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COVID-19 Vaccine Coming Soon?
News Bytes 11/19/2020 58 Comments

Since March, researchers have been searching for a vaccine to prevent transmission of the coronavirus disease. Now at least two medicines are showing promise. The question has become this: Who will be the first to get COVID-19 vaccines?

The two vaccines are both made with a brand-new technology: They use a snippet of the genetic code of the coronavirus. That little bit of material will train the body to recognize the real virus if it comes along.

Drug company Pfizer said yesterday that new test results show its coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective. The results also show that the drug is safe for protecting older people who are most at risk.

As for who will be vaccinated first—no official decision has been made. But many experts in the United States and globally believe that healthcare workers should receive top priority, says Sema Sgaier of the Surgo Foundation. That nonprofit group works on vaccine distribution issues.

An expert panel advising the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also considering giving first dibs to workers in essential industries, people with certain medical conditions, and people age 65 and older.

Giving priority to those who need the vaccine most is commendable. The intention parallels the biblical admonition to “rescue the weak and needy.” (Psalm 82:4)

Once a vaccine gets a green light from the Food and Drug Administration, the panel will look at clinical trial data on side effects. It will consider how people of various ages, ethnicities, and health statuses respond to the drug. That information will determine the panel’s recommendations to the CDC on how to select who gets the vaccine when.

State officials are expected to follow the CDC’s guidance as they distribute the first vaccines.

Vaccine supplies will be limited at first. There won’t be enough to protect everyone, yet getting the shots to the right people could change the course of the pandemic.

Many other questions about distribution remain unanswered, Sgaier notes, such as whether to distribute shots equally across the country, or to focus on areas that are hot spots.

How do you think decisions should be made about distributing a vaccine?

(Questions remain about who will be the first to get COVID-19 vaccines. AP Illustration/Peter Hamlin)


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Most recent comments

I think this is great, maybe

I think this is great, maybe if we all get it we can stop having lockdowns and masks and things like that. Though I hat getting shots...

2nd Comment

I think that if it does work, they should use it on healthcare workers and older people first. But I hope they don't try to force it on everybody, because I don't want the vaccine.

3rd comment

Well, after everyone who chooses to get the vaccine in US gets it, maybe send to countries that need more money? idk.


I don't care what they do, but, they HAVE to give it to America first, I saw that the person Biden will put in charge of the distributing of the vaccine says that they are going to give it to all the other countries and THEN the U.S, which I think it wrong. Maybe, once they get enough of it, they can do drive in thing? Like they had for the testing?

4th Comment

@Riley I agree we should not be forced to get the vaccine if we don't want it. I'm fine with people getting the vaccine, but if they order people to do get it...i'm gonna be very upset.

this is Mylee

I only got a couple vaccines when i was little but defintly not flu and now this. I hope they don't force us but i don't think they will. They normally just force them at schools or if you state requires them. I am glad that they made this for other people to help them, P.s. the Flu or just getting sick is worse than covid.

This is London

I don’t reAlly care about this.vaccines never work and I never would take this.

I hope

I hope they are able to get the vaccine to 100% but I probably already had it.

Yeah, I'm totally not taking

Yeah, I'm totally not taking the vaccine if I can help it. I've heard something about it utilizing a "global ID system" or something like. Yes, the vaccine can be for some people, but not me. And while I'm totally cool with helping other countries, if Biden is elected, it is his responsibility to look out for OUR country, not others. I don't care how much money China is giving his son, his first priority needs to be America. And we can obviously see that it's not. Remind me again, WHY are we going to put this guy in office??

I'm not even sure Biden's fit

I'm not even sure Biden's fit to be a mayor, much less President...


Cool! I hope the vaccine shots happen soon, because the governor of Minnesota said basically that we can't hang out with anybody anymore.


I agree with London S, they shouldn't force people to take the vaccine. I'm not going to get the vaccine right away, I'm going to wait until everybody who really needs it gets it.

this is Mylee

I know this is random but do ya'll have any thanksgiving traditions ? we normally of course eat and stuff but we sometimes do hayrides and some fun fall games !!! We once made a Thanksgiving movie ! And use to play family fued. My favorite part is when all of our cousins play capture the flag !!!

@This is Mylee (London S)

I agree with that statement. The last time I got a vaccination I was a baby. The funny thing is that I have never gotten the flu, hives, measles, chickenpox, or any of the diseases that they vaccinate for. Sadly, I think that they will try to enforce the vaccine and make it harder to live and enjoy your life if you do not take the vaccine. I know my family will not take it and we are prepared to face the tribulation that comes with that decision. Does anyone think that this might be the Mark of the Beast?


I heard about the Global ID too. Again I say Mark of the Beast. From what I heard, you will need the ID to verify you have been vaccinated. If you don't have the ID you will not be able to go to concerts and restaurants along with other places.

Here is my opinion....

I think that this is super great for those who really need it! (I also think it is good because, you know, people are dyeing because of Covid) I also think it will be a blessing for the countries that have been hit pretty hard with Covid. But in the long run I think it just comes down to personal opinion, for wither or not you will take the vaccine. But I think that(Probably not as soon as it comes out, most likely will wait until a 100% ready version comes out) I will take the vaccine. My reason is that I one: don't want to catch Covid. And two: I want to help others, who might not take the vaccine, also not catch Covid. Not saying that it is bad not to take the vaccine. That is your opinion, and I totally see why you don't want to. Hopefully I haven't made anyone upset, so sorry if I did.

7th comment in the world!!!!!!!

