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Murder Hornet Update
News Bytes 11/16/2020 33 Comments

They searched, they found, they destroyed. But is it Mission: Accomplished? Scientists in Washington state say, “Not so fast.”

It was about a year ago when the first Asian giant hornet, a pest not native to the United States, was identified in Washington. (See “Giant Hornets: Scariest Insect?” and “Hunting More Murder Hornets.”) Soon after, another showed up. And another. It was enough to convince bug experts that a nest was established in the area. That theory proved to be true, and in late October, determined researchers tracked down that nest and destroyed it.

They found the colony of so-called murder hornets in a tree in Whatcom County near the Canadian border. The nest was about the size of a basketball. Previously captured hornets fitted with radio trackers led the scientists to what they hope was the single buzzing hub of the hornets’ bad business on this continent.

“We got there just in the nick of time,” says entomologist Sven-Erik Spichiger. The team found 500 live specimens of the Asian giant hornet in the nest. Among them were nearly 200 queens—each with the potential to start her own nest. Imagine the swarms they could eventually spawn!

The team destroyed the entire population, from larvae to workers to queens. But does that mean the threat is over? No one can say for sure. To be on the safe side, the scientists are assuming that other nests already exist. They say it is impossible to know if any queens had escaped before the first nest was destroyed.

So they must remain diligent, always on guard, watching and listening for other reports of sightings in the area. According to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, the murder hornet eradication project will stay focused on its task for at least three more years.

Spichiger says it is impossible to determine how the hornets got to the area. But his goal is to wipe them out before they get established in North America.

(Entomologist Sven Spichiger displays a canister of Asian giant hornets vacuumed from a nest in a tree behind him in Blaine, Washington. AP/Elaine Thompson)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment

I am glad that they are working to capture them. Like I have said in previous articles about this subject, I think that they should stay in Asia where they came from.

2nd comment


That's crazy

That's crazy to think that there were 200 queens in the nest.


I do not like bugs!!! It seems like a lot of "dangerous" things come from Asia for some reason.


I do not like bees. I hope they find them all.


Those blue gloves are gigantic.

This is London

I would not want to get stung by those. That’s a lot of queens

this is Mylee

ahhhhh !!! I hate getting stung lol. I am so glad that they are getting rid of them !!!

Yay for Hornets

I like hornets. Especially Murder Hornets. They should stop murdering the murder hornets. Actually, I think that these hornets are really awesome. They kill honey bees and I really hate honey bees.

Yay...? I hope there's not

Yay...? I hope there's not lots more nests...

this is Mylee

Alex !! Honey bees make honey and help pollinate not hornets


maybe you should try living in washington if you really like them LOL XD i hope they never come to where i live.


I wonder how they got to the states?


Geez I hope the hornets get wiped out

7th comment in the world!!!!!!!

I've gotten stung by bees three times. is their anyone that has had more stings?

7th comment in the world!!!!!!!

I've gotten stung by bees three times. is their anyone that has had more stings?

I luckily have never been

I luckily have never been stung by a bee or hornet yet.

I luckily have never been

I luckily have never been stung by a bee or hornet yet.


# of stings

ive had 7 bee stings, 4 wasp stings, 5 yellow jacket stings, and 1 murder hornet sting. and yes ive counted.
murder hornet stings hurt pretty bad. or should i say excruciatingly painful.

@ Alaina

Me either!

I got strong by 2 wasp a bee

I got strong by 2 wasp a bee and a yellow jacket

Opps typo I meant stung

Opps typo I meant stung


ya they hurt a lot


Curtis P, you couldn't have gotten stung by a murder hornet. Your still alive! JK LOL. HOW did you get all those stings?



i got stung 5 times by wasps

a swarm of wasps stung me behind the ear when i was 5, ya they hurt

I don't like hornets

I have avoided wasps and hornets so much that I have never, ever, been stung by one. (Though I have been stung by a dead bee twice.)

7th comment in the world!!!!!!!

Asher R, that is soooooooo scary! (You may think i'm being saracstic with all the o's but I'm not) did you move a tire or something?

sarcastic, sorry

sarcastic, sorry

Plan B?

Guess the Chinese Government sent us hornets when the virus didn't work!

Sounds like it....xDDD

Sounds like it....xDDD



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