so scared of such

People are so scared of such a small virus. My sister, who is a nurse, has seen people 80 years and older recover from covid and walking around. It's fine if you have saftey precautions if you are like 60 and older (or younger, of course). . In california (where i live) only like two kids have died from covid. I am trying to state my opinion dont be mad.

My family isn't coming since

My family isn't coming since they don't plan on taking a 14hr flight. My grandparents and cousins are going to have Thanksgiving together no matter what Governor Insley says.

14th comment

Satan: Hahaha I’ve closed all the churches!!
Jesus: Yes, but I’ve opened a church in every home.

I’m glad people are not forgetting the importance of family especially at this time. It’s good the people are trying to keep their relationships up although it may be hard.
P.s does anyone here listen to For King and Country?

Happy thanksgiving to all you

Happy thanksgiving to all you USAians! Don’t think that’s a words but who cares? Wait. Do countries like Canada celebrate thanksgiving too? Or just the USA?

@ Mirela J

I think the term is American :-) And I don't think Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving. It started in America, after all. You guys in the UK don't, do you?

@ Everyone

I guess there's no article today cause it's Thanksgiving...


We are just staying home (no family over) but might deliver food to family in town.

@Everyone & @Mirela J

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
@Mirela J: Yes! They are sooooo good!

Happy Thanksgiving. and yes

Happy Thanksgiving. and yes USAians (stealing it from mirela).

and yes usa asians, russians,

and yes usa asians, russians, african americans, philipino-russian americans. (i am one philipino- russian, yes)

philipino russian american

philipino russian american

@David P

That's really cool!

@ KN

No. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving.



@ Kiara

Do you mean For King and County? Yes they are! I love their song Burn the Ships (especially the music video). Have you seen The Drummer Boy video they made recently? They film the end bit at the Chosen season 2 set. They are premiering a new music video today on YouTube late today. I don’t know when though. I think it’s 4pm uk time. I’m not sure though.

@ Mirela J

Oh yeah! I don't "listen to" For King and Country, but I've heard that song and I really like it!

@ KN

Burn the ships? Yeah I love it! Have you seen the music video?


mom side philipino, dad side russian

@ Mirela J



Thats neat! my dad is from Argentina and my mom is American.

*from America

*from America

We usually do Thanksgiving

We usually do Thanksgiving with my uncle and aunt but they got Covid so we didn't celebrate with them. I just hope Covid ends so we can have normal lives.

Hears the Deal....

looks like Americans are tired of following people who make up rules that are not factual...

They all work for one side anyway. If they really cared for the health, life, and safety of the citizens they would ban alcohol, drugs, abortions, fast food, and more...
They don't care about our health.
It's just a way to see how far they can manipulate society as a whole and whether we would follow like sheep or not.
This is exactly how Hitler was able to persecute the Jews. He told the people lies, he told them to rat on each other, and to be a "good citizen and do your part"

Soooo......who's gonna let it happen? Its all up to you

@David P

That's cool your parents are Russian or Philipino(I'm not sure if that's spelled correctly). My former violin teacher is Russian while my current violin teacher studied in Russia. My dad's side of the family comes from Norway though he and my grandparent's were born in America while my mom's side is purely Asian.


Please be praying a family friend has COVID and is in the hospital.
P.S. This is Caro

i am so glad they are still

i am so glad they are still leting people throgh because we have these people that go over to afercia and the husbend is leaving today!!! his wife and her girl will leave afterwards. they are like family to our church and everyone in my family has gone with them for two weeks except my little brother they are also opening a scholl right by their house!!!!! they have a website it is gospel in action you should check it out !!!!

We still got together for

We still got together for Thanksgiving, and we had a good amount of people there, probably 12-15 people there all family, we've not been social distancing from all the people there anyways so we had a good time.

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