Jeesh. The FDA didn't let Hydroxychloroquine through, even though it's has helped people (not a miracle, drug, for sure. Look at Dr. Stella Immanuel: We Don't Need to Die. There Is a Treatment for COVID on prageru). The FDA has helped and not helped people. They block certain drugs that are bad for you (for the good of the nation), and block certain drugs that are good to fight viruses et cetera (for the misery of the nation, like blocking hydroxo...). I think that FDA should not be a government organization to tell you what you can use. Freedom always is dangerous, and so is socialism.

@ Mylee

With my mom's side of the family, every year we get together and pack operation christmas child boxes, we usually pack more than 100 shoeboxes. And every other year we go to Indian Shores, Florida for a week with friends(and siblings) over thanksgiving.

this is Mylee

Thats cool Sarah F

I heard in Washington where

I heard in Washington where most of my extended family live that the governor banned Thanksgiving gatherings!


They may well not force people to have it but they might then say ‘you cannot go to other countries if you haven’t had it’ and that will be just... I don’t know! Just wrong! Technically forcing but not saying it.


@Mirela I know! That just stinks!
@Mylee, Well, not necessarily any traditions. We alternate years getting together with my moms side and Dads side. So we are with my Dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving this year, and With my Moms side for Christmas. We eat a big lunch, and then just hang out. Some of my extended family like to watch football on thanksgiving, but in my immediate family, we don't watch TV unless it is a movie.
@ Sarah F That is so awesome!! In our family, each of us kids pack one box, and then we go to the local drop off center and help with their line pack. Yesterday we did 95 boxes before we had to go.

@Cheyln D

Well, I'm not sure about the Mark of the Beast. I guess it could be, but I am more inclined to think it's forerunner to that.

@ Cheylyn D

Maybe the reason you haven't gotten any of those diseases they vaccinate because you were vaccinated against them? Just a thought.

I want it last if I do get it

I want it last if I do get it. I do NOT like shots.


NO. My mom was a single parent up until I was 10. She is anti-vaccination. My brother hasn't gotten vaccinations because of research showing a higher level of autism in African American males concerning the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccines and others. PLEASE READ WHAT I POST BEFORE YOU REPLY BECAUSE I SAID THAT I HAVENT BEEN VACCINATED SINCE I WAS BORN! THAT MEANS YOUNGER THAN 2 YRS!!!

Janna (Daniel's sister)

My aunt is a nurse and she says the vaccine will be pretty useless.

@ Cheylyn D

So sorry I didn't read your comment carefully enough! No offense was meant. I will try to be more careful in the future. :-)

@ Cheylyn D:addition

But I meant that maybe you've never gotten any of those diseases because you were vaccinated when you were a baby.


LETS GO, VACCINE! and plz take it if you can, America! IT WILL SLOW THE VIRUS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LETS GO, VACCINE! and plz take it if you can, America! IT WILL SLOW THE VIRUS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LETS GO, VACCINE! and plz take it if you can, America! IT WILL SLOW THE VIRUS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





It's good for America, but

It's good for America, but the chance of dying is so low(i think it is 0.001%) that you should (I think) give it to people 60-65 and older. We dont need to force it, of course.


Hey, we all have different opinions about vaccines for different reasons but could we please try to respect everyone's opinion and if someone misreads a comment, (not pointing fingers at anyone) please try to be nice.
I'm sorry if offended anyone; please let me know if I did.


Hey, we all have different opinions about vaccines for different reasons but could we please try to respect everyone's opinion and if someone misreads a comment, (not pointing fingers at anyone) please try to be nice.
I'm sorry if offended anyone; please let me know if I did.


I think that if people want to take the vaccine, let them take it. CDC said that out of all the 'deaths from covid', only 3% have actually died from Covid. Yes, it is true that people can die from it, but it is not likely. I think that over time, it will slow down, and that people are fussing too much over it. My opinion. I don't want the vaccine, but I am not going to be angry at someone if they want it. That is their decision.

I deffently agree that they

I deffently agree that they shouldn't force people to take the vaccine. Make it gets rid of Covid, but what about all the side affects.

Typo sorry!! MABE

Typo sorry!! MABE

should i be scared or happy?

i dont want these shots to be mandatory, what about side affects? i dont know if i should be scared or happy?

Janna (Daniel's sister)

My aunt who is a nurse says that this vaccine won't really help because after you take the vaccine your only immune to it for 3 months.

@ Janna

Although if you think about it, if everyone got the vaccine (but of course they should NOT be forced to, this is purely speculation) then the virus would be pretty much wiped out.


I heard that after you get corona, you are only immune to it for 9 months after you get it. But of course, that could be false info. Just saying what I heard.

Well, my family has gotten

Well, my family has gotten and recovered form COVID about 5 times in a span of about idk 18 months.

NO, NOT 18 months 8 months..

NO, NOT 18 months 8 months...sorry xD

its truth / @KN

Covid would also be wiped out if we let it take its course and stopped sterilizing everything. If they keep trying to isolate people from the virus then herd immunity will never happen and people will keep on dying. I'm not trying to be rude to anyone who had been affected by this but most diseases in the past were eliminated by building up your immune system and waiting it out.

It's ok. I need to be more docile when I talk.

@ Cheylyn D


About Vaccine & @Cheylyn D

I agree that the vaccine can be good, but I don't think people should be forced to take it. Maybe it should be just like the flu shot where people can take it if they want to, but they aren't forced to take it.
@Cheylyn D: Maybe you haven't gotten any of those diseases (at least in a visible way w/symptoms) because you were vaccinated for them when you were a baby.

Ugh, I really hope we

Ugh, I really hope we quarantine ends soon. Though Biden will probably keep us in quarantine as long as he's president. My teenage years are slipping away! I can't go to move conference, or homeschool meetings or dances! I'm glad they have a vaccine!


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