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Vaccine Politics
News Bytes 10/27/2020 25 Comments

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has rejected the announced purchase of 46 million doses of a potential vaccine against the coronavirus. His reason? It’s being developed by a Chinese company and tested in a Brazilian state governed by a political rival. The president’s actions have many people weighing politics against public health.

Brazil’s Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello announced the vaccine buy-up in a meeting with Sao Paulo Governor João Doria. Sao Paulo state is joining in the vaccine’s development through its Butantan Institute. Doria is a political foe of Bolsonaro’s.

“Butantan’s vaccine will be Brazil’s vaccine,” Pazuello proclaimed. A Brazilian Health Ministry document confirmed that the ministry did intend to buy doses of the “Butantan Vaccine-Sinovac/Covid-19.”

But Bolsonaro declares that the deal is canceled. He says, “The Brazilian people will not be anyone’s guinea pig.” He says the vaccine has not completed testing. Of course, that is the case with all potential vaccines for the virus right now.

Political science professor Claudio Couto believes the president’s move had little to do with the virus. She thinks it was intended to hurt Doria—a likely challenger to Bolsonaro’s 2022 reelection bid.

Bolsonaro and Doria have had an rocky relationship since the start of the pandemic. They’ve taken opposite stances regarding stay-at-home orders and restrictions on activity.

Governor Doria heads Brazil’s most populous state. He followed the counsel of public health experts. But President Bolsonaro blasted those actions. He argued the economic fallout from social distancing could kill more people than the disease.

Bolsonaro accused the governor of playing politics by rushing a vaccine in order to boost his popularity.

Bolsonaro’s comments also reflect doubt about the vaccine being developed by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac. He has often expressed mistrust of the Asian power, Brazil’s biggest trade partner. In 2018, he called China “heartless” and said that under his watch it wouldn’t be allowed to buy up Brazil.

At least two of Brazil’s 27 governors say they will fight Bolsonaro’s administration if it refuses authorization for a vaccine that works—whatever country it comes from.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. — Psalm 118:8

(Sao Paulo Governor Joao Doria, left, greets the Director of Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, Antonio Barra, upon his arrival to the agency’s headquarters for a meeting on the CoronaVac vaccine. AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)

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Seriously? You're just going to refuse the vaccines just so you can throw some dirt on your rival? How swollen can your head get? I understand that these vaccines might not work. but honestly! Also, China might be super communist, but they have a lot of smart doctors and scientists, so I think you should give them a chance.

2nd Comment

If he was really concerned about it, I think it was good to not use the vaccine. I would be a little skeptical about using something from China right now that has not been fully tested. But the fact that he did it mostly because of his rival, well..........
It snowed where I live yesterday!!! I can't believe it I am soooo not ready for cold and snow in October!! Which do you guys prefer, Hot or Cold? I would choose hot, but really I like the spring and early fall weather, where it is warm enough to be in a t-shirt, but not scorching hot where the minute you step outside you start sweating.

Riley D

Trust me, when you have lived in Florida all your life, with only hearing the tales of how amazing fall and winter are, when in October it is 90 DEEGRES OUT, you will wish you lived in at least north Georgia where at least the trees change color.

this is Mylee

i think it was good not to take the vaccine. I don't trust China .......... You got snow in Texas and October! Unbelievable ! We normally get snow like in December or January . I mean it has been so hot until this week and last week.

THis is London

I haven’t seen snow in like 2yrs that’s lucky. I like fall but not winter. I don’t really know what to say about this


@Riley D

I like hot weather

so my mother and i went on a

so my mother and i went on a mishtions trip to malawi africa and al the time they would whant to feel your hair since they do not have alot of it {alot of that is the cause of not alot of food.} or ask about snow because they have never seen it the coldest it gest there is about 89 degrees and in the rain it is drizzeling or pooring .sorry for my speeling

read this !!!

there is this show called the cosen it is about Jesus and his folowers it is on netflix and vidangel it is making new episodes for season 2!!! we are all adicted to it




the chosen actually




I agree with Carys....
I prefer warm weather, last year here, it snowed in May!!

My cousin is moving to

My cousin is moving to Florida and told me "When people think of Florida, they think sandals and shorts! No! You don't were sandals because of fire ants!" ;-)

@ Jill B

Don't worry about spelling, you're fine. :-)

sorry if i was a bit harsh

sorry if i was a bit harsh

@ Above

I didn't think so...................................


I'm in Nevada, it has a new low of 80 degrees... AT NIGHT!!! The wind has cooled down Las Vegas, but as soon as the wind stopped it got hotter. I absolutely hate the cold

The chosen is soo good

The chosen is soo good

Where I live, the summers are

Where I live, the summers are super hot and soooooooooo humid. I'm glad it's October. The weather is perfect in the fall.

It doesn't normally snow

It doesn't normally snow quite this soon here, usually November sometime, but it was snowing in El Paso as well!
Our summers are always really hot, but we are not humid in the least. So then when I go someplace humid, it is so miserable! But we get like 100's, but no humidity.
Kiara J, that is really funny!!!


I live in Nevada where it can get to 120 outside and animals and humans die of heat exhaustion. I like fall here though, cause it feels nice. but during October it is very windy.


Wow that is really hot. Our winters are usually really windy, and summers and springs can be really windy as well. Ok, to sum that up, it is windy literally all the time here!! But this fall and late September was actually really nice.

Where I live, the weather is

Where I live, the weather is extremely unpredictable....currently it's really cold!

The president is doing the right thing

I think the president is doing the right thing about rejecting the vaccine. For one because its not 100% safe yet to just go out on a limb and test it on random people, it could possibly have a deadly effect on the person who is taking the vaccine. And since the virus came from China and it spread to the rest of the world i think he has some common sense to not buy it from China. But i'm not saying the vaccine is bad i'm just saying that it is not completely safe to give it to people yet.

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