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Rare Books Found
News Bytes 09/22/2020 9 Comments

Police in Romania have uncovered a trove of “irreplaceable” books. The rare volumes disappeared in a 2017 heist at a London warehouse. In the coming week, a ring of book thieves will face a judge—and likely have the book thrown at them.

Police discovered the stash of about 200 valuable books last Wednesday. The prized tomes include first editions of works by Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. They were hidden in a concealed space under a house in rural Romania.

Officials from London’s Metropolitan Police say the recovered books have a combined value of more than $3.2 million.

“These books are extremely valuable, but more importantly they are irreplaceable and are of great importance to international cultural heritage,” says London Detective Inspector Andy Durham.

Intruders stole the books in a raid on a west London warehouse. They avoided motion detectors by cutting holes in the roof and descending via rope into the building. The burglars loaded the books into 16 large bags and clambered back up the ropes to make their getaway the same way they came, according to police.

A years-long investigation involved police from Great Britain, Romania, and Italy. The European Union law enforcement agencies Europol and Eurojust also participated. The inquiry identified 11 similar burglaries across Britain. Those thefts netted millions of dollars’ worth of stolen property.

London Police say a Romanian organized crime gang is responsible for the string of heists.

The probe also unearthed a series of raids in the three countries in June 2019—and the arrest of 13 people. Law enforcement in the United Kingdom charged the suspects with involvement in the burglaries.

London police say that 12 of the suspects have pleaded guilty. The accused will face sentencing hearings later this month. The 13th suspect will likely go on trial in March.

Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. — Matthew 6:19, 20

(About 200 stolen rare books sit on a lawn in rural Romania on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. Romanian Police-DIICOT via AP)

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Most recent comments

Woah! This sounds like a

Woah! This sounds like a story for the movies! LOL That's great that they found the books!

2nd Comment

I am so glad they found the books! I guess the thief's too.

I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that the way they stole the books from the warehouse was so similar to the Bible story about the paralyzed man that Jesus healed.
It's also interesting that the 13th suspect didn't plead guilty. If he/she was a member of the gang, it doesn't make sense that they wouldn't plead guilty, if all the others did.

this is Mylee

I agree KN . Why didn't He or she plead guilty. Also Yah it is like the Bible story ! And Carys M this does sound like a movie! I am so glad that they found everything. And hope all he thieves are found guilty.

I wonder why they did it.

I wonder why they did it.

Alaina H

Probably to sell them on the black market, that's what usually happens. Also the 13th guy probably didn't plead guilty because he thinks they don't have enough proof he was involved or something. People are always doing that.

Another thought

Or maybe he didn't know (the 13th suspect) that the others pleaded guilty!


Good theory!

What did they want?

Besides the fact of them selling stuff on the black market, it is a bit funny what they chose. Isaac Newton and Galileo? Did the crooks want to be educated?!? :)

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