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Georgia Recount Begins
News Bytes 11/24/2020 34 Comments

President Donald Trump’s campaign has asked for a recount of votes in the Georgia presidential race. The request came a day after state officials certified the results, showing that Democrat Joe Biden won the state. With a margin below the legal recount threshold, the election tallying begins again.

Georgia’s results show that Mr. Biden won by 12,670 votes out of about five million cast. That’s just about one quarter of one percent! State law allows a candidate to request a recount if the margin is anything less than one half of one percent.

Officials from President Trump’s campaign sent a hand-delivered letter to the Georgia secretary of state’s office. The campaign team requested the recount in an election that has been fraught with allegations of fraud by some of the president’s supporters.

A Trump legal team statement says, “Today, the Trump campaign filed a petition for recount in Georgia. We are focused on ensuring that every aspect of Georgia State Law and the U.S. Constitution are followed so that every legal vote is counted. President Trump and his campaign continue to insist on an honest recount in Georgia, which has to include signature matching and other vital safeguards.”

On Friday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp also brought up concerns about signatures. But Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has repeated confidence in the results. He says, “Georgia’s voting system has never been more secure or trustworthy.” He also says that signatures on absentee and mail-in ballots were carefully checked according to election rules.

Still, Raffensperger began notifying county election directors to prepare for a recount due to the tiny margin by which Mr. Biden won. Officials will also inform political parties to muster observers at the various recount sites.

“This will be highly scrutinized, so emphasize to the counties the importance of transparency and accuracy of the process,” Raffensperger told an aide.

The recount will use scanners to read and tabulate votes. County election workers have already done a complete hand recount of all the votes cast in the presidential race. But that isn’t considered an official recount.

State law requires that one race be audited by hand to ensure that the machines counted the ballots accurately, and Raffensperger selected the presidential race. Because of the tight margin in that race, a full hand count of ballots was necessary to complete the audit, he says.

President Trump has criticized the audit, calling it a “joke.” He claims that “thousands of fraudulent votes have been found.”

At this point, there is no evidence of such votes. However, during the audit, officials did find some ballots not previously counted at all in several counties. The find was credited to human error, and those votes were included in the recount. They did not change the election’s outcome.

Like it or not, Americans must now wait while the legal process plays out in Georgia.

The works of [God’s] hands are faithful and just; all His precepts are trustworthy. — Psalm 111:7

(A man carrying an American flag leaves a rally for President Donald Trump outside the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta on November 21, 2020, and looks down the street at a group of counter protesters. AP/Ben Gray)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

Finally! I hop it will be a fair count


Typo hope

3rd comment

I hope it is too, and that Trump ends up winning Georgia. Just curious, does anyone here live in Georgia?

4th comment P.S. This is Caro QUESTION! :)

I'm just curious, all of you Trump fans (I'm not a Biden or Trump fan), what will you think if the recount has the same results or even more for Biden?


I DO think it will sway more towards Trump, because A: He will Campain more there. B: I am pretty sure that Biden had some illegal votes, which is true for EVERY election, but with such a close race, Trump could come out on top, or Biden could, it is a toss up, Nothing for Trump to lose by trying, he already "lost" there, so a reacount is just rolling the dice again.

I hope

I hope Trump wins, but I know that it is in God's hands.

This is London

Finally!! I hope they can make it right, I hope Trump wins

this is Mylee

I mean first of all Biden got less than 1 percent !!!!! How can you win with that!!! Also if you look on facebook (which I don't have but my mom does) Joe Biden has 6 million followers and President Trump has 30 million !!!!!! I hope All fraud will be detected and Georgia. My cousins family lives down there and they voted for President Trump .

this is Mylee

I think they did LoL

such a tiny %....

such a tiny %....


This article is inaccurate there is a lot of evidence for fraud but most news has not been reporting on it. You are supposed to tell the truth not be like all the other news corporations. I am very disappointed by this behavior.

@Matthew N

It is not a revote so there would be no point in him campaigning there again.


If they come out with the same results or more for Biden they are not doing an honest recount, there is significant evidence of fraudulent votes there and the witnesses will tell that under oath. If they do an honest recount Trump will win the state.

TRUMP 2020!!

Yikes! There is some evidence of fraudulent votes.... (⓿_⓿)
I think Trump won and there was a lot of fraud, Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't imagine that more of America voted for someone who is pro murder and wants to take away our guns.....


