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America Waits
News Bytes 11/4/2020 143 Comments

Across the nation, Americans stayed up later than normal last night, wondering if they would know the results of the 2020 presidential election yesterday. But even this morning, seven states are still undecided hold-outs. They’re still counting votes in Alaska, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. (You can see the red state/blue state distribution at this interactive map on WORLD Magazine’s website:

As of Wednesday morning, Joe Biden was leading in electoral votes, but most of the remaining states—though not final—were leaning toward Donald Trump in their counts so far. Even political experts were hesitant to predict a firm outcome.

In order to secure the presidency, a candidate must earn a total of 270 electoral votes. In the case of a tie, the House of Representatives votes to determine who becomes the next President of the United States.

Christians can wait for results with peace and confidence that God is sovereign over every human ruler, because as Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He will.”

(The electoral map on Wednesday morning. WORLD Magazine via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

I hope Trump wins

And also this is of a little

And also this is of a little bit it just updated

Or actually never mind

Or actually never mind


Trump has to win Georgia

Trump has to win Georgia Penslavaina and South Carolina.

And probably 1 more

And probably 1 more

Did you guys here how the

Did you guys here how the senator of Pennsyylvannia said if Biden doesn't win, it has to be because of voter fraud? I think Pennslyvannia might go for Biden...(I swear if Biden wins I'm sneaking across the border to Canada and flying to Europe until he dies which will probably happen in like two months LOL)

8th comment! P.S. This is Caro

Carys M, that's kind of mean. Saying that you think it's funny that he would probably die in like two months. I am not for Biden, but even though he isn't the best person, he does have family and they are going to be very sad when he dies.
So far, (I just looked at a map.) If Biden wins Wisconsin, Nevada, and Michigan, he will win. But that's only if he actully wins all the states that are called for him.

I've been watching Fox News

I've been watching Fox News and Nebraska might flip to the Dems sadly

I hope Trump wins and crushes

I hope Trump wins and crushes sleepy Joe (or Slow Biden whichever you prefer) but I think Trump will get Pennsylvania. But it's bad how Trump, IDK if you saw it, but he said that he won which is not good cuz he swore not to claim victory until it was confirmed.

Ok so now I’m REALLY confused

Ok so now I’m REALLY confused.
I think all the British news things have teamed up to try and deceive all us Britainers into thinking that it’s still 224 for Biden when it’s actually 238 according to this. This is weird. Anyways..... so... idk what to say... in my opinion Biden has a lot more chance of winning that Trump. But I still hope that Trump wins.


I don't know why they didn't call North Carolina and Georgia do you guys.

TRUMP 2020!! KAG!!

Okay, I think there is a lot of voting fraud going on because they are STILL WAITING to call NC, GA, PA, MI, and Nevada is still swinging. He needs to get GA, NC, PA, and MI to win.
Mirela, the score at this moment is: Biden 238 Trump: 213
But it's not over yet, keep praying everyone! God is Good no matter what!
~Nadia A.

@M A

They aren't calling them because they want it to look like Biden is further in the lead than he actually is.


Trump needs to flip one of the Biden leading states to win I think his best bet is Nevada.

@ Asher

Yes, it's very sad.... but if Biden wins, the democrat's will probably impeach him and make Kamala president and that will be even worse. Isn't it funny though, that one moment they're sworn enemies and the next they're campaign partners?
~Nadia A.

Yeah I hope Trump wins.if Joe

Yeah I hope Trump wins.if Joe Biden wins we are in BIG trouble.

that was M.A

that was M.A

If Biden wins, maybe the US

If Biden wins, maybe the US will have to start protesting for a better cause (no offense)

@ Above

I know....

It's like waiting for doom if

It's like waiting for doom if he wins...

I think Biden might win

I think Biden might win because California is 55 electoral votes and I'm sorry but California is always going to vote blue but Trump might get Pennsylvania

But u'd think that as many

But u'd think that as many ppl wouldn't vote for Biden because of the laptops that were taken you know that whole thing with his son Hunter

@ Above


Ok thanks for the information

Ok thanks for the information


I hope Trump wins too!

World watch

Whatever the vote; the purpose of the Lord will stand.

@ Everyone

guys let us all pray right now

Oh no! My home state is blue!

Oh no! My home state is blue! :-(

I feel you Kiara, i live in a

I feel you Kiara, i live in a swing state and it's probably gonna go to Biden.

@ E Y, I completely agree.

Trump 2020!!!!!!!!

if Trump gets Michigan North Carolina Georgia and Pennsylvania he wins! and it's real close!

Trump 2020!!!!!!!!

if Trump gets Michigan North Carolina Georgia and Pennsylvania he wins! and it's real close!

@kiara j

there there


I can't believe that half the US voted socialist!

@Everyone P.S. This is Caro

I'm not for either side, but, as Christians I think it's bad to be saying all these mean things abut Biden. You might not think that but I think it is wrong.

Since i live in Nevada

Our governor is trying to illegally close voting sites because Nevada is voting red....

just some inside information

@ Asher E

What are you Sheldon from Big bang Theory? Lol

I meant Asher R, sorry.

I meant Asher R, sorry.


I live in las vegas by the way

another btw

the only reason Nevada is leaning blue is that the counties that reno and las vegas are in ( all I know is that las vegas and its suburbs are part of Clark County, which is a super large county) are leaning blue. Reno and las vegas are highly populated places, so even tho the rest of the state is red, the vote of las vegas and reno is what really matters.

I agree fully with Carlo,( I

I agree fully with Carlo,( I think I spelled it right...). this is what I am praying in this time, I invite you to pray it with me.
Dear Father,
we don't know what the world holds for us next, but what ever happens, we will trust in you.
Help us to remember that we are a country founded on you,
though we may not act like it all the time,
May you come soon, And to you be the glory!!!!

biden has 248 and trump 214

biden has 248 and trump 214


I am going to throw-up. Somebody tell me Trump is going to win.

Same Gracie!!! I CAN NOT

Same Gracie!!! I CAN NOT believe this!!!

BIDEN 2020

biden will make this country better and actually give people rights PERIODT

Biden 2020!

Why do ya'll hate Biden?!?!?!?!? Trump is a lair and a horrible president!!

Biden supports murder

Biden supports murder

No offense! :)

I have critisized the canidets before, but now I'm trying not to because it seems SUPER mean! Can we PLEASE try not to attack each other about whom we support?

BIDEN 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIDEN 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That was me, Caro


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