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Delivery Goes Driverless
News Bytes 11/18/2020 23 Comments

Walmart’s new driverless delivery could soon be hitting the streets. At first, human backup drivers will monitor the cars and help deliver packages to doors. But eventually, Walmart intends that its deliveries will be fully autonomous.

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer—though it battles constantly with to hold that top slot. The giant corporation is powering through a pandemic that has destroyed other national chains. Walmart’s online sales recently spiked nearly 80%—after nearly doubling in the previous three months.

Americans came to rely on big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Target, as well as Amazon, as lifelines during the start of the pandemic. Because these companies regularly stocked “necessities,” they remained open during virus lockdowns even when hundreds of other retailers had to close.

Customer loyalty has grown stronger even as restrictions were lifted. But infections are surging again and that could deal another round of pain to retailers.

Walmart began an express delivery service in April. Now over 2,800 stores use the service.

Strong sales are just one promising sign for Walmart ahead of the coming holiday season. In a move likely hastened by the pandemic, Walmart announced that next year, customers will be able to place an order and have it delivered contact-free by a General Motor’s Chevrolet Bolt. The retail giant says it’s one of several autonomous vehicle pilot projects designed to chart a new roadmap for retail sales.

Last week, Ray Wert, spokesman at GM’s Cruise autonomous vehicle unit, announced his company’s testing with Walmart will start small. But it will gradually ramp up to more vehicles. Cruise operates a fleet of all-electric vehicles. The first driverless Walmart Bolts will storm the streets of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Now if only robots could help handle the actual holiday shopping. . . !

(A woman pushes a shopping cart into a Walmart in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The world’s largest retailer is powering through a pandemic that has felled other national chains. AP/Nam Y. Huh)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

That's neat. This is happening to a lot of companies now.

2nd Comment

Yeah, it is. This is great for some people. We never use it though. We don't have a Walmart in our town, but there is one in a city about 1 1/2 hours away. So we usually take a day and go shopping all day there for various things we need.


So this is totally off subject, but do any of y'all do Operation Christmas Child (It is through Samaritans Purse) ? We do, and it is so fun to be able to send a box of things to kids who don't have anything!!!! My family packs our own shoeboxes, and then we go and volunteer at the towns collection center. It is so much fun. This week is collection week!!!

4th comment P.S. This is Caro

This does help with the outbreak, but people will lose the jobs they got when Walmart started doing deliveries.
@Riley We do OCC! We don't go and help at the collection center though.


@ Riley

We do it some years but I’m not sure about this year. It is fun though!

Has anyone else noticed the

Has anyone else noticed the fact that now Amazon and Walmart no longer have as much competition? That doesn't bode well...

Kinda like the article about

Kinda like the article about EV vans for Amazon. @ Riley D Yes, we do that.

This is London

Riley d we have done it before but idk about this year. I haven’t seen any donation places for it :(

This is London

We usually shop at Aldi, we just go to Walmart when we need certain items.

That's cool

That's cool that they are able to do that.

this is Mylee

Ya we sometimes do occ . But I don't think this year. Riley D that's cool that you help out ! I think there is one in Dallas. We sometimes go to walmart. Its just hard to go during this time.

this is Mylee

Mirela I texted you on new lock downs in Europe . I don't think you saw so you can search it up and see !

@Riley D

We do it most years and our church is a collection center so we could volunteer all we want. I will not be doing it this year because our church has ridiculous covid rules that I don't want to be dealing with for a full day.

This is cool

This is the best application of Lidar FSD, a station for delivery, but Tesla FSD is still better cause Lidar is exensive, so they map every inch of the area where they are driving (Cruise) Tesla, you don't have to do that.


we have the same name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Riley D

Yes! My church is actually a drop off location!!!

@ Mylee

You’re right, I didn’t see! I’ve replied to you now by the way.

@ Riley D

My siblings and I often do it through our church, but these past years they weren't doing it, or maybe they just didn't have it for junior high. My school does OCC, but sometimes we don't find out about it until after it already happened.

@Riley D

Yes, my church does OCC. I've done it for a long time, and it's pretty fun to buy stuff for other kids! We're going out to buy stuff for it soon.


We just help out at a church which is the drop off location. Then they will get taken to Dallas. That is too bad for you guys who can't do it because of covid!

@Asher R

Yes, we do. I have also seen another Asher E comment on some articles.

@ Riley

Sorry, I forgot to add that I’ve replied to your comment on New Lockdowns in Europe.

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