About there being fraud... So my dad told me, though it could be wrong, (But sadly I don't think it is) That this leader of.. .Texes I think... Went out and said that they would give a million dollars to who ever could find evidence of voter fraud.... And no one has... though a lot have tried. I believe the reason people think there is so much fraud is because it seems like one day Trump was winning, and the next Biden was. But that is just the way things go sometimes.
Please don't get mad at me. I was just saying what I thought.
Sorry for the misspells, lol, spellcheck doesn't like me :)


Before you get mad, I am not saying that there wasn't voter fraud, I am just stating fact that there isn't any evidence of it.


Well, when Republicans aren't allowed to watch the votes being counted, I think they are doing something wrong...just saying xD

Sorry this is random :-)

So this is kind of random but my family is fostering a girl my age TODAY and could you pray for us? We fostered from the time I was like 5-7 and that's been about 5 years and this girl has been through a LOT and is not a Christian. So I'd appreciate it if you would.

@Kiara J

That is sssoooo amazing!! Of course I will pray for you!!! I really hope that you and your family will be able to share our Father with her!!
Dear Father,
We would like to lift up Kiara and her family right now. They have a new foster child at the moment, and she is not a witness for you yet. We would like to ask you to come into her life through Kiara's family.

@Addison L


Realllllly World Teen!!!!

there is evidence of fraud in every state. I seriously watched a guy talk about how he saw one of the election officials seriously dumping ballots into a box without even checking to see if they are legitimate. in Nevada, the officials didn't check my parents for their IDs (they are supposed to do that). My mom has friends (Dems/liberals) who received multiple ballots to fill in. There is seriously NO WAY that fraud hasn't been proven to be present.

Very disappointed World Teen

@Kiara J

ofc I will be praying!!



I really have nothing to say about this. I mean........ isn't it sort of well known that there was voter fraud?? Like, I have a hard time understanding how anyone would vote for Biden. HE WANTS TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS!!! Even people who aren't christians wouldn't vote for Biden if he is going to take away their guns.
This is in no way aimed at people on here who are for Biden. This is my opinion. God loves all people. Oh! Lord please bless @Kiara J's parents as they try to lead and guide this young girl. AMEN

I think WORLDteen meant there

I think WORLDteen meant there was no clear evidence of fraud in Georgia.

@Kiara J

That's awesome that you are adopting and I hope that God will use your family so that she will be adopted into God's family.


I am not a Trump supporter. I am a supporter of his policies not he himself if that is what you mean. In this election it is not so much who has the better character, but what they support.


I am a Trump supporter, and I agree with Noah R. Whatever happens, God DOES have a purpose for it, and He will make everything work out EXACTLY how He wants it too.
@Kiara: That is so awesome. I will be praying for you. Keep us updated on how it goes, if you can or want to! I think it is interesting because it sounds a LOT like a book I am writing with my friend! There is this non-Christian foster girl who has been through a lot, and she comes and lives with a Christian family. In our book, she becomes a Christian. I hope that it turns out that way as well for your foster girl in real life!

28th comment! P.S. This is Caro

That's amazing Kiara!
Dear Daddy,
Please help Kiara and her family, and please help their foster daughter/sister, she doesn't know you yet, but I know you still love her!
Your friend, Caro

P.S. That is just the way I pray so I hope nobody is offended by it. :)

I love that way of praying, I

I love that way of praying, I pray with the word Abba when I am alone

@addison L

I think Trump won all or most of the swing states. Addison, the #1 tactic the leftists use to scare people off is mocking them. Sadly, 2016 WAS THE LAST FAIR ELECTION. From now on it will pretty much be gorilla warfare (The leftists do most of it. they have been doing that for a while, though). I am trying to state my opinion so don't be mad.

I'm glad that they are doing

I'm glad that they are doing a recount. Though I still don't think Trump will win.

@Savannah C

This election is going to be decided by the supreme court. Hopefully, they will actually look at the evidence unlike the lower court where they have been totally disregarding all of the evidence.

33rd comment! P.S. This is Caro

Thanks Addison L! I pray a lot just in my mind but for some reason I can't make myself pray out loud.:) I guess it's just my private thing with the best Daddy ever.

Not for either,

I'm not a Trump fan but I think he'd do a much better job than Biden, I am pretty sure that Biden will win though sadly. No offense to any Biden fans, just my point of view.

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