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Trump, Biden Visit Swing States
News Bytes 10/19/2020 70 Comments

With Election Day just about two weeks away, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden have been concentrating their campaign efforts on battleground states. What does that mean, and why aren’t they spreading their time evenly between all U.S. states?

Sometimes also called “swing” states, battleground states are seen as critical to determining an Electoral College victory. (See “Popular Vote vs Electoral Vote.”) These are states which do not historically vote either strongly Republican or strongly Democratic. Some election years, they “swing” toward Red (Republican). Other years, they swing toward Blue (Democratic). And whichever way the polls go after the ballots are counted, so do the electoral votes.

In recent travels, Biden went to Florida to court seniors and retirees there. It was his third visit to the Sunshine State in a month. Florida is a high-population state (which means lots of electoral votes) that could be wooed toward one side or the other. President Trump went to Pennsylvania, where he spoke for more than an hour to a crowd of thousands. Some political analysts say Pennsylvania is the most important state on the electoral map. It has a solid population of big-city professionals and inner-city poor—who tend to vote Democratic—as well as a concentration of rural and blue-collar (industrial worker) residents who generally vote Republican.

Arizona, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Ohio are other possible swing or battleground states in the 2020 election. Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris had planned a campaign visit to Asheville, North Carolina, last week. She canceled that appearance after two members of her staff tested positive for the coronavirus.

(President Donald Trump arrives to speak during a campaign rally at John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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1st Comment

To me all this stuff drawing up towards the election is (I am going to use a simile here) is like a jack-in-the-box. Everyone is getting cranked up higher and higher, excitement, nerves on end, etc., and then as soon as the new President is elected, Pop!! the jack popped up. Or you could relate to it like a balloon. Inflate, inflate, inflate, Pop! Anyway, because I am for Donald Trump, I am hoping he wins a lot of those swing states. Even though he is not necessarily Christian, obvious with his words and actions sometimes, he really stands up for Christians, and that is awesome.


Well, I don't really have a say in this since I'm too young to vote, but Trump is better than Biden, I believe. Plus, what if Biden won and he got dementia or something? Then Harris would take over and she's even WORSE. And I hear Biden and Harris are abortion supporters, and I honestly do not want a president who supports that. But since I'm too young, I just hope Trump wins at least. (Also Riley yes I agree I'm afraid this whole thing is going to blow up in our faces)

I just want the election to

I just want the election to be over already. I'm not really "for" Trump, but I also wouldn't vote for Biden. My parents are generally conservative, but I'm pretty sure they're not voting for president. Maybe some more local stuff, though. However, I know God's in control so I'm not really worried.

We get Biden for President,

We get Biden for President, and this whole country's in trouble, what with all the things his party threatens to do. Pack the courts, get rid of the filibuster, etc. Besides, the guy's just not up for the job, mentally.


I agree


if Biden wins, I am going to start a gang. Who's with me? XD XD

Biden sucks

abortion, green new deal, etc. we would all die B4 his term as president ended, or worse he would turn America into a dictatorship and then kill everyone.

TRUMP 2020!!

I hope Trump wins. I definitely don't want Biden as a president....or Harris *shudder*. They (Biden and Harris) are for abortion and taking away guns and a lot of other things that would not do well for the American people. I think everyone should vote! (We stood in the voting line for.....two....long.....freezing......hours...... and the lady that was giving instructions thought I was a first time voter xD I'm 13 XD I guess it was the facemasks.... LOL.) I really don't like it when people don't vote, and then they complain (a lot) about whoever wins the election. I agree with Riley.
@Curtis LOLOL But you can't...because he would lock the country down and you couldn't get out of your house XDXDXD

Ahhh! Elections are so

Ahhh! Elections are so confusing! But I hope Trump wins.

Sadly, there are some houses

Sadly, there are some houses my neighborhood voting for Biden. :-(

Honestly I think that Jo

Honestly I think that Jo Jorgensen would be the best option. I didn't even know she was in the election until a week ago, but she says that we should keep the government out of our business and I agree. She also would be the first woman president which I would like. If not her than Trump. if Biden wins I might just sneak out of the country and go to Ireland or something lol.

Trump 2020 keep America Great!

I agree with like all of you guys! I CAN NOT BELIVE TRUMP VISTED PA. of all the states my state! I know Pence is a good christan and would most likely be a good president ( saying he is a good vise president) he's not in the election but i just wanted to say that :)


I know what you mean about people not voting. Every vote counts. If someone does not want to vote, that means that they don't care about the country, and they don't care who gets to be president. If they don't vote, and then start to complain about who is president, well, then, maybe they should have cast a vote.
@Curtis: lol yeah, I might! But NA is right we would all be locked in. lol! Funny idea!
I wonder how abortions started. They are such a terrible thing. I definitely don't want people who believe in abortion to be in control over the country. No way. Plus America would turn Communist etc. Yeah and then........ I don't want to think about it!

