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UPDATE: Hunting More Murder Hornets
News Bytes 10/8/2020 22 Comments

Officials in Washington state hope to find—and destroy—a nest of so-called “murder hornets.” The Asian giant hornets kill honey bees. The hornets’ dastardly deeds could ruin area berry crops.

Researchers first documented murder hornets in Washington state late last year. The invasive insect is native to China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. So far, Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia are the only places the hornets have shown up in North America.

WORLDteen first reported on murder hornets in “Giant Hornets: Scariest Insect?” Since then, people living in the Blaine area have reported more sightings of the hornets to agriculture officials.

Fifteen have been found since the big bugs were first spotted in Washington in 2019, according to the agriculture department. But researchers have found six of them over the last week near the town of Blaine, Washington. The discovery suggests there are more nearby according to Department of Agriculture scientists.

“We believe we are dealing with a nest,” says Sven-Erik Spichiger, a department entomologist. “We hope to locate the nest in a couple of weeks and eradicate it.”

God made honey bees to pollinate many plants, including the plentiful raspberry and blueberry bushes of the northwestern United States. Farmers depend on help from the bees for a good harvest.

At two inches long, the Asian giant hornet is the world’s largest. The burly insects can deliver painful stings to humans—and destroy entire hives of honey bees. There is also evidence that the Asian giant hornets have been attacking native wasps and hornets.

The scary-named hornets kill at most a few dozen people a year in Asia with repeated stinging attacks—but that is rare. By contrast, native U.S. hornets, wasps, and bees kill an average of 62 people every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The real threat from murder hornets lies ahead. Spichiger says the time of year when the hornets attack hives is nearing. He calls it the “slaughter phase.”

A state scientist managed to trap one live Asian giant hornet near Blaine in recent days. State officials tried to glue a radio tag to it. They wanted to follow the hornet back to its nest.

However, the glue didn’t dry fast enough. The radio tag fell off, and the hornet couldn’t fly. The scientists hope to capture another live hornet and then try, try again.

(A researcher holds a live Asian giant hornet with a tracking device affixed to it near Blaine, Washington. Karla Salp/Washington State Department of Agriculture via AP)

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1st Comment

I hope that they can find the nest and get rid of it. I am not saying that we should just kill off all insects, but I think that the murder hornets should stay were they belong in Asia.

Yes you're right Riley, and

Yes you're right Riley, and you're not saying anything wrong. These hornets don't help with the planet like bees do, in fact, they make it worse by killing them off. These hornets definitly need to stay in Asia.

3rd comment! P.S. This is Caro

If they do nothing at all than maybe they shouldn't stay in Asia, maybe they should try to kill of most of them and then keep the rest in some sort of lab? Just an idea


That might be a good idea




Wow, I would be too scared to even trap and even hold those Killer Hornets!! (even though it is held with tweezers) I think I would have a heart attack if it escaped while I'm trying to attach something to it.


this is crazy! I live in Washington, but they are no where near me thank goodness!


That sounds super terrifying and I am glad I don't live in Washington!

I lived in Washington for

I lived in Washington for almost 14 years and I personally have never seen these wasps. I knew they were invasive but i never encountered them

I think I might have seen one

I think I might have seen one. It was pretty big. My family was hiking on a hill when it flew past me and my sister. I have family who live both in Washington and in Asia so I hope they're ok.

Why isn't the video for today

Why isn't the video for today coming up? Am I the only one?

I don't have the video either

I don't have the video either..

I haven't seen a video all

I haven't seen a video all day. I guess they didn't put one. lol maybe they forgot to get up this morning!!! Totally just joking that wouldn't happen.


I don't have the video either. Interesting...



I agree

I agree with Riley. We shouldn't kill 'em off, but I think if we have to take extreme measures, we may not have a choice. Like if they start to take over America. ( Or the world! )

I hope they don't make there

I hope they don't make there way down where I live.

There is a video on YouTube

It's called Murder Hornets...Wait, What? It's a rap/song/music video
SO funny it exaggerates the fear of Murder Hornets!!! The dog "freaks out"
in the backround lol at the end

Uh oh!

My favorite author is in Washington! I hope she's okay.

I don't like the thought of

I don't like the thought of those hornets in a lab. scary! what if the scientists made hornets like the ones in the hunger games???


god ceated thees things but it is also killing us i do hope they get them under countrol

@ Jill B

Technically God didn't create them to sting and kill, the fall did that. Sorry if I sound mean, I'm not trying to be a know it all. ;)

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