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News Bytes 10/23/2020 39 Comments


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Could someone tell me what

Could someone tell me what the video is about since I can't watch it. Thanks!

@ Alaina

Yes. So basically the people who are giving people vaccines are starting to test them on teens and kids before they give them out to everyone. They want to check if teens and kids immune system reacts differently to adults. Children as young are 12 are being tested I think.


Yes that is correct.
I am glad they are finally trying it out on other ages of people. Does anyone have a problem with needles, because when they do the video, it is always up close on the shots, and they go so slow!! I don't have a problem, but my sister does!

@ Riley

I get this strange feeling but I don’t really mind them if it’s not too many times on the video like once or twice is ok but when it gets to be more then that then it makes me feel kinda weird.

I don't know if I would trust any vaccine that they come up with, from what I've seen, some doctors have been lying about the virus.(no offense to anyone that has a doctor for a parent)

Ohhh I that shots and stuff

Ohhh I that shots and stuff make me cringe into my brain! It reminds me of my flu shot I just got recently


Please don't get this vaccine they use tissue from babies that have been aborted to make it.


Please don't get this vaccine they use tissue from babies that have been aborted to make it.


I don't have a fear of needles but i always have to get my eyes dilated at the eye doctor because they cant get anything close to my eyes becayse i dunno why but i flinch at everything remotely close to my eye -_-

@my other comment

rip my spelling i meant because

This is London

It makes feel a little weird and they showed like 5 shots . I would never get this vaccine, my family doesn’t even take vaccines and I am already immune


I would never get that vaccine.


I would not get the vaccine! I DO NOT LIKE SHOTS!

That was very painful to watch... .*insert screaming*

That made me feel sick seeing all those shots and blood stomach literally hurts......
But this is good, I hope the vaccines don't cause any bad side affects though. I do NOT like shots, but my parents said we would all take it (even thought we've all had it (COVID) like 5 times now...)
Did anyone watch the debate last night? I thought it was better than all the other ones but I felt like screaming the whole time because Biden was making all those faces and he was lying in the face of the people.

@Nadia A

I watched it and I agree that it was better than the others.

I think the Vice President

I think the Vice President debate was better bc they didn’t rly criticize each other

Oh Boy , here we go again...

No offence to any one who has a family member that is a DR, vaccines are bad for everyone , especially kids. I've heard that they are going to put a micro chip in the covid 19 shot to track people . @CURTIS P agree with you! :)

@Brooke B

That's a lie. (about the microchip) Where did you hear that????? I heard it too *facepalm* It's so not true.


I doubt that we would get the vaccine. We get a few, for like smallpox and such, the normal ones, but I doubt we will get this one. I think I have got the last of my shots anyway now because I am old enough, unless I go overseas to like India Africa or something like that.

@N&M A.

Sorry I forgot to put that it is possible they will put a micro chip . sorry if I offended anyone . :)


Also I forget were I herd it . my mom probably saw it somewhere and told be it is possible. ( they would put a micro chip in )

@Brooke B

I'm not offended! It just annoys me that the media is telling things like that when it's sooo not true!

Flu shot

personally, I have never had a flu shot

but I never have gotten the flu, so why should I take a shot for covid????
IDK that's my logic...


I have to get the flu shot.. ;( And I got the flu like 3 times....uugh

This is London

Like Riley d we just get the normal. Like the one for rust

@N&M A.

Ok, good :) . Yes you can NEVER trust the Media. what materials do you use for school everyone? .
Math : teaching textbooks
Spelling: Building spelling skills
History , science , music , and Bible are threw the My fathers world curriculum.

Don't look at it

I had the flu shot when I got my Covid-19 test, (here's a tip: don't look at the shot believe me, it helps)

@sean S

ok! also think you are at a beach or some place you like to go to when getting sots to help with the pain.

My mum is really against

My mum is really against vaccines. She says that when someone gets an abortion then the company’s that make vaccines buy the baby. So we won’t be getting any vaccines if we can help it!


Math: Saxon
Spelling: NO MORE SPELLING SENSE 5th GRADE!!!!! YAY!! (which is why I make so many spelling mistakes ;P JK) but we used Spelling Power up to 5th grade.
Writing: Writing with Skill
Grammar: Easy Grammar
History: My Fathers World cycle.
Science: Apologia Physical Science
Curriculum: My Fathers World


My mom also against vaccines, but I ( and my siblings ) had a few because she didn't look into them further and see how bad they ae for your health!


Math: Video Text Algebra
Science: Experience Biology
Spelling: Spelling Wisdom Book 4
Writing: Beyond the Book Report
Grammar: Analytical Grammar
History/Bible/Geography: This is all in one book where it tells us what to read, and we read it in other books. It is really kinda hard to explain.
Curriculum/Method: Simply Charlotte Mason
Music: Piano (I also play trumpet and flute)
So there you go Brooke B, those are the main things that I do. I have some other small side things as well, but they aren't that important.

@ Brooke

math- Math-u-see pre-algebra
science- Apoligia general science
history- America the Beautiful and a co-op
vocabulary-Wordly wise
grammer-Surely grammer
that's what i'm doing for school this year.

my family doesn't like vaccines either and we probably won't get a COVID vaccine, we aren't that concerned about getting it.


nice:).! I also play the violin too .


I play piano. It's by far my favorite thing to do!! I play for my church on Wednesdays.

My family had to get some

My family had to get some shots when moving here because there some diseases here which I'm pretty sure we don't want to catch.

Our family doesn't do

Our family doesn't do vaccines either and we definitely won't be getting this one. By the way, my family and I use My Father's World for our school curriculum.
Math: Saxon 8/7
Writing: Writing with Skill
Grammar: Easy Grammar
Spelling: Haven't done since 6th grade
Science: Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia
Literature: Progeny Press guides
History: Vol 4: The Modern Age, Story of the World
Bible: My Father's World curriculum
Music: Piano
Logic: The Art of Argument

To Above

WOW! I forgot to list progeny press. Which ones did you do? I just finished Where the red fern grows and I did The Hiding place earlier in the year. And I think we did Vol 4: The Modern Age, Story of the World last year. What lessons are you in, in 8/7 ? I think writing with skill has too many scientific descriptions;p xDD so many outlines!!


we do too! which cycle is your family doing ? we are toing exploration to 1850 . Also what are some of books any of ya'll read so for this year?

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