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Russian Poison Victim
News Bytes 09/24/2020 6 Comments

On Tuesday, Alexei Navalny left a Berlin hospital. Doctors believe the Russian leader will probably make a “complete recovery” after 32 days at Berlin’s Charite hospital, mostly in intensive care. The cause of his illness? Probably a mysterious Soviet-era poison.

Navalny, a politician and corruption investigator, is Putin’s most visible opponent. He fell ill on August 20 on a flight. He spent two days in a coma in a hospital in the Siberian city of Omsk. Russian doctors there said they found no trace of any poisoning.

Two days later, he went to Germany. German experts found evidence of a Soviet-era nerve agent called Novichok. Two other labs confirmed the finding.

After being discharged to outpatient care, Navalny displayed his usual sarcastic sense of humor. In an Instagram post Tuesday night, he laughed off a report that Putin suggested Navalny “could have taken the poison himself.”

Yesterday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the report about Putin was “inaccurate in its reported wording.” But he didn’t say which part was inaccurate.

“Good theory, I believe it deserves the most careful attention,” Navalny posted about Putin’s supposed theory. “Cooked Novichok in the kitchen. Took a sip from a flask on the plane. Fell into a coma.”

He dryly wrote that the “ultimate aim of my cunning plan” must have been to die in Siberia, where the cause of death would be “lived long enough.”

“But Putin outmaneuvered me,” Navalny wrote. “You can’t fool him.”

Navalny stayed in an induced coma for more than two weeks as he was treated with an antidote. Members of his team accuse the Kremlin of involvement in the poisoning. Russian officials strongly deny those charges.

Navalny wants Russia to return the clothes he was wearing on the day he fell into a coma. He calls them a “crucial piece of evidence” of poisoning.

German doctors say it “remains too early to gauge the potential long-term effects of his severe poisoning.” Still, Navalny’s team says the leader eventually plans to return to Russia.

Peskov insists what happened to Navalny remains “a big question” for the Kremlin—since Russian investigators “don’t have any facts pointing to” poisonous substances in Navalny’s body. He says Navalny, “as any other Russian citizen,” is free to come back to Russia “at any moment.”

(Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his wife Yulia pose for a photo in a hospital in Berlin. Navalny Instagram via AP)

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Most recent comments

No offense to the doctors at

No offense to the doctors at Russia, but that's really dumb that they couldn't find the poison but the German doctors did. But I guess it's hard to find poison in someone?... Also I love this guy's sense of humor, reminds of my dad LOL.

2nd comment! P.S. This is Caro

Maybe they couldn't find the poison because the didn't know it existed, and they were testing him for different poisons. And the German doctors did know it existed. Just an idea!

3rd comment

Man. That would be a little scary, but he has a good sense of humor. I am not sure why they couldn't find it. A little fishy in my thoughts, but hey, I guess it could have been hard to find. I hope he totally recovers and they find the person that tried to poison him.
Also, to me it looks like his wife is holding a mask in her hand! Not that it is unusual nowadays.


The view out the window is so pretty!

It seems kinda obvious to me.

It seems kinda obvious to me. If the Kremlin was involved in poisoning this guy, of course the RUSSIAN hospital wouldn't have noticed any traces of poison. It only makes sense that the Russian government would tell a hospital in their own country to overlook something like that.


Well, that is can't trust Russia.....I agree to the above comment

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