Election andrespect

hi! I am a conservative and would vote for trump if I could. It is sad these days, there is a pattern I see in the opposite party, they talk about free speech and the right of beliefs and being all "your choice" but when I, a Christian say that I don't support the practice of killing babies because you were stupid and not being responsible and got pregnant, the other party (who loves the freedom of speech) says HOW DARE YOU and bash down on me. The same thing when I say I support Trump. They say Trump is racist, and the funniest things that I am a BLACK, FEMALE!!!!!!! how funny...... Anyways we should always respect our president no matter who he/she is. They are the leader of our country rather you like it or not. There you go guys, my little rant.

oh one more thing

Did you guys know that Biden said if you don't vote for him you aren't black???? WOW didn't know someone had the power to change my skin color besides god!!!!

Janna (Daniel's sister)

As long as Amy Coney Barrett get's selected for the supreme court, we don't have to worry if Biden get's selected for President because then the supreme court would be Republican instead of Democratic.

The founding fathers were

The founding fathers were really smart men. The way they set America up is great since they made sure that one man or woman is in complete power.

@Porter. Come and visit me

@Porter. Come and visit me whilst your at it! Actually that’s a good idea! If Biden wins then you can all come and flee to England and hide in my house. Lol!
@ Riley and NA. Yes and what about all those people who died fighting to get votes for everyone?

@Mirela J

Hey thanks for the offer!!! :) ;) Good idea!
I know what you mean. If all this gets taken away from us, what was the point of all those battles and wars in which so many men died to get our freedom? The WHOLE POINT on America is freedom and freedom of religion and such!

@Porter E

Jo Jorgensen is for abortion too.


I agree so much all of this stuff is just so over powering i mean some freinds are turning aginst each other just because they are voting ofr someone different
but we just have to trust god becaus he is the one who puts them in that place so if he picks Trump he picks trump if he picks biden he picks Biden .{still i am really hoping for Trump because he gose aginst abortion, and as christions we need to protect the unborn so that hopefully thay can live their life in god!!!!!!!


we need to trust in GOD!!!!!!

ther is a show called the

ther is a show called the chosen that we are adicted to it is about jesus and is on nextflix you need to wach it


Haha! I'm in. ; )

My family watches the Chosen

My family watches the Chosen too!!!

Have they came out with any

Have they came out with any of the new episodes yet?

The Chosen

My family watches The Chosen as well! We watch it on YouTube though...

@Kiara J

90% of my neighbors are Biden supporters ;(

@Jill B

Yes that is 100 % true!

Our neighbor has i biden sign

Our neighbor has i biden sign in his front yard, and i kinda want to tear it down. and put up a trump sign of course

31st comment P.S. This is Caro

My family watched The Chosen until there weren't any new episodes. I LOVE how they show Mary Magdalene healed!!!!

The chosen

@ Melody10 M they are making season 2 right now but the episodes haven’t come out yet I don’t think.
@ everyone We watched the chosen and I was literally addicted! I just wanted to see the next episode all the time! I’ve got the app and subscribed on YouTube so I know that they are currently filming season 2 and writing season 3. I AM SO EXCITED. What’s everyone’s favourite episode so far in season 1? Mine is 4 when they catch all the fish and also I like episode 3 with the children. It’s so heart warming.

@ Melody10

I really like your name. It’s so.......... musical! One of my friends is called melody too. My name is kinda musical too because it has some of the musical notes in : Mi-re-la like in the sound of music.

Trump Signs

Me and MA (my brother) want to put a Trump sign in our front yard (there are a lot of Biden signs) but our mom said no because she is afraid someone will come not so good things....;(

@N A

I went to target with my MAGA hat on and some lady rolled down her car window and swore at me.

@mirela j

melody is not actually my name, that was my little sisters name before she died because of problems with her heart. My mom made this account for me, so she put melody 10 as my name.

she probaly put 10 after

she probaly put 10 after melody because i have 10 siblings


Yikes!! But that really shouldn't happen..... (she won't let us get a MAGA hat either..... xD)


a prophet named kevin zadai is showing something all of you might want to check out


Oh? What is it?

I'm with you Curtis P

I'm with you Curtis P

i'm so sorry melody 10

i'm so sorry melody 10

@ethan k

it is okay because she is in heaven now


Sorry, not true, Janna. Biden is threatening to pack the courts, as you may have heard. If he succeeds in doing that, the Supreme Court will be worthless and it'll only be a Democratic tool.



I know someone who put a

I know someone who put a Trump sticker on his truck. I wonder what will happen to it

I can't wait until this

I can't wait until this election is over.


Do any of you live in Alabama?

@Alaina H

No, I don't live in Alabama.


I do


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